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Compelling Israeli Gold Jewelry

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Israeli Gold Jewelry – Jerusalem Stone Crowned with Diamonds

Israeli gold jewelry made by Moriah weaves a compelling narrative through its outstanding design. Balancing on the verge between modern and ancient, it holds dear the holy values of Jerusalem’s history back to when Christianity was born.

Any jewelry enthusiast will appreciate the intricate yet simplistic outlines of Israeli gold jewelry made and brought to you by Moriah Jewelry and Judaica.

You can experience Israel first hand through the gift of Israeli handmade jewelry. Oftentimes, when visiting a place, we want to feel its spirit and cherish it for a long time after getting back home. If it is Israel that you’re visiting, particularly Jerusalem, then Jerusalem jewelry is the ultimate way to bring a piece of the holy land back home with you.

Israeli Handmade Jewelry

The key difference between a factory and handmade jewelry lies in the fact that the latter is crafted with love and care, which bestow on it a unique personal touch. The beauty of handcrafted jewelry is no single piece looks like the others. Every item is singular and unique, which is vital for people who appreciate their individuality.

israeli gold jewelry - cufflinks
Israeli gold jewelry – rose gold cufflinks by a leading Israeli jewelry designer

Israeli gold jewelry made by a skillful artisan might be just the perfect offering for your engagement proposal or a wedding. Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, persons of all Abrahamic religions care about Jerusalem and regard it as holy. Jerusalem jewelry with an ancient Jerusalem stone feels meaningful to them. But that’s not all.

Israeli Rings – Ancient Jewish Jewelry

Israeli rings by Moriah offer stunning jewelry designs in 18K and 14K gold – yellow, white and rose – with diamonds. Some of them feature famous Bible quotes to remind, move, and inspire.

All of these rings possess a unique element which no other ring in the world has. This extraordinary element included in the ring represents a call from afar, a trace of the distant past; it is ancient Jewish jewelry a piece of ancient Jerusalem.

Israeli rings - Ancient Jewish Jewelry
Israeli rings – yellow gold with a diamond & Jerusalem stone


Israeli handmade jewelry items that hold the precious Jerusalem stone in them are the kind of jewelry that will bring a loftier level of uniqueness to any occasion, be it religious or not. These rings (or earrings or necklaces) are so much more than any standard jewelry can ever be. They provide meaning; they have a history and a compelling story to tell.

Israeli Necklaces

Even though Israel is a small country, its jewelry is famous all around the world. Israeli necklaces so beautifully crafted by local jewelry designers keep catching the eyes and the hearts of tourists and visitors all year round.

Amongst ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, where time seems to stand still, there’s a store whose bejeweled creations provide a whole new meaning to the expression ‘if only walls could talk.’

Israeli necklaces
Israeli necklaces – Israeli gold jewelry studded with diamonds


That’s because every item of jewelry in this store included in the Jerusalem stone collection consists of a piece of an original brick that covered the ground on which Jesus stepped some 3000 years beforehand.

When buying a heart necklace for Valentine Day gift from Moriah, you aren’t merely saying ‘I care about you’ to the person you’re giving it to, but you’re also saying ‘this is for eternity.’ What is a more effective way to remember a place by than bringing back with you something inherent to it? And what is more intrinsic to Jerusalem than the native stone it was built with back in the days…

Israeli handmade jewelry
Israeli necklaces by leading Israeli jewelry designers

Israeli Earrings

Unique earrings of Moriah Jewelry and Judaica comprise a stunning blend of modern and ancient, history and innovation, extravagance and simplicity. Made of gold, studded with diamonds and kept holy through the lasting presence of Jerusalem stone, these Israeli earrings are a testimony to brilliant craftsmanship.

A matching set of handmade earrings and a ring will make for a gorgeous gift to befit any memorable occasion. Jerusalem-stone handmade earrings from the Mount Moriah are always relevant and authentic ancient Jewish jewelry. This is jewelry that never goes out of fashion.

Israeli handmade jewelry - white gold diamond earrings
Israeli handmade jewelry – white gold diamond earrings

Israeli Jewelry Designer Avi Tavisal

As a seventh-generation Jerusalemite, a jeweler and a person of faith, Israeli jewelry designer, Avi Tavisal, is deeply connected to Jerusalem and its history. So, when in the late 90s Avi participated in a sifting project of Mount Moriah, the artifacts examined by his hands connected with him more than only skin-wise. The spirit that lay dormant for thousands of years in the rubble ‘spoke’ to him. Avi allowed it to penetrate his psyche and listened.

An artist is a person who perpetually follows their heart and is open to new information, like a riverbed that has to stay available for water to gush in when the rain arrives. Avi was alert and open for novel ideas, and that is how the amazingly unique Jerusalem stone jewelry collection came about.

Israeli rings - unique designs by Israeli jewelry designers
Israeli rings – unique designs by Israeli jewelry designers


Being a true artist, Avi allowed the current reality to change his original ‘style’, altering his approach to jewelry-making. He sensed the real treasure in these necklaces, earrings, rings, and cufflinks weren’t, in fact, the expensive diamonds and gold but the pure-looking, humble Ancient Jewish Jewelry with ancient Jerusalem stone.