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Handmade Jewelry Ideas

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Handmade Jewelry 

In the realm of beautifully crafted jewelry, handmade jewelry takes the top spot. Handmade engagement rings or handmade necklaces will always beat machine made produce merely because they are created by direct human effort.

handcrafted jewelry
handcrafted jewelry with Jerusalem stone and a Hebrew Bible quote

The beauty of handmade jewelry is often its asymmetry, where you can follow the veins and the curves of the organic, raw element. It allows us to connect more with the natural world and forces of nature, which are all expressions of G-d’s will on Earth and of which we are staggered witnesses.

Handcrafted Jewelry Ideas

When we are facing such important days like birthdays, Bar-Mitzvahs, Bat-Mitzvahs, weddings, Mother’s Days, Valentine Days and other meaningful dates in our calendar, we can do with good handcrafted jewelry ideas.

With a grand celebration upon us, we better start looking for that very best and most suitable gift for the event. Another option is to start doing it sooner.

As the saying goes, fail to prepare – prepare to fail – in other words, get ready beforehand. It might be wise to begin browsing handmade jewelry ideas before it is actually time to buy the present. That way, when such time comes, we are already fairly sure regarding our gifts thus saving ourselves a fret.

Handmade Jewelry

People tend to have a soft spot for handmade jewelry and it isn’t without a reason. Every item of handmade jewelry is one-of-a-kind and unique. We know and appreciate that. But there is even more to it.

Ask any artist and craftsperson what is it that they are selling. They will answer you that it isn’t just the materials and the effort that went into the piece. It is also the intention they’ve input into the jewel while observing and holding it, working on it, designing it to be unique and outstanding. That way, every ring and necklace, every pendant and set of earrings are made specifically for that individual who will recognize the beauty and ultimately purchase them.

handmade jewelry designs
handmade jewelry designs in rose gold with Jerusalem stone and diamonds

Every detail in handmade jewelry is designed with deep thought and care. Every handcrafted object captures an element of the artist’s soul.

Handmade Unique Jewelry

Another reason that handmade jewelry is unique is that every time the human hand produces something, even if it’s the same thing, it will come out looking slightly different.

The nature of the materials the craftsperson uses for their creation affects it significantly; in fact, it defines it. Artisans who design unique handmade jewelry through work with unusual materials will testify to that effect.

Given a choice, people prefer handmade jewelry every time. We, humans, thrive on communication and creativity; that’s how we learn, develop and progress, individually and communally. Handcrafted items support this core human concept: a creation of beauty passed from one human to another.

handmade jewelry designs in white gold, with Jerusalem stone and a diamond
handmade jewelry designs in white gold, with Jerusalem stone and a diamond

Handmade Jewelry Designs

All of Moriah’s handmade jewelry designs are crafted with unique stones that have a fantastic background story. Each piece of jewelry is like a time machine that is fueled by spirituality. On the brink of millennia, a specific project unearthed an ancient collection of stones for which Moriah received the permission of use hence becoming the sole crafter of native Jerusalem stone jewelry.

Since then, they are on a mission of placing these precious findings into exquisite works of gold and diamonds. Jerusalem stone is in the noble company of 18K and 14K gold as well as precious stones, prevalently diamonds, but not only.

It is moving to even only look at the pieces of jewelry featuring the authentic ancient artifact. Each piece of jewelry is outstandingly memorable and unique. Each necklace and every ring are of a limited edition handmade unique jewelry made with Jerusalem stone.

Handmade Engagement Rings

Whether you are keeping it kosher or not, it is an unwritten rule for engagement rings to feature diamonds. Nonetheless, the mere fact that your engagement ring is filled with precious stones still doesn’t make it unique.

handcrafted jewelry - Jerusalem stone with diamonds in yellow gold
handcrafted jewelry – Jerusalem stone with diamonds in yellow gold

What does make your engagement ring unique is the fact that it is presented to you by someone you love dearly.

Now think of engagement rings that are all those things plus more. That’s when you get to handcrafted jewelry. Handmade engagement rings effect an extra something, an x-factor that makes a whole lot of difference.

By wearing handmade engagement rings made with Jerusalem stone, you allow the sacred grounds of ancient Jerusalem to be your nuptial sanctity’s stepping stone.

Handmade Necklaces

Moriah Stone Collection‘s handmade jewelry is there to remind us of what matters to those people whose heart is in Jerusalem. Handmade necklaces in a variety of designs are a breathtaking testament to the longstanding craftsmanship of jewelry making.

handcrafted jewelry, ancient artifact
handcrafted jewelry of an ancient artifact set in gold and diamonds

An abundance of handmade jewelry designs to choose from. Star of David pendant with diamonds and Jerusalem stone intertwined with yellow, white or rose gold; fish pendant with Judaica symbols engraved on its Jerusalem stone body; a variety of Jewish Hamsa necklaces to suit all, and more and more.

Handmade jewelry with Judaica themes is such an appealing present for Jewish celebrations the likes of Bar-Mitzvah and Bat-Mitzvah. And unique jewelry of a handcrafted, kosher wedding ring will make any Jewish bride appreciate it tenfold.