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Jewish Jewelry Birthday Present for Her

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Jewish Jewelry Birthday Present for Her

You might be well familiar by now with the leading characters in the world of Jewish jewelry symbols. They can be seen as a kind of family: father Magen David with his wife, Bible Quote and their little child Dove; they reside in a beautiful old mansion called Moriah Jewelry and Judaica

Jokes aside, women like jewelry and Jewish women aren’t different from other females in that respect. Whether you are browsing jewelry for 18th birthday or looking to get a birthday present for her Bat-Mitzvah, whether it is a retirement gift for your mother or a 30th birthday jewelry for your wife, Jewish jewelry for women (as well as men) offers an abundance of rich and authentic symbolism.

jewelry for women
Jerusalem stone pendant, Jewish jewelry yellow gold SHALOM – birthday present for her

Jewish Jewelry Symbols

  • Dove necklace

The dove is a delicate and famous creature that’s been by humanity’s side for eons. It is a messenger, a carrier of good news. We are all familiar with the image of a white dove and its connection to the message of peace.  In light of the Biblical story when Noah sent the dove to check for land, this creature can also be seen as a tender discoverer, a lookout for a brighter future. The dove, therefore, makes a gorgeous little jewelry for girls’ gift, a Jewish jewelry birthday present for her she’ll love very much.

  • Magen David pendant

The Seal of Solomon – Star of David necklace with diamonds, many or few, is a shield we hold dear, and even if not personally as some of us might identify with symbols of other religions, we are still aware of the meaning of that shape: two triangles on top each other head to base. The source of this shape is more symbolic than religious, stretching far into the past.

A woman will appreciate being gifted a Shield of David, aka David’s star, especially if your name is David and she is your si-star, get it? Sorry, but we had to.

30th birthday jewelry
Jewish jewelry symbols
  • Bible Verse pendant or ring

There are gorgeous jewelry pieces with Bible verse engravings. Imagine a circle made of stone, surrounded by gold – rose, white or yellow – on top of which is beautiful writing of eternal meaning in Hebrew lettering. The stone isn’t any other, but an original Jerusalem rock element from 3000 years ago. In the midst of it is a 0.07CT diamond.

‘Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li’ is a phrase from the Old Testament; its first letters combined comprise to Elul (E as in ‘men’). A pendant or a ring with a Bible quote will always make for a meaningful gift of Jewish jewelry for women and men.

Jewish jewelry for women, birthday present for her
Jewish jewelry symbols – Jewish Bible quote
  • Moriah collection Jerusalem stone Jewelry

Here you will find all the items listed above. Moriah collection jewelry offers a stunning variety of diamond and gold jewelry that is highly spiritual. It carries an extra element that is both unique and mysterious. This element is Jerusalem stone.

It’s an exciting story of how Moriah, a jewelry store in the Old City of Jerusalem, came to create such exceptional jewelry, and the fact remains, you won’t find any other jewelry to match its uniqueness and depth of meaning. And if you will, good for you. As the Hebrew saying goes: ‘Al taam veal reah ein ma lehitvakeah,’ meaning, tastes vary.

Jewelry for Girls: Bat-Mitzvah

We must remember that a girl approaching Bat-Mitzvah is still very much a child, even though in religious connotations she is joining the grown-up world. In the Western society of which we are part, she is not even a teenager yet. As the girl’s getting ready to come out of her childhood bubble, this might well be her first real jewelry.

birthday present for her
Bible quote Jewish jewelry for women – a birthday present for her

Even though Jewish jewelry symbols don’t change, you are sure to find out that different occasions ask for different types of jewelry. Even though it is plausible that we might choose for a 12-year-old the same gold Hamsa pendant as we would for a 60-year-old, generally speaking, a birthday present for her Bat-Mitzvah will differ from what we give to our grandma or a wife-to-be.

Do you know or think that you know what your celebrant likes? Are you confident about which color gold suits her best? Does she have any preferences regarding stones in her jewelry? Is she a fan of diamond, ruby or sapphire? Is it a necklace, ring or earrings that make her heart sing?

Jewelry for 18th Birthday

When we knock on 18th birthday door, it’s a bit like ‘commencing countdown, engines on.’ We’re getting ready to take on life, full on and uncompromising. Now that we’re officially adults, we might not want any more jewelry for girls; we are now more likely to be attracted to a more mature style of jewelry.

Jewelry for an 18th birthday might be very different from any other birthday jewelry. Whether the person had their Bat-Mitzvah celebrated or not, turning 18 is a very significant landmark.

birthday present for her - Jewish jewelry for women
Jewish jewelry symbols – Bible quote jewelry for women

That year the young woman finishes her school and, in most US states and the rest of the world, becomes an adult officially with rights and obligations. It is a time of discovering full independence, a time when people start looking into the distant horizons of further studies, travel or perhaps other meaningful events; some might even begin building a family.

30th Birthday Jewelry

At 30 we look at things with mature eyes, mostly, hopefully. Our tastes have been defined, we know what we like, what we would like to do and to have, to achieve, and to ditch. It is a time for a serious roundup, a third of century self-talk. While our core values, once installed, usually never shift, our opinions and evaluations regarding beautiful jewelry might’ve done somersaults galore.

Jewish Jewelry for Women

So, we’ve established by now that a gift of Jewish jewelry for girls isn’t the same as jewelry for 18th birthday or let alone, 30th birthday jewelry.

Jewish jewelry for women
Jewish jewelry for women – white gold Hamsa with diamond, and Jerusalem stone

Jewish jewelry birthday present for her is what you will be looking for if there is a Jewish woman in your life and you’ve found yourself invited to her birthday party. It might be your daughter who had reached maturity, and you wish to entrust her with a beautiful piece of jewelry so that she knows how much you care. Or it might be your mother who is turning 60, and you are finally making enough money to show her how much you hold her dear. It might be your sister or wife or fiancé or cousin or your best friend. In any case, you might need to start looking at Jewish jewelry symbols to see if any of them tickles your fancy.