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A Gift from Israel – Fine Jewelry from Jerusalem

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Fine Jewelry from Jerusalem

A gift from Israel, be it Magen David fine jewelry from Jerusalem or a bejeweled Hamsa pendant from Tiberias, is a must to bring back when visiting the Holy Land.

Israel is a unique and memorable place with profoundly meaningful history. This and its delightful weather invite a steady flow of visitors – attraction tourists and pilgrims – to roam the streets of cities in search of historical sites and valuable gifts.

Diamond Jewelry Gift from Israel

While the latter is invariably connected to travel, not only international tourists are searching for presents. Aesthetic objects in general and fine jewelry, in particular, are of interest to anyone who appreciates the most excellent things in life. Furthermore, because of Israel’s unique nature, this is a country where inner tourism is as developed as the outer.

diamond jewelry from Israel - Star of Bethlehem
diamond jewelry from Israel – Star of Bethlehem in rose gold

Israel’s residents like to travel within to revisit religious sites and develop a fresh feel for places they’ve previously encountered. They want to see how their country is developing. After all, new shops are appearing all over the place and established ones refurbished to pace better with the times.

Best Israeli Fine Jewelry – Israel Gift from Jerusalem

As the Hebrew saying goes: ‘Al taam veal reah ein ma lehitvakeah,’ meaning there’s no arguing about taste, and different people have different preferences. However, one sure thing can be said about fine jewelry made in Jerusalem: it will be meaningful and unique.

diamond jewelry from Israel
a gift from Israel – yellow gold Magen David with diamonds

Jerusalem with its diversity and uniqueness enjoys some of the most versatile jewelry stores in all of Israel and maybe even the world.

As far as fine jewelry from Jerusalem concerned, the Old City holds the key to the more exceptional part of it. There you will find Jewish, Christian and Muslim jewelry, all intertwined through and through on the cobbled streets that breath history and faith.

Fine jewelry from Jerusalem - diamond jewelry from Israel
Fine jewelry from Jerusalem – diamond jewelry from Israel

Israel gift can be many things, depending on the kind of a souvenir you’re after. The beauty of choosing fine handmade jewelry for a gift to bring back home is that it isn’t just a pleasant looking decoration but a thing of useful artistry.

Antique Israeli jewelry the likes of Moriah’s collection items are made with native Jerusalem stone and can be placed in any worthy museum. Their pendants and rings are in fact precious artifacts to be worn and looked at. They carry deep intrinsic value – that of faith and history.

Israel gift - fine jewelry from Jerusalem
Israel gift – fine jewelry from Jerusalem – diamonds and gold

Diamond Jewelry from Israel – Gifts with Meaning

Israel Diamond Exchange is the world’s largest center for the diamond trade. It is set in central Israel, in Ramat Gan, sourcing and supplying the finest diamonds in the world.

The Israel Diamond Center is at the heart of the Israel Diamond Exchange. That is to say that when purchasing fine jewelry from Jerusalem at Moriah Jewelry and Judaica store – one of the best jewelry stores in Jerusalem – you can rest assured that you’re getting the best and most beautiful of what Israel and its jewelry designers have to offer.

Israeli fine jewelry from Jerusalem
a gift from Israel – fine jewelry from Jerusalem

Diamond jewelry from Israel bought at Moriah store will make for the most exquisite of Israel gifts. It will be a graceful, moving, unique testimony to the craftsmanship of this country’s designers of jewelry. That is jewelry that enables you not merely enjoy its elegance and good looks. It is a piece of Jerusalem that will remain with you wherever you go.

Antique Israeli Fine Jewelry

Israel is notable for its antiquity and the preservation of history. The Holy Land presents us with artifacts that date far back to biblical times: the birth of Jesus Christ and Roman presence in the country. All across Israel, we see uncovered and preserved archaeological sites that portray stories of days forgotten.

Israeli fine jewelry - gift from Israel
Israeli fine jewelry – a gift from Israel

Antique items are infallibly a massive trend with people who are into this kind of thing. Fans of ancient fashion will go a long way to acquire their items of choice. It is so for clothing, furniture and of course jewelry.

The antique jewelry of Moriah, however, is a different kettle of fish altogether since it is ancient in its core but not overall. If you read about the excavations on Mount Moriah taking place in the late nineties, you’ll gain a better understanding of what the whole fuss is about.

Diamond jewelry from Israel, gifts with meaning
Diamond jewelry from Israel, gifts with meaning

After illegal excavations, the sifting project came about. It allowed Avi Tavisal, a prominent Israeli jeweler, to come face to face with original Jerusalem stone. The ancient stone ‘spoke’ to Avi, granting him a vision. That’s when the wonder called Moriah Jerusalem Stone Jewelry Collection came into view.

Bold & Beautiful Fine Jewelry Gift from Israel

We all know the difference between doers and talkers. Avi is a doer, a maker, and so his vision became a reality.

Israel gift with Bible quote and Jerusalem stone
Israel gift with Bible quote and Jerusalem stone

Israeli jewelers tend to be explorative and daring.  Avi believed in his vision and made a bold move. His action brought about many stunning pieces of artful jewelry that keeps taking away the breath of those who discover it and inspiring those who wear it.

Moriah’s collections present us with alluring Israeli fine jewelry in which Jerusalem stone is given a center stage. Placed right at the heart of the piece, it is in its rightful place at the very core. It is surrounded by supreme Israeli gold – white, rose and yellow, – outlined with top grade Israeli diamonds from the Israel Diamond Exchange.

Israel gift of fine jewelry from Jerusalem
Israel gift of fine jewelry from Jerusalem

Moriah’s jewelry is bold Israeli fine jewelry; it is as real as the stone at its heart, as the history of Jewish folk and as the scorching heat of the Wailing Wall on Yom Kippur. This limited edition fine jewelry from Jerusalem comes to remind us of our faithful path and Jerusalem itself. It allows us to bring a piece of the Holy City with us anyplace in the world.