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Breathtaking Jewelry for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Jewelry for Valentine’s Day Gift

Come February, and here we are fretting once again thinking what to get our belle or beau for Valentine’s Day gift. They know we love them, but today we wish to give them something special so that they’ll remember this fact for the rest of the year, no matter the weather. Therefore, it is time to turn on our generator of Valentine ideas for her or him and get going as it might take a while until we find the perfect gift.

Valentine's day gift, heart jewelry - Valentine ideas for her
Valentine’s day gift, heart jewelry – Valentine ideas for her

We need our Valentine ideas for her (or him) to differ from last year if the person we are giving presents to is still the same. The need for authenticity doesn’t help to relieve the pressure which we might start feeling as soon as jingle bells ring hushed down and Hanukka candles burned out.

It might also be that we have only recently met this special someone and giving them a present on this very day will clarify some things we aren’t yet as confident to say out loud.

Valentine is the day of couples and sweethearts, and of recently friends joined the party too, so if you have a terrific friend who isn’t necessarily your romantic interest, but whom you love dearly, feel free to let them know how much you care.

Valentine's day gift - heart jewelry
Valentine’s day gift – heart jewelry with diamonds, Jerusalem stone, and yellow gold

Valentine Ideas for Her

Anything we buy with a loving thought and care can be counted as a good Valentine’s Day gift even if it’s a saucepan. Ok, maybe pan is slightly far-fetched, but you know, it all depends on what your other half loves. If your lady is a chef, then a saucepan might undoubtedly make it to the top of the list of Valentine ideas for her. Since it is a pretty much universal equation that women ‘heart’ jewelry, considering getting her jewelry for Valentine’s day is an idea that makes a lot of sense.

heart jewelry for a Valentine's Day gift
heart jewelry for a Valentine’s Day gift

It is safe to say that you can’t go wrong with a beautiful gift of jewelry. In case you are wondering what kind of jewelry makes a good Valentine’s Day gift, then the answer depends. Basically speaking, any classy jewelry will do, but the main question is who is it for; Valentine jewelry for him isn’t the same as jewelry for Valentine’s day for her.

If you’re looking for Valentine ideas for her, heart jewelry is always an excellent option to consider. As is widely known, the universal shape of ‘I love you’ is that of a heart. Any child knows what does ‘I heart you’ mean, even though if we delve into the actual anatomy of the thing, the love-heart shape has nothing to do with the form of our physical heart, the one that beats rapidly when we see our loved ones or think about them, but that’s irrelevant.

heart jewelry, Valentine ideas for her
Jerusalem stone in white gold with diamond – heart jewelry – Valentine ideas for her to cherish

Heart Jewelry Valentine’s Day Gift 

If your gift is gorgeous, great, but if it is also meaningful, then it’s just brilliant. Moriah Jewelry and Judaica give your jewelry for Valentine’s day gift an extra meaning. Their jewelry, for him and her, is endowed with profound historical significance, having Jerusalem stone at its heart.

If Jerusalem is in your heart, then you will truly appreciate the fact that your jewelry has it at its core. Unique, stunning, touching diamond and gold necklaces, earrings, pendants, and rings which hold an original Jerusalem stone at the very center of their design, and diamonds to top up their already fantastic beauty.

heart jewelry, rose gold earrings - valentine ideas for her
heart jewelry, rose gold earrings – valentine ideas for her

If you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or someone who doesn’t identify with any major religious path, but has a soft spot for anything biblical, you will see how special and unique it is to take your Valentine’s Day ideas from the jewelry Moriah has to offer.

Valentine’s Day Gift – Jewelry for Him

If it is jewelry for him that you’re after, and your partner happens to appreciate stylish jewelry with stones, then Jerusalem stone jewelry with diamonds and gold – white, rose or yellow – might be just the thing that will make his eyes shine.

Valentine's day gift of jewelry for him - yellow gold pendant
Valentine’s day gift of jewelry for him – yellow gold pendant

No one said his Valentine’s Day gift has to be jewelry, but then who said it shouldn’t? Even if your man isn’t one for wearing rings and necklaces in his day-to-day, he might surprise you, given a chance. Perhaps after you surprise him first.

Even if he wears that ring or pendant in public only once, you never know, he might put it on many more times when no one’s looking. Dare him to try on that gold and diamond jewelry. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Valentine's day gift ideas - cufflinks
Valentine’s day gift ideas – yellow gold cufflinks with Jerusalem stone and a diamond – jewelry for him

Besides, cufflinks are as masculine jewelry as jewelry for him can get. Even if he’s not a jewelry kind of a guy, trust it, not many men will remain unmoved by gold cufflinks with diamonds. It is particularly true if these cufflinks are as extraordinary as those that have original Temple Mount’s stone within them.

Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a man or a woman, it is a solid choice to base your ideas for around some kind of jewelry. Moriah has gorgeous sets of heart jewelry for women, which include a Jerusalem stone gold pendant, matching earrings, and a ring.

Valentine ideas for her, Valentine's day gift of heart jewelry
Valentine ideas for her, Valentine’s day gift of heart jewelry

You will do fine focusing your Valentine ideas for her around the heart theme, but that’s not a must. She’ll be thrilled to receive a thoughtful gift of jewelry for Valentine’s day, and rest assure, with a present like this you won’t even need words for her to know how much you care.

If your Valentine’s Day ideas revolve around jewelry for your favorite man, then, a fan of jewelry or not, he will know how much he means to you.

Valentine's day gift - Valentine ideas for her
Valentine’s day gift – Valentine ideas for her

Moriah’s jewelry items aren’t just another shiny bauble, but bejeweled historical artifacts with deep meaning and history behind them. If the way ahead of them is half as long as the one they’ve undergone to reach us here and now, then this is jewelry that will last a few lifetimes. Any jewelry with a story and a promise as unique as Moriah’s worth making it into your Valentine ideas for her, and him, list.