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Faith Jewelry with Meaningful Messages

The Moriah collection is not just fine jewelry but also deeply meaningful jewelry! Faith Jewelry with meaningful messages can be used to express our spiritual values and beliefs. It adds new dimensions to our lives and strengthens our religious commitments in the most charming ways.

The Origin of Faith Jewelry with meaningful messages

The Moriah collection is unique since it is the only collection in the world that incorporates stones from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, known as Moriah stone. Moriah stone is combined with gold, diamonds and other precious stones to create a unique line of religious jewelry.

The Temple Mount is holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. For Judaism, it is where the Holy Temples were built and where heaven meets earth. For Christianity, the Temple Mount is holy because Jesus issued his challenge against the authorities there and chased away the merchants and the money lenders.

For Islam, the Temple Mount is the third most holy site because it is the place where Mohammed ascended to Heaven.

A Jewish Midrash tells us that Jacob’s dream about a ladder ascending to heaven was located on the Temple Mount. From here, the angels ascended and descended to and from heaven.

The first and second Temples stood here and the Jewish people congregated here 3 times a year on the festivals. According to Jewish tradition, the Temple Mount is the connecting point between God and the world. Kings David and Solomon ruled here and the priests performed the splendid Temple services here.

Faith Jewelry with Meaningful Messages

The Song of Faith pendant which has Moriah stone together with a verse from Psalms.

The Pendent is made up of a round piece of Moriah stone together with a gold ring that has a verse from Psalms 137 engraved in the ring. The verse is:

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill. Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I remember thee not; if I set not Jerusalem above my utmost joy . (Psalm 137)

This verse has been recited at Jewish weddings for the last 2,000 years. It has a double meaning – first it is an expression of love between the married couple, and second, it is an expression the eternity of their bond under God.

t depicts the biblical narrative of the spies who came to check the Land of Israel after the Jews left Egypt. The cluster of grapes that they brought back to the desert was so big that it required two men to carry it on a pole between them.

The Hand of Fatima – Hamsa Pendant is named after the Prophet Mohammad’s daughter and brings blessing, power and strength.

The Hand of Fatima Hamsa Pendant has a hand embossed on Moriah stone, together with a diamond mounted in 14 Karat yellow gold.

For Christian faith Jewelry, you might want the Elegant Stone Cross. White gold and diamonds large Orthodox Cross pendant on a Temple Mount stone

This cross has an 18 karat yellow gold cross resting on a Moriah stone.

The Moriah Collection, the only one in the world that has used these stones as high end jewelry, added gems, diamonds and gold, fashioning them into precious jewelry.

This is really faith jewelry with meaningful messages connected to the holiness of the Temple Mount. A grate gift and a wonderful, meaningful jewelry memory from Jerusalem.