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Exclusive & Unique Jewelry Designs

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Unique Jewelry Designs

Exclusive, unique jewelry designs of Star of David necklaces and many others, allow us to break the mold and choose jewelry to match our individuality.

unique jewelry design
yellow gold and diamonds unique jewelry design with Jerusalem stone

We are familiar with examples of an ancient necklace of gold in museums, but it might surprise us that there is a jewelry website store that offers modern day unique jewelry designs which include and based on findings of historical antiques.

Necklace of Gold

Exodus 35:22

Then all whose hearts moved them, both men and women, came and brought brooches and earrings and signet rings and bracelets, all articles of gold; so did every man who presented an offering of gold to the LORD.

Once I traveled to Spain with a friend. She was a terrific friend of mine, we shared many interests and spent countless hours chatting and laughing. We enjoyed similar food, drinks, and places; even our clothes were kind of similar.

The second week of our trip began with what promised to be another scorching day, and my friend decided to stay indoors until the heat receded. I ventured out to explore Cordoba’s famous old synagogue and streets on my own.

That day I bought myself a Hamsa pendant on a necklace of gold. I thought that this was the most unique, best-looking necklace of gold on the planet, and eagerly showed it to my friend expecting praises and compliments. However, she didn’t take to it at all. She said that it was too clunky and shiny, too this and too that. She wasn’t saying it to be nasty or because she was jealous; we simply didn’t realize how different our taste in jewelry was in spite of all other similarities.

That day I learned that jewelry is a very personal thing.

White Gold, Yellow Gold & Rose Gold Jewelry

Gold is a beautiful metal that is a bit of a chameleon, depending on other materials it is alloyed with. In its pure, natural state the gold is yellow; however, it can also have black, blue, green, and even purple hues. The most popular colors are yellow, white, and rose.

unique jewelry designs- cufflinks in white gold
unique jewelry designs- white gold cufflinks with diamonds

People who love jewelry might notice that they favor different colors of gold through various stages of their lives. There are no statistics to support any of that, but I noticed that in my youth, I preferred my jewelry to be lighter such as silver, white gold, and light-yellow gold. Back then I would steer clear from rose gold jewelry.

I used to see rose gold jewelry as something from the olden days, a color that belonged to royalty and grandeur. It took me time to grow into it.

As I grew up and matured, I started choosing darker shades for my necklaces of gold. I began to see the beauty in rose gold jewelry, something which in my early years associated with my grandmother.

Eventually, I came to appreciate various unique jewelry designs; any color, grade or material had its intrinsic value, be it a basic wooden heart pendant or gold religious jewelry.

gold religious jewelry unique designs
gold religious jewelry unique designs

14K & 18K on Moriah’s Jewelry Website 

As you all probably know, gold purity is measured in karats with 24K being the purest. In western jewelry-making, the highest karat level is 18.

Things have changed a lot in the making of gold jewelry in the west during the last 50 years. The views have significantly shifted from the traditional perception of acquiring pure gold as a commodity to evaluating a piece of jewelry on a symbolically meaningful level.

Admittedly, the first is still valid; that’s why we usually want to purchase jewelry whose economic value is reflected in its actual materials. However, as collectors, and people who appreciate their history, we don’t mind paying more for something that largely exceeds a mere economic value.

Gold religious jewelry isn’t just like gold jewelry or just religious jewelry. It brings together the material and the ethereal. Many times, we see this same union in grand houses of worship to signify and show our offerings to the Lord.

Star of Bethlehem from Moriah's jewelry website
Star of Bethlehem from Moriah’s jewelry website

Browsing Moriah Jewelry website store, you’ll encounter some stirring, unique jewelry designs. All of these designs are made with Jerusalem stone and gold. White, yellow and rose gold jewelry pieces gracefully outline the ancient beauty of the original historical element. Most of their jewelry items also have diamonds; some feature Bible verses, and all of them offer an excellent opportunity for a gift of gold religious jewelry.

Jerusalem Stone & Gold Religious Jewelry

Going back to the friend who didn’t like my newly bought Spanish necklace of gold. She said it wasn’t to her liking because it was too flashy, something she wasn’t a fan of. The irony of it was that in my eyes the pendant wasn’t flashy at all because, you see, I was also not a big fan of things that sparkled too much. And even though we held the same views on jewelry, our preferences still differed.

Since long I have lost contact with this friend, but now, having discovered Jerusalem stone jewelry unique designs, often wonder what would she say about them.

one of many unique jewelry designs on Moriah jewelry website
one of many unique jewelry designs on Moriah jewelry website

I know that when I first saw Jerusalem stone dressed in a veil of diamonds and gold, I thought that this was the most unique jewelry I have ever seen. The kind of jewelry to become my ultimate gold religious jewelry of choice.

The thing with Jerusalem stone gold religious jewelry is that you can gift it to almost any person, and it would still keep all of its religious and spiritual connotations. The significance of original Jerusalem stone, its rarity and history make it perfect gold religious jewelry for religious gifts on special occasions. If I am ever invited to a Jewish or Evangelical wedding, Bat-Mitzvah or Bar-Mitzvah, I won’t need to think about what to get for a present. I know it’s going to be a piece of gold religious jewelry from Moriah Jewelry and Judaica store or their jewelry website.