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White Gold Diamond Rings

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White Gold Diamond Rings – Gifts That Stand Out

Generally speaking, when we buy white gold diamond rings, we aren’t inclined to wonder if there is a story behind it. We usually look at jewelry from an angle of its visual value and cost, and it makes a perfect sense. How much do we hear of white gold rings for women or even more so, a whole jewelry collection that has a compelling story behind it? Rarely close to none. Nevertheless, when it comes to Moriah Jewelry collections, things look different. That is because all of Moriah’s white gold diamond rings have unusual and beautiful stories.  There’s a fascinating history behind each white gold ring design.

white gold diamond rings for her
white gold diamond rings for her

White Gold Rings With Diamond – Gifts With Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Collection is the leading collection of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), a family-run diamond business with over fifty years of experience, Moriah’s Stone Collection is a standalone novelty in fine diamond jewelry. Conceived in IDC – House of Diamonds to distribute the profound significance of wearing a piece with a true Jerusalem relic, from the sacred core of the globe, as stirring faith jewelry – for people who want to have the Sacred City close to their heart.

white gold rings with diamond
white gold rings with diamond

White Gold Rings For Her – An Original Creation

The Moriah Stone Collection adventure originated from a vision created by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a prominent Israeli jewelry-maker, whose ancestors have resided in Jerusalem for more than seven generations. The exceptional collection of jewelry devised by Mr. Tavisal to rekindle Jerusalem’s distinguished past by bringing The Temple Mount’s antique rubble surfaced back to life in a changed shape, is capturing everybody’s imagination.

white gold ring design
white gold ring design with Jerusalem stone

White Gold Ring Design – A Captivating Background

In the late nineties, Avi learned of the unlicensed excavations which damaged the Temple Mount. A volunteer sifting hub was arranged to recover at least some of the ancient findings which were close to wrecked. A notable contributor to the conservation efforts, he became aware of something. He perceived that the holiness of these archaic elements has the power to link between followers from all over the planet with the spirituality of “Holy Jerusalem”. It seems miraculous how oftentimes when everything deems to be lost, suddenly a new thing turns it all around. When the illicit excavations took place, it looked as if all that is holy and meaningful will be discarded and obliterated like some insignificant nonsense. However, miraculously, that didn’t happen. An entirely different thing happened, something that at the time was perceived miraculous. Therefore, every white gold ring design brought from Moriah is a bit of a miracle, a thing that sustained bluntness and wreckage, a chunk of holiness that keeps on living.

white gold rings for her wedding
white gold rings for women

White Gold Diamond Rings – Gift That’s Pure & Different

After receiving every required permit for using stones from the Temple Mount excavations, Avi started to put his vision into being and so, the exceptional Moriah Collection was created. In no other place in the world can one find white gold diamond rings as meaningful and special as those designed by the jewelers of Moriah. Relics outlined in yellow, white or rose gold and starred with gems. Every one of white gold diamond rings begs the question of what matters more in this case, the diamonds and the gold or the uncomplicated age-old element? It’s kind of stunning what is unraveling here. By combining ancient stones rescued by the sifting project archeologists next to the Temple Mtn. (aka Mount Moriah), and arranging them in a unique structure within familiar shapes such as a Star of David pendant, anyone who wishes can be a satisfied owner of a sample of Jerusalem’s noble antiquity. You’re buying not simply white gold rings with diamond but a meaningful and genuine artifact.

white gold diamond rings gifts
white gold rings with diamond

White Gold Rings With Diamond – Jewelry With A Statement

Every fragment picked up on the Temple Mnt. for the Collection is cataloged and arranged, then designed in order to conserve its natural simplicity. Moriah’s skilled jewelers attentively organize and enclose the gold and gems in the natural stone manually, to construct an astonishing visual content, unlike anything attempted previously in high quality, exclusive diamond jewelry collection. White gold diamond rings start with a genuine artifact from the Temple Mount that is artistically joined up with precious stones and gold becoming an unparalleled item of eternal heritage and spirituality. The Moriah Collection beautiful line of limited-edition fine diamond jewelry intertwines gold, the noblest of all metals, and diamonds, the hardest stones on the planet, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to illustrate the Holy City’s tenacity, importance and unmatched holiness for thousands of years. As religious jewelry, the Collection carries out this higher intent, by engaging exquisite materials representing Jerusalem’s enduring fortitude, significance, and saintliness.

white gold diamond rings for her birthday
white gold ring design – white gold rings for her

White Gold Rings For Women – A Vision From The Past

Moriah is the mountain on which Abraham accepted the belief in Monotheism, sowing the seed of three great faiths. Nowadays, Moriah is a decorated talisman, a piece of jewelry, exhilarating in its elegance and messages of spirituality. Have a good look at the white gold rings for women, you’ll see right away that the Jerusalem stones are unique, and each and every one of them carries an ancient essence and sentiment. These stones could’ve been handled during the erection of the Temple, the age-old courts of the Holy City, the exact same boulders that our forefathers, prophets, kings and simple folk of Jerusalem had stepped upon.

white gold rings for women
white gold rings for women

White Gold Rings For Her – A New Gift With An Old Soul

If the ancient stones in those white gold rings for her could speak, they would be talking of Jewish history of the past 3000 years. Those people who put on the jewelry, resound the call of the artifact and are, therefore, ambassadors of Jerusalem’s unique account. Jerusalem is related to the human psyche, to the will of the Lord. By wearing the jewelry of Moriah, you acquire a permanent reminder of what guides us and who we are. The Moriah Collection contains limited-edition jewelry in creative layouts, which are enumerated and recorded in an allocated Certificate of Authenticity, establishing the birth of the stone from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the Great City of Peace. Never before was there a time when past and present united in such an accessible way via jewelry-craftsmanship. Whoever buys white gold rings for her from the Jerusalem stone jewelry collection will be an honored keeper of a real historical object. A history that keeps on living through enduring beauty and character of the stone. These aren’t simply white gold diamond rings but a bridge in time that connects between all that was, is and will come into being.