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Buy Jerusalem Art at Moriah Collection

Jerusalem Art Museum Masterpieces – Gifts In The Present From Far In The Past

Generally speaking, when visiting a jewelry shop, we don’t expect to find items that belong in a museum of Jerusalem art. How frequently do we buy contemporary Jerusalem art jewelry piece that has a unique history…?

Moriah Jewelry and Judaica as all of their Jerusalem art-jewelry produce have an extraordinary and engaging tale.  Behind every Hamsa necklace pendant in this jewelry store-Jerusalem art museum, there’s a history.

Moriah Collection: Diamond And Gold Jerusalem Art With Authentic Jerusalem Stone Core

Moriah Stone Collection is the bellwether set of the IDC – Israel Diamond Center, a family-run diamond business with over 50 years of experience). The Collection is an unmatched innovation in fine diamond jewelry. Conceived in IDC to spread the profound significance of a real relic, from the spiritual center of the globe, as heartrending jewelry of faith – for all those who seek to bring the Divine City near one’s heart.

Mazuza Temple Mount stone HaHorva with Jerusalem Stone from Temple Mount, gold and diamond

Buy Contemporary Jewish Art Of Ancient Origins

Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Collection project derived from a vision by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a prominent Israeli jeweler, whose ancestors dwelled in Jerusalem for more than seven generations. The rare collection of Jerusalem jewelry created by Mr. Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s glorious days by placing The Temple Mount’s ancient stones introduced back to life in a new form is capturing everyone’s imagination.

Fascinating Background Of A Jerusalem Art Museum Which Is, In Fact, A Designer Jewelry Store

In the late nineties, Avi heard about the illegal digging that effected severe damage to the Temple Mount. A center was organized to salvage at least part of the archaic treasures that were nearly eradicated. A vital contributor to the saving attempts, he had an understanding. He realized the sanctity of these antique pieces could join believers from all around the globe with the idea of “Holy Jerusalem.” Isn’t it is marvelous how at times when all seems to be lost, suddenly something happens that turns it all around for the better?!

When the illicit diggings occurred, it appeared as though everything sacred and significant would be lost. But, luckily, that didn’t happen. Therefore, each Bat Mitzvah necklace purchased from Moriah is a bit of a miracle that lived through bluntness and bulldozing, a tad of holiness that keeps on.

Jerusalem Art In A Wider View

Having obtained all the necessary permits for using stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi started to carry out his idea, and so, the extraordinary Moriah Collection came to be. In no other place in the world can one find  Jerusalem art jewelry masterpieces as important and unique as those created by Moriah’s jewelers. Artifacts surrounded by precious metals and bejeweled with precious stones. Every Star of David pendant raises the question of what matters: the gold and gems vs. simple-looking age-old fragment.

What’s happening here is astonishing. Age-old rock elements rescued by archeologists in the sifting project at Mount Moriah (aka the Temple Mount) are given a jewelry structure which allows the opportunity to hold a part of Holy City’s triumphant antiquity.

Jewelry That Belongs In A Museum Of Jerusalem Art

Every element harvested on the Temple Mnt to be included in the Collection is cut and cataloged. Moriah’s skilled jewelers carefully design and enclose the metal and diamonds in the rock element manually, to shape a spellbinding visual statement, never before attempted in high quality, exquisite diamond jewelry collection. Masterpieces that belong in a museum of Jerusalem art come to fore with an authentic stone from Moriah Mnt. That is elegantly married with precious stones and yellow, white or rose gold, forming a rare piece of endless heritage and spirituality.

Jerusalem Egg Lion side Jerusalem stone from Temple Mount gold and diamonds

The Moriah Collection breathtaking line of exclusive fine diamond Jerusalem art jewelry entwines gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the most robust stones on the planet, with Jerusalem Stone to embody the City’s strength, sense and cardinal sacredness for over 3,000 years.

Buy Contemporary Jerusalem Art – An Ancient Bridge

Moriah is where Abraham first welcomed the notion of Monotheism, sowing the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And nowadays, Moriah is a bejeweled talisman touching with its beauty and spiritual themes. When you buy contemporary Jerusalem art of Moriah, you see that the Jerusalem stones are remarkable, full of historical aspects and angles. These stones could’ve been utilized in the framework of the Solomon’s Temple, the 3-thousand-year old courts of the Holy City, the gravel our kings, prophets, ancestors and regular Jerusalem folks walked.

Jerusalem Art Jewelry – New Gifts With Old Souls

If only these Jerusalem art jewelry objects could talk, they would recall Jewish history of the last three thousand years. These jewelry masterpieces reverberate the ancient melody of the stone; they’re ambassadors of Jerusalem’s unique history.

The Moriah Collection is manifested through limited edition jewelry and masterpieces, creative layouts unlike anything seen before. Past and present connected via jewelry-craftsmanship. A person who gets Jerusalem art from this collection is going to be a contented possessor of a verified relic, even if it’s a small Bat Mitzvah necklace pendant. They will receive a past that lives in perpetual grace and vigor of the stone. It isn’t only Jerusalem art of immense beauty but a bridge in time which links between everything that ever was, is and will come into being.

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