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Unique Jewelry Encounter in Jerusalem

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Unique Jewelry Encounter in Jerusalem

Outside Moriah Jewelry and Judaica store, Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem.

Mary is a fifty-year-old woman with unique jewelry around her neck: stone, gold and diamond necklaces, covered up in scarfs. Her fingers are dressed in stunning, unique diamond rings.

unique necklaces
Bible quote pendant – a unique gift of beautiful jewelry

Bat-El is a tall and skinny youngster with colorful stockings and a matching skirt.  She is visiting the Old City of Jerusalem for the first time and is excited about it as a Bat-Mitzvah girl, even though she is a twenty-year-old student who came all the way from America to study Aramaic at the Hebrew University. She is hugging her indie gilet; long dark hair surrounds her face. She asks Mary,

: At ovedet po?

Unique Necklaces

Mary is visiting Israel on a three-week-long trip. After yesterday’s all-nighter on a plane, she is now exploring Jerusalem while looking for Moriah Jewelry and Judaica shop of Jerusalem jewelry, which she has just found. Mary is searching for a unique gift. She must find a present for her soon-to-be-Bar-Mitzvah Jewish grandson. She is thinking something along the lines of unique necklaces, similar to what she has, or bible verse jewelry like, ‘If I’ll Forget You, Jerusalem, I Shall Forget My Right Hand’ unique diamond ring or some other trending jewelry. All she knows is that it has to be beautiful jewelry because her grandson is the most precious and beautiful jewel there is.

unique gift of beautiful jewelry
a unique gift with Jerusalem stone in white gold: unique diamond ring

How come he’s Jewish if Mary is from a Christian family? Her son’s choice. He’s Jewish now too. Speaking of uniqueness. Bless him and his family, but now it means that she has to travel all the way to Israel to see her grandson turning thirteen when they could’ve easily celebrated back home in America where he actually lives. But no, it’s about the roots and his mother’s family of course. Apparently, her family is bigger than her husband’s, and they also have less money because it’s in shekels as opposed to dollars. Go figure, so now she’s here, and the heat is murderous.

: Ah?

Mary looks to see who is there talking to her.

Bat-El gives her a broad smile and continues in English.

: Ah, ok. Sorry, thank you-

: What do you need?

Unique Diamond Ring

Bat-El hesitates, then says,

: I am looking for something unique, diamond ring or maybe a necklace, a Bat-Mitzvah present for my niece. I know she likes special things, so, a unique gift would be perfect.

: You too?

unique gift
unique necklaces, beautiful jewelry in yellow gold with diamond, and Jerusalem stone

Mary titters while cooling herself with a battery-operated fan that’s hanging on her neck alongside gorgeous stone star enclosed in an ornate diamond nest, and a cross of similar design.

Bat-El is mesmerized by Mary’s Jerusalem stone unique necklaces until Mary notices.

: Ah, that, supposed to be from here actually. I had it as a gift.

She raises her eyebrows and gives Bat-El a half-knowing, half-puzzled look then chuckles,

: Come, come with me.

Through the glass door, they step from searing heat into cool, medium sized space of Moriah Jewelry and Judaica shop where their eyes finally relax.

unique jewelry shop
unique jewelry shop and the place of beautiful jewelry

Inside is a dome with cave-like niches hosting stands filled with unique jewelry: straight away, very Biblical feel. The ring of light above the central table reminds of Canonical saints, holiness, and purity.

It feels spiritual to be in that shop, somewhat like stepping into a museum where history meets works of art. Stunned, Mary and Bat-El admire everything around.

: The jewelry here… can each be called a jewel. I am sure I can find something special for my niece.

Says Bat-El, looking at a white gold dove pendant with Jerusalem stone. She leans atop the glass, drawing with her finger, thinking.

unique gift
unique necklaces: white gold with diamonds and Jerusalem stone

Beautiful Jewelry

Crafted with firm and tender care, filled with the work of three masters: time and artist united by Spirit. That’s jewelry with character: special, outstanding, not the most sparkling but conveying precise form and grandeur of presence. Simply put, it is made to last, and to make feel.

