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Enchanting Diamond Ring Styles

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Diamond Ring Styles

Diamond engagement rings, white gold, rose gold, ruby, sapphire, diamond ring for men, round, square, princess cut or else – there is a myriad of diamond ring styles for us to choose from. All we have to do is look.

Women or men, young or young at heart, we like jewelry. Some go for colorful handwoven bracelets while others prefer ultra-expensive elegant diamond rings. There is no right or wrong here, and jewelry is designed to make up happy as long as we can afford it.

diamond ring for women, diamond ring for men
a diamond ring for women, a diamond ring for men

Diamond Ring for Women

A diamond ring for women of any age is an ever-classy piece of jewelry, even more so when it’s encapsulated in gold. People adore diamonds because of their misleadingly minimalistic beauty: a clear-looking bit of what might appear to a layperson as a glass. However, we know better than being misled by appearances. Diamonds are so widely known that not only we don’t confuse them with glass, but quite the contrary, we call some glass diamonds.

With age, we generally tend to swap the need for sparkle for something more substantial. There aren’t many things in the world of jewelry that say stability and durability more than diamonds in gold jewelry, especially if it is jewelry made in Jerusalem, with original Jerusalem stone from the Temple Mount.

a rose gold diamond ring for women
a rose gold diamond ring for women

Diamond Ring for Men

Just like women, men share the love for all that’s beautiful, and why wouldn’t they. Since ancient times men wore the signet ring, aka gentleman’s ring, aka the seal ring. Nowadays letters are being sealed differently, so the need for the ring isn’t there anymore, but that doesn’t mean men should stop wearing it. The outline of a seal ring turned to be quite definitive for the men’s ring in general, and diamond ring for men, in particular, giving it its distinctive shape. Diamond ring styles for men are undeniably influenced by the historical gentleman’s ring even though today’s fashion is freer than ever, and unisex style rules for many.

diamond ring styles - diamond ring for men
a diamond ring for men – 18K yellow gold with Jerusalem stone

Today’s fashion expanse means we can resort to icons of the past while basking in innovation. There is no right or wrong when choosing our jewelry; it is only a matter of taste and finances.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Regardless of race, color, age, religious and political views, people all over the planet have embraced the touching custom of presenting their potential spouse with diamond engagement rings as a token of love and commitment.

It is quite amazing yet also heartwarming that the ancient ritual of finger-binding your loved one with a precious hoop had managed to remain so widespread up to this day. Not only it lasted, but it has also been reinvented. In the past, only women wore engagement and wedding rings, yet this has now changed. More men are choosing to wear elegant diamond rings, giving their women additional chances to shop for jewelry.

Diamond engagement rings are a big thing, and jewelry makers do a great job enriching the abundance of already existing diamond ring styles to please the potential customer and satisfy their inner desire for the unique craftsmanship.

diamond ring for women - diamond ring styles
a diamond ring for women – 18K yellow gold, Jerusalem stone – engagement diamond ring styles

Engagement Diamond Ring Styles – White Gold

Gold, as we know, comes in three main hues – yellow, rose, and white. There is also green and purple, but these are very rare. The color of gold depends on the metals alloyed with it.

Many times, people gravitate towards white gold as it correlates with the white wedding dress, the purity of first love and beginnings in general. White gold is gorgeous and unique: deceptively looking like silver, it is in fact, a much stronger and precious metal.

diamond engagement rings
diamond engagement rings – diamond ring for women

Love that’s aiming for the stars – it is said that diamonds might’ve originated in space – diamond engagement rings, white gold, in particular, strengthen this metaphor and bring it closer to home.

There are many diamond engagement rings for couples to consider now, a plethora of elegant diamond rings to choose from. People can finally allow themselves to be as unique as they wish when getting their diamond engagement rings.

With the variety Moriah Jewelry and Judaica has to offer, there’s something for every taste. If you wish for your diamond engagement rings – white gold or else – to be sapphire or ruby engagement rings, so be it. Some decide to have it all and get a diamond ring with ruby.

diamond engagement rings - unique diamond ring styles
diamond engagement rings – unique diamond ring styles

A diamond ring for women or a diamond ring for men, traditional or modern looking, every couple and their love will decide for themselves the diamond ring styles that suit them best.

Elegant Diamond Rings

When looking at any ring, diamond engagement rings in particular, and wedding rings even more so, there are some things to consider.

We want to be able to wear and enjoy this ring for years to come. For that to happen, we must make sure it feels comfortable, and our finger likes it. Without denying the importance of looks, the final decision must rely on how it feels to wear that ring. For that reason, it is helpful to try the rings, if possible.

Jerusalem stone - elegant diamond ring styles
Jerusalem stone – elegant diamond ring styles

To Sum-Up Diamond Ring Styles

A woman that has reached Bat-Mitzvah, a young man celebrating his Bar-Mitzvah, youngsters finishing school who are turning eighteen or people in their 30’s and 60’s, will all find pleasure in receiving elegant jewelry. We see diamond jewelry as unique because of how diamonds are appreciated in our society. We love elegant diamond rings, seek them out, and give them to those we hold dearest.

It isn’t the diamonds’ scarcity that makes diamond jewelry so valuable, because let’s face it, they aren’t that rare anymore these days. There are enough stones that are rarer than diamonds, but none of them is as universal.

eternal diamond ring styles
eternal diamond ring styles – yellow gold, Jerusalem stone

The diamonds go a long way; they fit well with any style of clothing; their beauty is limitless and all-embracing.