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Star Of David Diamond Pendants

Star Of David Diamond Pendants – Special And Unique Gifts

Usually, when we buy a 14k gold Star of David diamond necklace, we aren’t inclined to wonder whether there is a story behind it. People usually inspect jewelry based on their looks and cost, and it makes a good sense.  However, in Moriah Jewelry store in the Old City of Jerusalem, all Star of David diamond pendants tell extraordinary and compelling stories.  There’s a history to every Star of David necklace with diamonds and 14k or 18k gold Star of David necklace.

Yellow gold Star of David studded with diamonds on a Temple Mount stone

Gold Diamond Star Of David Pendant That Carries Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

The Moriah Stone Collection is the centerpiece of the Israel Diamond Center, a family-run business of diamonds of over fifty years. The Moriah Collection illustrates a rare novelty in diamond fine jewelry. Developed by IDC – House of Diamonds – to invite into the deep experience of holding a decoration with Jerusalem Stone that derives from the spiritual core of the globe, heartrending historical jewelry – for those people who seek to bring the Divine City closer to them.

Jerusalem Stone Star of David Necklace With Diamonds – Creation Of Originality

Moriah Collection project was created from a vision grasped by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a famous Israeli jewelry-designer, whose ancestors have resided in Jerusalem for over 7 generations. Everybody’s imagination has been caught by the singular jewelry collection created by Mr. Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s illustrious days by reshaping The Temple Mount’s archaic holy rubble surfaced back to the present.

14k Gold Star Of David Diamond Necklace- Fascinating Background Story

In the late nineties, Avi learned about the unlicensed excavations that were damaging the Temple Mount. A hub was established to save some of the precious treasures that were as good as extinguished. A notable assistant to the conservation program, he came to understand something. Avi perceived that the spirituality of these historical elements has the power to link followers from all over the globe under the idea of “Holy Jerusalem”. It is marvelous how oftentimes when everything deems to fail, all of a sudden yet another thing changes it all around. When the disastrous digs occurred, it felt as though everything sacred and significant would be discarded and abandoned. However, miraculously, that didn’t happen.

A whole different thing happened, something which at the time of its occurrence appeared miraculous. Therefore, every 14k gold Star of David diamond necklace purchased from Moriah is somewhat of a miracle, an artifact that endured bulldozing and bluntness, a thing of holiness that gets to keep on living.

Yellow gold Star of David on a Temple Mount stone with diamonds and yellow gold stripes

18k Gold Star Of David Necklace That’s Purely Different

Equipped with every necessary permit to use stones from the Temple Mount excavation, Avi began to put his vision into reality and so, the noteworthy Moriah Collection came to exist. In no other place in the world can a person see as meaningful and special 18k gold Star of David necklaces as those crafted by Moriah. Antiquity surrounded with 18K gold and studded with precious stones. Every gold diamond Star of David pendant raises the question of what matters more in this case, the diamonds and gold or the plain-looking age-old stone? What’s unraveling here is amazing.

By integrating ancient stones which were rescued by the workers in the sifting project next to Mount Moriah (aka the Temple Mtn), anyone can own a section of Jerusalem’s marvelous antiquity. It’s never simply a star of David necklace with diamonds that you’re buying, but an important and scarce relic that will make a stunning Bat Mitzvah pendant.

Star Of David Diamond Pendants – Jewelry That Matters

Every stone picked up on Mount Moriah to be included in the Collection is arranged and made to keep its native purity. Moriah’s craftsmen meticulously arrange and set the gems and metal in the natural stone manually, to construct an astonishing visual content, never previously attempted in high-end exquisite collection of diamond jewelry. Star of David diamond pendants start with a genuine rock fragment from the Temple Mnt, artistically paired up with diamonds and yellow, white or rose gold forming a spectacular piece of continual heritage and spirituality.

The Moriah Collection amazing produce of exclusive fine diamond 14k and 18k gold star of David necklaces interweaves gold, the noblest of all metals, and diamonds, the toughest stones on the planet, with Jerusalem Stone to illustrate the Holy City’s vitality, importance, and unmatched sacredness for over 3,000 years. As spiritual jewelry, the Collection achieves this higher purpose by engaging precious materials, depicting Jerusalem’s everlasting durability, worth, and spirituality.

Star of David pendant with Temple Mount stone and three triangles of yellow gold and diamonds

Gold Diamond Star of David Pendant Bridges Over History

Moriah is the name of the mountain on which Abraham embraced the thought of Divine Oneness, bringing about the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. At present, Moriah is a decorated amulet, an item of jewelry, stirring attention with its beauty and meaningful message. Have a good look at the gold diamond Star of David pendant, and you’ll notice right away that these rock elements are unique since every one of them has a religious context and interpretation. These stones could have been applied in the construction of the Temple, the 3 thousand-year-old lanes of Jerusalem, the exact same stones that our kings, forefathers, prophets and even ordinary people of Jerusalem had strolled upon.

Star Of David Necklace With Diamonds – A New Gift With An Old Soul

If the rocks in this star of David necklace with diamonds could talk, they would be singing of a Jewish past over the last 3000 years. He or she who puts on this jewelry, would resound the voice of the relic and be, in fact, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s spellbinding chronicle. Jerusalem is connected to our existence, to the will of G-d. In Moriah’s stones, you gain a permanent reminder of who we are and what we believe in. The Moriah Collection is embodied through limited edition jewelry in beautiful arrangements. Never before was there a time when past and present connected in such an approachable way via jewelry-making.

A person who purchases star of David diamond pendants from the Moriah stone collection will be a contented possessor of a verified relic. Antiquity that keeps on living via immortal beauty and essence of the stone. This isn’t merely a gold diamond star of David pendant but a time-capsule that links between everything that ever was, is and will come into being.

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