Is this the moment when it’s between you and your beautiful jewelry? That quiet minute when you’re just watching, observing the world, thinking. You reach for the stone, and it’s cool; you lift it in all-knowing anticipation.

Don’t rush it,

Bat-El takes the unique necklace in her hands,

Take in what you choose. Ready to face beauty? Look at it. Your heart never fails to fly for a good thing. A kind thing, like the one when Sarah’s daughter said to her, she’s coming to stay. Or like when little David was born. When such things happen, you start to appreciate things differently.

unique gift, unique necklaces
unique necklaces with diamonds and Jerusalem stone


Mary is blooming again; she forgot all about the heat, loves this shop. And after hearing about it for a year she’s finally appreciating what everyone was talking about: it is exceptional, beautiful, full of unique necklaces, classy jewelry and stunning works of jeweled art.

In fact, her own jewelry, the Magen David necklace, and the cross are from DC branch, but as she’s in Israel anyway, and they live only spit-distance from here…

It’s not on the cheap side surely, but by golly! this is wearable art! For someone who is into heavy jewels like herself, this is the Garden of Eden. Speaking of which, will you just look at those Tree of Life necklaces: gold, white gold, rose gold, diamonds, sapphires, you name it, she loves it all.

Her daughter-in-law has this thing she calls nahat; says it means something like peaceful rest. Nahat is supposed to be the feeling a parent gets, knowing that everything is good with the kids and that things are done right. Is that how she feels right now? Mary thinks she might’ve found a present for her Elijah.

unique necklaces from Moriah jewelry store
tree of life unique gift from Moriah jewelry store

Mary loves beautiful jewelry, even if only to be digging in her jewelry box for new excitement. She enjoys the feel of it. Her necklaces and pendants are hanging neatly on a hook by the bedroom mirror table, diamonds reflecting the light; her unique diamond rings are displayed on the table. It is stunning to look at and pleasant to wear. That’s Mary’s little weakness.

She opens up a brochure that reads, ‘Take a Piece of Jerusalem With You.’ I most certainly will, says Mary to herself.

: What did you say?

Bat-El looks at her wide-eyed,

: You said something…

Mary smiles and says,

: Craftsmanship at its best, right?

Bat-El’s face is pink with excitement.

Unique Gift

: Did you find the unique gift for your niece?

Asks Mary.

: I did. I’m going to give her this for a Bat-Mitzvah.

In her hand is a drop of stone with a diamond on the side of a heart. It is peaceful and noble.

unique necklaces, unique gift
unique necklaces: Jerusalem stone with white gold and diamonds Magen David

: She’ll love it! It’s from a collection called Inbal, and that’s her name! So cool, right?

Bat-El nearly squeals with joy; she edges towards the register impatient to begin the magical process of purchasing and wrapping up. Besides, she needs to be elsewhere soon.

: Good for her.

Says Mary,

: Aren’t you getting anything for yourself?

Bat-El grins,

: I am.

She turns back to the table and returns with beautiful jewelry of a goldfish pendant.

: It’s from their new collection. And this one’s for my dad. I’m spending all my allowance money today, but that’s ok cause I saved too. And these are for me.

She shows Mary a set of Jerusalem stone and diamond earrings.

Mary takes a better look. White gold earrings with a perfectly round piece of Jerusalem stone with a chiseled out spot to accommodate the gentle sapphire. She chuckles to herself as those are nearly the same earrings she has back home. This girl has a taste for unique jewelry, that’s for sure.

: Did you find anything?

Asks Bat-El halfway to the checkout.

: Not yet,

Smiles Mary,

: I am still looking.

Her gaze wanders around. Here it is, that lovely feeling again. She doesn’t fancy coming out of here just yet; in fact, she hadn’t even started looking. Mary pronounces the few phrases she can manage in Hebrew,

: Teheni, motek. Yofi shel matanot.

: Toda,

Says Bat-El smiling back at her. Lol, she likes this lady who seems to be as special as her unique diamond rings and necklaces.

: Gam at, geveret.

: Toda.

Answers Mary, wrapping her scarfs back on as she is turning away with a Mona Lisa smile and walks right to the stand where she saw a gorgeous, unique diamond ring to suit her jewel of a grandson.