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Diamond Necklace Designs

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7 Reasons Why These Diamond Necklace Designs Are So Special

When getting a dainty diamond necklace, we usually don’t ask if there is a story to it. Even though it isn’t often that we encounter a diamond necklace for her or him with an engaging tale to tell, things look different at Moriah Jewelry and Judaica considering that all their diamond necklace designs have an outstanding and beautiful narrative. There’s a long history behind every diamond heart necklace or any other symbolic necklace.

Diamond necklace for her
Diamond necklace for her Bat Mitzvah – dainty diamond heart necklace

The Moriah Collection: Diamond Necklace For Her Bat Mitzvah

The Moriah Collection is the flagship assembly of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), an old family-business of diamonds that’s been around for more than five decades. The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection embodies a one-of-a-kind innovation in fine diamond jewelry. Born in IDC – House of Diamonds – it brings us an authentic Jerusalem relic, from the sacred center of the world, as heartrending historical jewelry.

Diamond necklace womens
Diamond necklace womens – 18k rose gold

Diamond Necklace Womens – The Birth Of Originality

The Moriah Collection was born from a vision of a leading Israeli jewelry-maker whose ancestors have lived in Jerusalem for more than 7 generations. This jeweler is Mr. Avi Tavisal. Everyone’s imagination is captured by the unparalleled jewelry collection designed by Mr. Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s important history by placing The Temple Mount’s age-old holy stones in exclusive and unique designs.

Diamond Heart Necklace – Fascinating Background

In 1999, Avi heard about the illegal excavation works that damaged the Temple Mount. A sifting group was established to rescue at least part of the ancient treasures that were almost wrecked. An essential contributor to the salvation efforts, he grasped that the spirituality of these old stones can bring together folks from all over the world under one spiritual umbrella – “Holy Jerusalem.”

Diamond heart necklace white gold
Diamond heart necklace white gold

It seems miraculous yet again how at times when everything deems to be lost, all of a sudden another thing changes it all around for the better. When the wrongful digs occurred, it felt as though everything sacred and essential would be dumped and gone like a waste. However, in a blessed turn of events, it didn’t happen. That’s why, every diamond heart necklace brought from Moriah Jerusalem Stone Jewelry and Judaica is somewhat of a miracle, an item that endured ignorance and bulldozing, a bit of holiness that keeps on living. Every Hamsa hand pendant is a voice from the far past, calling to remember and honor.

diamond heart necklace
diamond heart necklace

Dainty Diamond Necklace – Pure And Different

After obtaining every mandatory permit to use stones from the Temple Mount excavation, Avi went on to put his idea into existence, and thus, the unique Moriah Collection came to be. Nowhere else on the planet can one see a dainty diamond necklace as meaningful and unique as those created by Moriah. Antiquity surrounded with precious metals and covered with gems. Each dainty diamond necklace makes us wonder what is most valuable in this case, the gold, and gemstones or the quiet age-old fragment?

What’s happening here is amazing. By binding secular pieces and allocating them a particular shape, anyone who wishes can own a chunk of Holy City’s remarkable antiquity. It isn’t only a dainty diamond necklace that you’re buying, but a meaningful and vital artifact and relic. Star of David jewelry, which is already meaningful, suddenly has even more depth and charm.

Dainty diamond necklace
Dainty diamond necklace

Diamond Necklace Designs – Jewelry With Raw Integrity

Every piece of rock harvested on Mnt Moriah to be a part of the Collection is cataloged, then made to retain its organic simplicity. Moriah’s skilled jewelers attentively organize and inset the gems and gold in the rock element manually, to create an astonishing visual assertion, never before undertaken in a top quality exquisite collection of diamond jewelry. Diamond necklace designs come to fore with an original artifact from Moriah Mnt that is artistically united with gems and yellow, white or rose gold forming a spectacular thing of continual spirituality and legacy.

Moriah’s Collection amazing produce of limited-edition delicate diamond necklace designs intertwines gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the toughest minerals on the planet, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to indicate the City’s spirit and holiness for over 3,000 years. As religious jewelry, the Collection reaches this goal by working with excellent components depicting Jerusalem’s persevering courage, value, and spirituality.

Diamond necklace designs
Diamond necklace designs

Diamond Necklace For Her – 3 Thousand Years Bridge

Moriah is where Abraham embraced the idea of One God, sowing the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Presently, Moriah is a decorated charm, a piece of jewelry, electrifying with its artistry and themes of spirituality. Looking closely at the diamond necklace for her, you’ll note that these stone fragments are unusual, and each one carries an ancient content and perspective. These fragments might have been engaged in the construction of the Solomon’s Temple, the ancient courts of Jerusalem, the same pebbles that our kings, ancestors, prophets and even ordinary Jerusalemites had strolled upon. Only imagine how it feels to get such a necklace for a Bat Mitzvah gift

Diamond necklace designs Star Of David
Diamond necklace designs Star Of David

Diamond Necklace – Women’s Gift With A Soul

If the rocks in those diamond necklaces for women could talk, they would be echoing Jewish history of the past 3000 years. A person who wears this unique jewelry repeats the melody of the stone and is an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible account. Jerusalem is related to human energy, to the law of G-d. Thru Moriah’s stone jewelry, you obtain a persistent expression of what we believe in and who we are. The Moriah Collection includes limited edition jewelry in stunning arrangements, enumerated and noted in the Certificate of Authenticity. Never in the known history of jewelry-making was there a time when past and present joined in such an accessible way.

diamond necklace designs Hamsa
diamond necklace designs Hamsa

Those who buy a diamond necklace for women from The Moriah collection will be an honored possessor of a genuine article of virtu: past that continues through relentless grace and vigor of the stone. It isn’t just a diamond necklace but a time-machine that connects between all that had ever been, is and will come into being.