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Religious Gold Jewelry

Religious Gold Jewelry

Religious gold jewelry is a vast umbrella for spiritually inspiring jewelry that moves our holiness and reminds us of all that’s heavenly and pure. Earrings for women, religious rings or necklaces, Bible verse jewelry as well as other faith-based jewelry makes for a thoughtful gift, whether we are on the giving or the receiving end of it.

Religious necklace – a piece of religious jewelry close to your heart

There is no need to ask why we might want to purchase a religious necklace, but in case someone does ask, then the answer is clear. A religious necklace is a piece of religious jewelry that we can keep close to our hearts. We like to keep the things we hold dear close to our emotional center.

When someone is born into a particular religious realm, then, by way of metaphor, it can be said that this religion’s symbol is the person’s crib, its prayers are lullabies.

It is widely believed that the most famous inventor and mathematician in ancient Greece, Archimedes, once said: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” When bringing the ancient phrase in the context of faith-based jewelry, the fulcrum, which is a point of stability, can be seen as our set of beliefs, and the lever, our ways of reinforcing them.

We reinforce our beliefs through numerous ways, most notable of which is the prayer. Our thoughts and intentions between the prayers are those that will set our in-depth, inner plans for the next round of prayers. A religious necklace can aid us in establishing our intentions right. It is there to remind us.

Faith-based jewelry earrings for women

Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Jewelry maker Avi Tavisal had experienced a moment of enlightenment when he was holding original Jerusalem stone gravel with his bare hands. His faith led him to create jewelry which would allow people all over the world to experience the same. Following his confidence of faith, he brought these pieces of ancient Jerusalem ground to the masses in the form of stunning faith-based jewelry made in Jerusalem.

Moriah Jewelry and Judaica’s religious gold jewelry are worn by Jews, Christians, and people of other religions all around the globe. It is happening because so many people have Jerusalem in their hearts while Moriah jewelry has Jerusalem stone at its core.

The fact that the Jerusalem stone has reached us here and now from Biblical times is in itself a proof of faith. The faith of Avi Tavisal in the spirit of this stone, and in that we all deserve to witness it.  Lying at the core of Moriah’s earrings for women is an element of real ancient history. This fact makes these earrings as well as their other jewelry the most authentic and meaningful religious jewelry nowadays for Jews and Christians or anyone who values Jerusalem.

Religious jewelry – a golden opportunity

Religious jewelry encompasses a broad spectrum of beautiful things which aren’t just pretty. As said before, it is there to remind us of what’s important. The thing about jewelry though, is that it is meant to be worn and enjoyed.

star of Bet Lehem pendant gold and diamonds
Star of Bethlehem

The thing with the jewelry the likes of earrings for women is that they’re religious jewelry regardless of their shape, merely because they have Jerusalem stone in them. Jerusalem is a powerful religious symbol in itself. It is a focal point for three main religions; it is the place where the Jewish Temples stood, and it is the place where Jesus taught and gave his life on the cross.

And now, we, the people of today, the Millennials, the ‘everything’s at instant’ generation, can suddenly relate directly to that era. It’s like we are stretching our mind’s arm far into the past and into where modern history stems. There is a lot of beautiful religious gold jewelry around, with gorgeous symbols screaming diamonds, but none of them tells a story that comes close to the one whispered by Jerusalem stone religious jewelry.

Bible verse jewelry – origins of religious jewelry

The first Bible, the Old Testament, the one Moses brought down from Mount Sinai, was written in Hebrew. Religious jewelry carrying Bible verses spelled out in the original language of the Holy Scriptures brings us even closer to the source wisdom. God’s eternal word is brought to us in a stunning dressing of diamond jewelry in gold. This kind of religious gold jewelry creates a one-of-a-kind spiritual combination of admirable qualities: visual beauty, analytical mind, and lasting faith.

It is a given that many times we buy faith-based jewelry, be it a religious necklace or earrings for women, to give them away as presents. Gifts of religious jewelry in general and Bible verse jewelry, in particular, make for meaningful and valuable presents. It might be an important day, such as a Bar-Mitzvah or a communion, Bat-Mitzvah or sweet 16, and we want to give a gift that carries that extra meaning, additional value to signify the true growth of a person – spiritual and personal.

Faith-based jewelry religious rings 

Like any other jewelry, faith-based jewelry comes in various shapes, sizes, and carats, depending on what the person is looking for. Some prefer yellow gold religious necklaces, others white gold & Jerusalem stone earrings for women, and others still, rose gold religious rings. Some are fans of pendants while others opt for bands or better yet, both.

The beauty of religious rings is that one can look at them at any given moment, which is somewhat tricky with a necklace or more so, earrings. When driving a car or sitting in a meeting, having a meal or writing a letter, the religious ring is right there in front of us, reminding us of that which we want or need to be reminded.

A religious ring that happens to be also a Bible verse jewelry is twice as purposeful, and thrice if it also holds Jerusalem stone at its essence.

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