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Irresistible Engagement Rings for Her

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Engagement Rings for Her

There is a custom most people resort to regardless of their age, religious views, and traditional sentiments. That custom is a marriage proposal where engagement rings play an important part. Choosing engagement rings for her shouldn’t be the decisive element when considering giving your heart to a person; nevertheless, it is a choice of great importance.

Before the couple comes together in an everlasting promise of a union of their hearts, there is a question to be asked and answered, a question that involves women’s diamond rings.

Since the answer is crucial, we usually want to be as ready as possible beforehand: right person, right time, right place, and… the right ring.

proposal Rings for Her - women's diamond rings
gold and diamond engagement rings for women

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

It is assumed that diamonds may have originated in the stars. Whether this assumption is valid or not, they certainly look the part: diamonds’ mysterious glimmer has been stirring in human hearts for many centuries.

It so happens that loving men buy bejeweled gold bands to bestow upon their beloved as an expression of their feelings and a proof of their providing abilities. When the custom of gifting a diamond engagement ring only started, diamonds in rings were considered unique engagement ring stones.

women's diamond rings
diamond engagement rings for women who love Jerusalem

Things aren’t the same now since so many women go out to work, sometimes ending up earning more than their male counterparts. Even so, many people still follow the traditions of the past. Let bygones be bygones as the saying goes. Jewelry is a soft spot for many women, and no matter how career oriented they might be, they still like to be asked for their hand with a diamond engagement ring; whether it is made of yellow gold, rose gold or white gold is another story.

An engagement ring is the first official step towards a mutual commitment for life together. Women’s diamond rings’ definitions are changing nowadays into engagement rings for her and for him as more and more men are starting to wear it, too.

unique engagement rings for her
women’s diamond rings

Many people choose their engagement ring to continue and function also as a wedding ring, and frankly, it does make sense.

Diamond Engagement Ring – Yellow Gold

Generally speaking, gold comes in four colors; the alloyed metals determine the colors. Gold jewelry is never pure gold, but a combination of minerals: an alloy, a fusion between gold, copper, zinc, silver, nickel, and palladium. The three primary colors of gold are:

  • Yellow
  • Rose
  • White

The color will depend on the other metals in the mixture. Sometimes we even see green, blue or purple gold; these colors are extremely rare, but they do exist.

Gold is a more durable material than silver and less likely to get scratched or tarnished, therefore you’re better off investing in a gold diamond engagement ring. For people who prefer silver, white gold is a good alternative.

Proposal Rings For Her – Women’s Diamond Rings

The custom of giving engagement rings with diamonds as a token of marital intentions is relatively new. In the far past, the tradition was that men gave two rings to their wives: an expensive one to wear outside in public, and another one made from iron to be worn at home. These rings, however, had still nothing to do with diamonds.

In the 15th century, Archduke Maximillian of Austria ordered a diamond ring for his fiancé, Mary of Burgundy. This act gave way to a new custom of presenting a lady whom the man wished to marry with an expensive proposal rings for her.

women's diamond rings
women’s diamond rings with unique engagement ring stones

Besides being beautiful, women’s diamond rings and diamond jewelry in general were and still are a declaration of their prospective spouse’s financial viability. The act of proving financial capability varies between cultures: some bring her camels; others, bags of gold; others still are building castles or… buying engagement rings.

Basically speaking, any ring can function as an engagement ring, and not only a woman can wear it.

If you are a forward-thinking couple who wish to break the mold, you’re not alone; it is a rising trend nowadays for a man to dress his ring finger as a sign of engagement. Johnny Depp, for example, is one of those guys.

Unique Engagement Ring Stones

The past few years saw a growing trend of breaking away from the traditional shape of diamond engagement rings for women. More and more people are buying betrothal bands that go beyond the conventional by offering that little extra something to make it stand out and unique.

women's diamond rings
unique engagement ring stones: Jerusalem stone and diamond engagement rings for women who appreciate ancient history

The beauty of Moriah Jewelry and Judaica engagement rings is in their combination of unique and traditional, especially for people of faith: Jewish, Christian or Muslim. They are everything we look for in a conventional engagement ring plus so much more. For people who care about Jerusalem, no matter what religion they are, to receive a band with original Jerusalem stone in it, is very meaningful.

People choose engagement rings with diamond, which is the most durable gem, to symbolize the strength of their love for the person. Now, only think for a moment about a ring which in addition to a diamond, features a 3000-year-old stone that survived up to this day. As far as similes and symbols go, we’re talking about everlasting love.

women's diamond rings
rose gold with Jerusalem stone women’s diamond rings

An engagement ring is already so much more than just a ring; however, when it holds such a spiritual element as the Jerusalem stone, it is multiplied tenfold.

Engagement Rings with Diamond

When choosing engagement rings with diamond, we should bear in mind our loved one’s preferences. Many times, diamond engagement rings for women will be bought and kept in secret since as we know, most men like the proposal to be a surprise. How should one go about purchasing an engagement ring then?

It’s a good idea to wander into a few jewelry shops as the two of you are strolling about town. Your lady might spot some unique engagement ring stones you haven’t noticed. Make it casual; however, don’t overdo it.

women's diamond rings
unique stone in a diamond engagement ring

Women’s Diamond Engagement Rings From Jerusalem

If you are visiting Jerusalem and happen to be in the Old City, do go into Moriah Jewelry and Judaica store. They also have branches in the US as well as online. Their women’s diamond rings are the most unique, and if hopefully-a-wife-to-be adores them, well then, you’re sorted. Most of their jewelry, including engagement rings for her, comes in one of three shades of gold, which means you can color your diamond engagement ring yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, all accompanied by original, ancient, rare, limited edition Jerusalem stone from the Temple Mount.

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