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Precious Wedding Jewelry

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Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry isn’t just another piece of jewelry like the one we put on heading to the supermarket. It is thoroughly planned and thought of; it will stay in our memory forever.

This day will remain engraved in the memory of the happy couple and their guests. Photos and videos from the joyous occasion will be shown later in life to the children and the grandchildren that follow.

wedding jewelry
wedding jewelry – white gold and diamonds Magen David with Jerusalem

On such a unique and precious day as our wedding, we desire everything to match the occasion, and everything certainly means our clothes and jewelry. For some people, unique wedding rings provide the answer.

Unique & United: Engagement to Wedding Jewelry

Some couples choose to use their engagement diamond ring for wedding celebrations. That can work perfectly for Christians. Christians and people who don’t follow the Jewish traditions are freer in this sense and can use their diamond ring for wedding day.

If the couple is observing Jewish traditions, however, and also interested in unique wedding rings, they should arrange this far in advance before the engagement.

Suitable rings shall be purchased by the man and can include engravings, but not diamonds.

rose gold ring with ruby and Jerusalem stone - engagement to wedding jewelry
rose gold ring with ruby and Jerusalem stone – engagement to wedding jewelry

As guests, the jewelry we wear on the day when people unite their hearts for the rest of their life matters. If you are a delighted parent or a grandparent of the young one, then you’ve been thinking about and praying for this moment for quite a while.

From the moment you learn about the wedding, and up to the day itself, you design and decide what to wear. Which precious jewelry is the most meaningful for you to display? What will feel good? What will allow you to dance and party in comfort on the one hand and with glamor on the other?

Precious Jewelry

What makes wedding jewelry precious apart from the most important and undeniable fact of being worn on such a significant day?

It appears that preciousness, just like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. Different factors make this or another thing precious to us: grandmother’s jewels, a set of earrings that we love, a stone that reminds us of our Bat-Mitzvah, a ring that sparks memories of our first time by the western wall of Jerusalem, and more.

Whether discussing jewelry for the bride or the groom, the day of the wedding stands as a salient landmark in personal and social life for an adult. Every detail is significant. We want to look stunning for our beloved, the guests and most importantly, ourselves. It is crucial that the celebrant feels comfortable in own skin, wearing clothes and jewelry that complement and add to the personal sense of this exceptional date.

Jewelry for the Bride

As soon as we hear the phrase ‘wedding jewelry,’ we tend to think of a ring. In reality, however, wedding jewelry for the bride comprised of so much more than a mere ring. The bride also needs earrings and a necklace with a pendant and maybe bracelets, too.

wedding jewelry - rose gold with Jerusalem stone
wedding jewelry – rose gold with Jerusalem stone

Various traditions might offer different wedding jewelry standards, but the common ground amongst them is that the bride is beautified top to bottom. And what represents the cherry on top? That’s right; our best and most precious jewelry.

The bride will choose her precious jewelry based on any number of reasons, some of which can be found in the past or special personal connection with that item. Admittedly, that’s not necessarily the case, but it just might be.

There is a chance that the bride will decide to wear heritage jewelry or jewelry she was given as a meaningful gift. Precious jewelry for the bride’s sense of festive day is almost as important as the dress.

Jewelry for the bride must satisfy her, first and foremost, make the woman feel good about herself, saturating her with joy. That’s what genuine precious jewelry does.

Unique Wedding Rings

Jewish wedding rings have to be smooth bands with or without engravings. A notable engraving to symbolize love and affection is Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li, a quote whose first letters comprise to the name of the month Elul (A=E). Moriah Stone Collection offers beautiful, unique wedding rings that carry so much more than just this quote.

wedding jewelry - white gold ring with sapphire and Jerusalem stone
wedding jewelry – white gold ring with sapphire and Jerusalem stone

Imagine you are a Jewish couple who visited Jerusalem in their teens, and you’d love to again now, but frankly, you’d rather save that money for the wedding and the honeymoon. That’s adequate and sensible. But what about visiting the Old City and placing a note in the wailing wall?

Sincere prayer is heard no matter where it is issued from. You can now obtain a piece of jewelry made in Jerusalem without having to visit it. Get your unique wedding rings online or in one of the retail stores and have the most precious jewelry for the bride and the groom you could ever imagine. If you can’t come to the wall, the shall come to you.

A Diamond Ring for Wedding Day Celebration

Wearing a diamond ring for weddings remains a longstanding tradition. Precious jewelry for the bride and the groom’s elevated sensation of the day’s singularity can include having their diamond engagement bands functioning as wedding rings.

diamond ring for wedding
a diamond ring for wedding jewelry – yellow gold and Jerusalem stone

Even though this day is all about the marrying couple, let’s not forget the guests. The couple’s parents must be the happiest guests in the joyous celebration of the wedding. The next in line of the most content people are grandparents. Naturally, each one of them wants to exhibit their emotions by adorning themselves to the maximum with golden Magen David and Hamsa necklace pendants, and you name it. Besides, when else can they put on all of their precious jewelry which hasn’t been out in public for years to shine and impress?

As previously said, Jewish jewelry laws don’t apply to other cultures’ customs. Many people use their engagement diamond ring for wedding day. It makes sense since so much emotion is already attached to the engagement ring. The engagement ring carries with it the moment of proposal. It marks a key step for the couple, and it’s nice to preserve it as the ultimate unifying band.