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Why Do We Like Symbolism in Jewelry?

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Symbolism in Jewelry

We seek symbolism in jewelry because it reassures us. Jewelry, as opposed to other decorative objects, is something that goes with us wherever we go, much like a piece of clothing. People feel that symbolic necklaces or other items of jewelry allow them to express not just their beliefs, but also their uniqueness and inner desires.

symbolism in jewelry
symbolism in jewelry – Magen David symbolic necklaces with diamond

Jewelry necklaces can be hidden under our clothing like a little protective element, a personal symbol for strength which no one has to know about.

Sometimes, however, it can be quite the contrary, ‘look at me!’; ‘this is what I believe in!’

Jewish Symbol Jewelry Necklaces

Judaism is abundant with symbolism in jewelry. Jewish symbols we are all familiar with are as follows:

  • Hanukkiah – the candelabrum used during the Jewish celebration of light on Hanukkah in Kislev (December).
  • Mezuzah – a decorative doorpost case with a piece of parchment in it on which are inscribed verses from the Torah.
symbolism in jewelry - bejeweled Mezuzah made from Jerusalem stone
symbolism in jewelry – bejeweled Mezuzah made from Jerusalem stone
  • Magen David – Star of David aka the Shield of David, a six-pointed star comprised of two triangles overlaid on top of each other.
  • Hamsa – a five-fingered hand aka the Evil Eye, a talisman against evil, for good luck, and a symbol for strength.

These are only but a few of the many beautiful and interesting Jewish symbols, many of which made their way into becoming jewelry necklaces in the Jewish symbol jewelry. There is a lot to say about each and one of them: how they came about, what are their uses, etc.

Symbolism in jewelry necklaces with one Jewish symbol or another is a commonplace among followers and sympathizers. Jewish symbol jewelry, as well as symbolic necklaces of other religions, appeal to people because of their approachability and associations. Every house in Israel has Mezuzah on its doorpost and not because its dwellers are necessarily religious.

People find comfort in following the traditions of wearing familiar jewelry necklaces. Many times, this comes to the fore by applying specific symbols in certain circumstances, like by wearing Jewish symbol jewelry necklaces for weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs, Bat-Mitzvahs or gifting each other symbolic necklaces on important days.

symbolism in jewelry - white gold Magen David with diamonds
symbolism in jewelry – white gold Magen David with diamonds

Evil Eye Necklace Symbol for Strength

Let’s begin by answering the question ‘what is an evil eye?’

Since days of yore, it was believed by some that a curse or bad luck resulting in an injury or misfortune could be brought upon by malevolent glare. Various talismans were made to protect people from such a nuisance. One of such amulets is a hand with a shape of an eye in it, the Evil Eye necklace – the Hamsa aka Hand of Fatima aka Hand of Myriam. The Hamsa talisman with an eye is also called ‘evil eye,’ as the very same thing it was created to protect us from.

Evil Eye necklace Jewish symbol
Evil Eye necklace Jewish symbol with Jerusalem stone

The Evil Eye necklace is looking out for humanity for thousands of years, with a drawing of the symbol found in a cave in Spain dating close to 10,000 years.

As far as symbolism in jewelry goes, the Hamsa is seen as a symbol for strength also because of its association with the number five. The five fingers of the evil eye necklace are a reminder for the five senses a person should use when praising G-d.

Evil eye necklaces are worn all around the globe by people of all ages. Parents are wrapping them for protection around their babies’ wrists; husbands give gifts of jewelry with this symbol to their wives and vice versa; people buy them for themselves and their friends, etc. All in the hope that this symbol for strength will serve its purpose of bringing protection, warding off evil, and creating good luck for its wearer.

Evil Eye necklace symbolic jewelry
Evil Eye necklace symbolic necklaces, white gold with Jerusalem stone and a diamond

Gift of Jewelry Symbol of the Heart

Proverbs 4:23

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

The symbol of the heart is an ideograph, a visual representation of an idea, a thing. A symbol of the heart is that of two halves united as one. It is rounded, merged into a whole, attached in the middle with two low points: where things are flowing into the union, and where they are spilling out of it. The positions of the in-and-out-flow are those of intake and disposal, these are mutual, just as they are within a healthy union such as a family or intimate relationship.

rose gold diamond jewelry necklaces with Jewish symbols
rose gold diamond jewelry necklaces with Jewish symbols

Gifts of jewelry with a symbol of the heart are prevalent during such days as Valentine’s day or Mother’s Day, but certainly not only. The symbol of the heart is always relevant, be it a birthday or graduation or merely a gift of jewelry because you love someone so much that you want to gift them jewelry necklaces with no apparent reason.

Jewish Jewelry Symbolic Necklaces

The jewelry in general, and Jewish jewelry specifically, can be symbolic for reasons other than their visual representation, meaning or attached value. As in the case of Moriah Jewelry and Judaica’s symbolic necklaces, earrings, rings, cufflinks, and pendants, it is a specific element within the jewelry piece that counts. Their symbolism in jewelry isn’t always direct.

Many of their symbolic necklaces do depict things that were mentioned here earlier – Magen David, Evil Eye necklace, Mezuzah – but some don’t, yet they can still be considered Jewish symbol jewelry. How come?

symbolic jewelry
yellow gold diamond ring made in Jerusalem with Jerusalem stone

The reason lies in that they’re holding an essential piece of authentic history inherent to all Abrahamic religions, and that element is Jerusalem stone incorporated into their jewelry necklaces.

Through miraculous coincidence, and you know how some people say that there are no coincidences, Moriah jewelry makers are now putting their extraordinary talents and skills into crafting stunning and unique jewelry items. Their symbolic necklaces make for classy and moving gifts of jewelry, Jewish jewelry that appeals to many people of different religions and walks of life.

Their Jewish jewelry symbolic necklaces, like the Evil Eye necklace, is not only a symbol for strength but also a physical element that holds a permanent spiritual connection to the Holy Land.