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Inspirational Jewelry with Meaningful Messages

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Inspirational Jewelry with Meaningful Messages

Inspirational jewelry is meaningful jewelry that makes us feel something. We don’t always understand its full meaning, but if the jewelry has caught our eye and heart, we might feel ready to go further and explore what it says.

Not to say that everybody should, but some might find themselves digging up meanings and interpretations of their new meaningful necklaces or ring quotes.

inspirational jewelry with meaningful messages
inspirational jewelry with meaningful messages

Jewelry with meaning that’s hidden can evoke our curiosity. It is jewelry that says more than the eye can see at a first glance and whose meaning, hidden in plain sight, once uncovered, shines brighter than the diamonds and gold it’s covered with.

Jewelry with Meaning

Jewelry with meaning is a piece of jewelry that speaks to us. Many times, this meaning will be conveyed through words of wisdom or of personal importance.

Words have meaning, that’s an obvious thing to say, but then there are so many other obvious things we say; does the fact of something being obvious necessarily makes it any less meaningful? No.

engraved inspirational jewelry - the wailing wall
engraved inspirational jewelry – the wailing wall

We use words almost every moment of our waking lives: home, work, friends, colleagues, ourselves. Some of them bring such powerful messages that we have to stop whatever we are doing to ponder upon their meaning.

Jewelry that feels personal can do that, or such jewelry that comes to us by way of chance, while we were looking for something we didn’t even know existed, until now.

Engraved Inspirational Jewelry

In engraved jewelry, the meaning is carried through words. These words can be Bible verses as the Bible is an ancient book of wisdom with words that lived through thousands of years. These citations, these verses have universal meaning because they were created for all humankind.

inspirational jewelry with Torah quote
inspirational jewelry with Torah quote

We relate to the universal meaning of Bible verses, especially when we are the readers of The Book, believers, followers, keepers. Evangelical folk or Jewish, atheist or curious, most of us relate even if we walk a different path.

It’s the spirit of an item as a whole that inspires us to buy that meaningful jewelry or another when it comes to inspirational jewelry with meaningful messages.

Jewelry with Meaningful Messages

Since as we said, so often meaning reaches us via words, at times when we feel like we lack something we might look for words to help us better understand. Lacking isn’t sad; things usually move on in waves of lack and obtainment and back again; look at the basic things in life, like food, drink, income, and the most important of all – breath. We take air in, and we run out of it, time and time again, from the very beginning to the very end.

Look at the changes in grounds, mountains, people…

But messages don’t have to come to us merely through words. Signs and symbols are many times more potent in that they make us more feel than think; they appeal to a different place within us. Perhaps sensation as opposed to affirmation.

heart - inspirational jewelry with Torah quote
heart – inspirational jewelry with Torah quote

Take for example the symbol of a heart. The heart is such a common, yet beautiful symbol; it is a breath that’s full – a lungful of air, of new hope, of new love or old love that feels new again. ‘I love you’ is an obvious phrase between two people who’ve been together for a long time, but is it, really?

See meaningful necklaces with the symbol of a dove, a small creature representing purity and discoveries, reminding us of nature itself.

Look at the symbol of the Star of Bethlehem. Jesus was born a Jew who gave a start to original Christianity, and who is spoken about widely in the Quran. The Star of Bethlehem is an actual astronomical phenomenon that corresponded with Jesus’s first coming.

Christian inspirational jewelry Star of Bethlehem
Christian inspirational jewelry Star of Bethlehem, white gold and diamonds

And there’s so much more… so many meaningful necklaces with deeply moving symbols like Star of David jewelry and more…

Meaningful Jewelry

Besides words and symbols, inspirational jewelry can carry meaning through its own unique story. But here’s a catch, there aren’t many meaningful jewelry items which you can buy on the high-end jewelry market that have one.

Truly unique, engaging and moving stories are few and far between in the world of classy jewelry and mostly reserved for items of historical significance.

rose gold and diamonds inspirational jewelry
rose gold and diamonds inspirational jewelry

That’s what makes Moriah Jewelry and Judaica so unique. Their engraved jewelry with meaningful messages is inspirational jewelry with meaning and a deep sense: words, symbolism, and history.

Meaningful Necklaces

Another meaning which wasn’t talked about yet is one of giving gifts. The act of giving a gift is, in itself, valuable and significant; that’s why it is said ‘it is the thought that counts.’

It is common practice to give each other gifts for special days, with every one of those special days being unique and meaningful in its own way.

Jewish inspirational jewelry - gold with diamond Magen David
Jewish inspirational jewelry – gold with diamond Magen David

Whether it’s a Bat-Mitzvah, Bar-Mitzvah, birthday, graduation, proposal, wedding, retirement or a friendly gift, you want them all to be given and received meaning well.

These special days are essential landmarks for us since they mark our progress in life, our growth, and development. Through these days we know we’ve grown, and what’s better than grow through finding new meaning for old and familiar things. Inspirational jewelry with meaningful messages helps us grow and develop.

white gold with diamond and Jerusalem stone - inspirational jewelry
white gold with diamond and Jerusalem stone – inspirational jewelry

A beautiful gold with diamond Bat Mitzvah gift becomes even more valuable when it has a Bible quote engraved on it because it reminds us of things that are bigger than us. It tells us to grow and think about our actions, reminding us of the eternal well of wisdom from which we shall never tire to drink.