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Bar Mitzvah Gifts

It is reasonable to assume that any Jewish family raising a boy will come to consider the day when their youngster becomes ready to take on adult responsibilities in following the Jewish tradition. That happens on the boy’s 13th birthday. That’s when we start thinking of suitable Bar-Mitzvah gifts which many times will revolve around Jewish symbols.

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Bar Mitzvah is a big day for the teenager who will have spent months preparing for the service: studying, reading and reciting passages from the Tora. For some boys, this will be their first proper encounter with the Hebrew language. The lad will also have to get accustomed to the somewhat trying thought of being the center of attention in the synagogue.
Congregation’s eyes all watching him closely delivering the lines in a language that’s very different to what he’s commonly used to.

Suitable Bar Mitzvah Gifts

What to give for a Bar Mitzvah is the question on everybody’s mind once they are in the know regarding the celebration date. There can be heaps of Bar Mitzvah gift ideas, but which one of them is an appropriate Bar Mitzvah gift, such that the boy will like and the kitchen chatter approve of? How about a Hamsa pendant or a Bible quote ring or maybe gold & diamonds Star of David necklace? Jewish jewelry is always a good way to go about a Jewish celebration.

Money is also a fair choice whether the celebrant prefers to spend it right away or save for later which might be wiser. But what if we feel like giving something more personal, intimate, something that will stay with the person for years to come and have a deep meaning to it – faith jewelry? While it’s probably best for guests and far relatives to opt for money, close family and friends might wish to personalize it.

Bar Mitzvah Gifts Etiquette

Bar Mitzvah gifts etiquette includes an unwritten rule of how much to spend on a present. It is established at a minimum Chai amount. Chai in Hebrew means ‘live’ and summons up to eighteen, the letter Chet is signifying the number eight and the letter Yud the number ten.
Often, therefore, people will bring cash or checks in multiples of 18$, being well aware that there isn’t much a young adult can do nowadays with a mere 18$ in his pocket.
According to Bar Mitzvah gifts etiquette, the closer your relationship to the boy, the more expensive your present should be.

gifts for bar mitzvah
Faith Jewelry: Star of David Necklace With The Jerusalem Stone From The Temple Mount

Bar Mitzvah Gifts If Not Attending

An important thing to remember is that the majority of Bar Mitzvah services are conducted during Saturday morning prayer. Jewish Saturday commences Friday evening at sundown, and Shabat is a day when people rest from any work, including handling money. Do not bring your gifts on this day. It is best to hand them out later on Saturday evening or have them delivered.

If for some reason you can’t make it to the celebration in person, delivering a check, a present or the gift itself with a dedicated note is as good as anything. It will show your consideration; after all, it is the thought that counts. Bar Mitzvah gifts if not attending remain exactly the
same as if you were present.

Bar Mitzvah Presents Ideas

Gifts for Bar Mitzvahs can include anything the boy will like, if you know him personally of course, from handmade Israeli jewelry to electronics to cash.

Traditional Bar Mitzvah Gifts

  • Here are some ideas for traditional Bar Mitzvah gifts:
    Star of David necklace. You can’t go wrong with Star of David necklace gold. There is some seriously gorgeous handmade Israeli jewelry featuring this symbol. Being such a predominant part of Israeli jewelry and so closely tied to Judaism, Star of David diamond or any Magen David necklace is a very appropriate Bar Mitzvah gift.
    Hebrew Israelite jewelry to the likes of the Jewish star pendant will always remind the young man of what his 13th birthday is about: joining the adults in following the ways of the Tora.
Star of David pendant
Magen David pendant as a traditional bar mitzvah present
  • Ani l’dodi ring and other Hebrew rings. Israel is the best place to look for original Jerusalem jewelry.
    Bar Mitzvah connects the young fellow to his Hebrew origins, which is reflected in his study of the language. In most cases, this tongue which was acquired through tolling efforts, if left unpracticed, will eventually fade away. To help and maybe prevent that, you might decide to
    bring something with Hebrew writing on it, like Hebrew rings or ani l’dodi ring, which makes it also one of more personal and unique Bar Mitzvah presents.
ani l'dodi ring
Hebrew Rings And Ani l’dodi Ring As Bar Mitzvah Gifts


  • Judaica gifts. Luckily Bar Mitzvah symbols are far from scarce. Besides Magen David jewelry and Hebrew rings, there are other things you can offer which will make a special and beautiful gift. It is indeed worth taking a stroll in the Old City of Jerusalem, where Judaica shops are mosaicked into ancient stone walls curving up and down the cobblestone lanes.Take for example Moriah Jewelry. Their Judaica items are a breathtaking combination of Jerusalem stone from the Temple Mount, gold, and diamond. Their stone jewelry collection has a beautiful story behind it, which has brought to life a one-of-a-kind Jerusalem jewelry design. Their handmade jewelry from Israel can also be found in Judaica shops across the globe and online. You can easily find your traditional Bar Mitzvah gifts in this kind of shops.
Best gifts from the Judaica store in the Old City of Jerusalem

To Conclude Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Don’t let yourself be governed by the fact that the young boy is only thirteen. You can allow yourself to bring adult gifts for his Bar Mitzvah celebration. After all, this is the moment when he’s joining the ranks of adults in his Jewish religious worship.

The amount you spend on gifts for Bar Mitzvahs should derive from your closeness to the celebrant. As mentioned before, multiples of 18$ are highly common, but not a must. Evidently, the closer you are to the boy, the more meaningful the gift ought to be.

If you were invited to a Bar Mitzvah celebration, and you happen not to be Jewish, it might be unclear to you which is a proper Judaica present. Don’t worry. Secular items, like electronics and gift cards, are just fine as well.

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