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Jewish Gift Ideas

Jewish Gift Ideas | Hebrew jewelry | Jewish jewelry store | Jewish gifts | Jewish symbols

Best Jewish Gift Ideas

For those who come from large families or enjoy a wide circle of friends, it might sometimes seem that the days measure in celebrations and anniversaries. Whether you are Jewish or not, enjoy Jewish friends or not, you might find yourself hopping from wedding to wedding, Bat-Mitzvah to Bar-Mitzvah to Brita and from one Jewish jewelry store to another. Keeping innovating with fresh and unique presents can be tricky. Luckily, there are Jewish gift stores that make it a priority to stand out by offering genuinely unique jewelry. One in a lifetime occasion demands a matching gift, doesn’t it?

Jewish Symbols and Jewish Gifts

Anyone who is interested in Judaism and its traditions knows that symbolism takes a central spot. Symbols are inherent to any religion, be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or other. Christians who hold Israel dear in their hearts will relate to Jewish gift ideas, especially those that have Jerusalem stone in their core.
With some symbols belonging more to a specific path, others tend to bear more open connotations, like the tree: many people will connect to the tree of life jewelry because it’s such a universal symbol. But we’ll get back to it later.
As 3 is a significant number standing for unity and harmony and surely not just for Jews, let us have a look at these three prominent Jewish symbols:

  • Torah Scroll. The Torah is the Jewish book of laws which every practicing Jew has to read and obey. Some rules in this book are, in fact, universal, like the ten commandments that allow for a shared sense of living in a healthy society and keeping it together. However, as many traditions found their truths through different books and ways, the Torah is the one Moses had received from G-d on Mountain Sion, bringing the scribbles back to the people of Israel who awaited his return in the valley below.
    If you wanted to bring a truly unique Torah-related present, then there is a jewelry shop whose collection featuring a real Jerusalem stone intertwined with gold and diamonds is taking the world of jewelry by storm. This shop is Moriah Jewelry and Judaica, and it’s located in the Old City of Jerusalem right next to Mount Temple, the very place where Avraham was tested for his faith.
    A proper Jewish jewelry store will undoubtedly have items with Hebrew texts from the Torah.
  • Menorah. The seven-branched candelabra stands for wisdom, light and divine inspiration. Historically, this item was made out of pure gold and took its sacred place as one of the vessels in the Holy Temple. Purest and freshest olive oil was used to light up the menorah which stood at the southern end of the Temple.
    It is safe to say that every Judaica gift shop will usually present this important Jewish symbol of light and peace.
Jewish Gift Ideas
Jewish symbols – Hebrew jewelry – Menorah
  • Pomegranate. It is said that this fruit holds 613 seeds which equals the number of commandments in the Torah. While this fruit is overflown with health benefits and recognized as holy by a few religions, Jews eat it on Rosh Hashana: the Jewish New Year celebrated in the first two days of Hodesh Tishrei (September-October). In Judaism, this fruit stands for one of the seven species of Israel. As in other major religions, it symbolizes health, fertility, and love. This shape decorates many Torah scrolls and makes quite a few appearances in the Holy Texts.
Hebrew jewelry
Jewish gifts – pomegranate with Jerusalem stone, diamonds and rubies

You will find some stunning world jewelry in the form of this gorgeous and healthy fruit that’s filled with symbolism as much as with vitamins. With its connotations of fertility and love, the pomegranate makes a perfect Jewish wedding gift.

These three are just an example since there are many more Jewish symbols to consider when buying a Jewish gift with the most prominent being perhaps the Star of David and Hamsa.

Jewish Gift Ideas include Tree of Life Jewelry

This symbol differs from the rest, being a popular mythological archetype within the concept of the Sacred Tree. In many of the world’s religions, throughout ages, trees bore profound and sacred significance related to growth, death, and revival. Their old nature and slow development overshadow our own, human circle of life, emphasizing its transience. The notion that people from various religions relate to this symbol doesn’t contradict, and if anything, then adds to the fact that it’s a beautiful gift to be bought in a Jewish jewelry store.

tree of life jewelry
Best tree of life jewelry from Jerusalem

Jewish Wedding Gift – Jewish Gifts with Meaning

Even though nowadays many people choose to bring money for a wedding, an excellent Hebrew jewelry Jewish wedding gift is still appreciated; it all depends on your relationship with the groom and the bride and the present at hand. Jewish gifts for him can include such objects as diamond cufflinks or Magen David gold and diamond ring or a gold and diamond pendant with one of the many Jewish symbols.
Jewish gifts for her can include rose gold earrings from the stone collection of Moriah jewelry for example. It can be white gold earrings or diamond hoop earrings with Jerusalem stone sitting right at the heart of it, much like the eternal, pure soul residing in the midst of our earthly body, with the precious material protecting it from the outer tempest.
Jewish symbols incorporated into valuable jewelry will always hold its worth, whether material or emotional. They are an infinite source of spiritual beauty that tirelessly inspire us with Jewish gift ideas.

Jewish gifts
Best diamond cufflinks from Jerusalem

Jewish Jewelry Store – Hebrew Jewelry

It is a great place to visit on your gift-hunting journey while you’re touring the Holy Land in person or online. You can always drop by a Jewish museum gift shop if there’s one in your area. A good Hebrew jewelry Judaica shop is much like a little museum in itself. These places are an abundant ocean from which you can haul out your next best Jewish wedding gift. You never know what will tickle your fancy on the next visit, whether a tree of life jewelry, a set of striking cufflinks with traditional Jewish thematic or perhaps a Jerusalem stone masterpiece to be proudly displayed as a reminder of the holiest place on Earth and its values.

Jewish Gift Ideas | Hebrew jewelry | Jewish jewelry store | Tree of life jewelry | Jewish gifts | Jewish symbols