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Distinguished Gifts of Jewelry

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Gifts of Jewelry

Men or women, young or aged, most of us love and appreciate beautiful gifts of jewelry. Gifts of jewelry are an excellent way to acknowledge your loved ones, gifting them something that will stay with them forever.

gifts of jewelry - white gold, Jerusalem stone with black diamond
gifts of jewelry – white gold, Jerusalem stone with black diamond

Birthday Jewelry Gifts for Women

Gift of jewelry is always a gorgeous one, especially when it’s 14 or 18-karat gold in three different colors to choose from. Unique 18K gold pendants, necklaces, and earrings with diamonds will undoubtedly make for a luxurious and thoughtful present. What is unique about gold and diamonds you ask? Not that much really.

The uniqueness of this jewelry stems from something much more outstanding than precious metals and gems. That something looks like a regular stone. But in no way let yourselves be led by appearances, for this stone is anything but ordinary. The rock at the center of these jewelry items is an original element from 3000 years ago!

birthday jewelry gifts for mom
birthday jewelry gifts for mom – rose gold with diamonds and Jerusalem stone

Whether the woman you’re looking to buy the present for is a devout jewelry wearer or not, matters less in this case. It isn’t something you’d typically say, but here, in the case of Jerusalem stone jewelry, it does make sense. This isn’t just another shiny bauble, but a historical artifact which is sufficiently enthralling to merely look at.

Moriah stone jewelry made in Jerusalem is a limited-edition item, which will eventually come to its end and be never more. It is a must-have if Jerusalem means anything to you or the person for whom you’re buying the present.

Giving Her Gifts of Jewelry

2 Corinthians 9:7 ESV

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Surely there are many other things besides jewelry you can give a woman as a present for birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day or just because you want to. However, extraordinary events demand extraordinary gifts, and unique people deserve equally unique jewelry.

Also, it depends on who the gift is for. You will be looking at a different item when choosing a gift for a mother, a sister, your best friend, potential spouse or wife of twenty years. Age can undoubtedly play a difference here. Her gifts of jewelry will probably be loftier when she is a Bat-Mitzvah girl, and slightly more substantial when turning eighteen. There will probably be even further weight to the necklace or the ring if considering 60th birthday jewelry gifts for mom.

60th birthday jewelry gifts for mom
60th birthday jewelry gifts for mom

Buying her gifts of jewelry isn’t like getting her gifts of kitchenware, which is pretty obvious because the first is an object of beauty while the latter is practical. The jewelry is a private gift that’s only hers.

Giving her gifts of jewelry with Jerusalem stone is like saying, ‘I was thinking about you and what you might like; I want you to feel the most beautiful and loved woman in the world, and it doesn’t matter if you never wear this jewelry.’

Birthday Gifts of Jewelry

The birthday is the most important annual celebration in our lives, presenting us with the challenge to innovate, please, and surprise.

60th birthday jewelry gift idea
60th birthday jewelry gift idea

Be it for men or women, birthday gifts of jewelry are a great opt out. Things are even simpler nowadays as so many jewelry items can suit both, men and women. With many designs, you can safely buy the same jewelry for guys and gals. Some men prefer gentler jewelry while some women, instead, wear thicker and heavier items.

A useful thing to know before investing in a gift of jewelry for someone is their personal preferences.

Worth adding that since people tend to choose to wear unique jewelry for special occasions, you can also surprise them with an item that’s out of their comfort zone. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and jewelry is more than a decoration to wear; it is an object that stays with its owner forever.

gift ideas 60th birthday jewelry for him or her
gift ideas 60th birthday jewelry for him or her

Gifts of jewelry are suitable for men and women of any age. Whether you’re buying jewelry for a young boy’s Bar-Mitzvah or your sibling’s 18th birthday, Jerusalem stone jewelry is a great gift that will be much appreciated.

Jewelry Gifts for Mom’s Birthday

When you want to show your mom how much you care, birthday is the day to shower her with presents. Admittedly, not everyone is equally into jewelry, but if your mother is, then Jerusalem stone jewelry from the Holy Land is as unique as they come.

Jewish, Christian, Muslim or a sympathizer, we are all well familiar with Jesus’s story and his days in the land of milk and honey, the days when Christianity was born, setting a spiritual path for billions of people. Now, imagine that you can touch a piece of the ground on which Jesus walked. No joking.

gifts for mom - birthday jewelry gifts white gold diamond ring with Jerusalem stone
gifts for mom – birthday jewelry gifts

In 1999, certain excavations took place, unearthing these pieces. The excavations were illegal, and the ground was disregarded and dumped aside; then, however, the sifting project came about, and that’s when things changed. Jerusalem stone jewelry was born.

60th Birthday Jewelry Gifts for Mom

If your mother is turning 60, most chances are she cares about history and will appreciate what has become of the stones that were found in these excavations. Amazingly, these rocks are now a part of jewelry items which can be found in Moriah Jewelry and Judaica shops around the globe with its main branch located in the Old City of Jerusalem.

60th birthday jewelry for mom or dad
60th birthday jewelry for mom or dad

Moriah jewelry is one-of-a-kind, featuring the ancient stone found during the excavations. Moriah’s jewelers are doing a tremendous job of incorporating these ancient artifacts into contemporary necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, and cufflinks which are all available for the broader audience. It allows every one of us to become the owner of an authentic piece of ancient Jerusalem.