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Vintage Jewish Jewelry

Vintage Jewish Jewelry Are 1 Of The Most Unique And Special Present In The World

Generally, when getting vintage Jewish jewelry or vintage Israeli jewelry  we aren’t inclined to ask whether there is a story to complement it. People usually examine items of jewelry from an angle of its visual value and cost, and it makes sense. How much do we hear of vintage Jewish jewelry or even a whole jewelry collection that has an engaging tale behind it…?

Nevertheless, it is different when visiting Moriah vintage Israeli jewelry considering that all their vintage Jewish jewelry have outstanding and beautiful tale.  Every vintage Judaica ring and vintage Israeli necklace has a history.
Moriah’s Collection: Gold And Diamonds – vintage Jewish jewelry That Have Authentic Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

Moriah’s vintage Israeli jewelry Stone Collection is the central set of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), a family owned diamond business with over 50 odd years of experience, Moriah’s Stone Collection stands for an unrivaled enterprise in diamond fine jewelry. Conceived in IDC – House of Diamonds to distribute the profound experience of owning a decoration with Jerusalem Stone, from the sacred core of the globe, as moving jewelry of faith – physically keeping the Divine City near them.

Vintage Jewish jewelry  – An Original Creation

Moriah’s vintage Israeli jewelry Collection project was created from a vision perceived by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a noted Israeli jewelry-craftsman, whose ancestors have been based in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. The rare collection of jewelry brought by Mr. Tavisal to rekindle Jerusalem’s illustrious days by bringing The Temple Mount’s age-old holy rubble surfaced back to present in a changed form, is catching everyone’s imagination.

Round shape pendant made from temple mount stone, diamond, and rose gold with the verse Faith in Jerusalem

Vintage judaica jewelry – Interesting Background

In 1999, Avi learned about the unlawful digs which damaged the Temple Mount. A place was put up to recover at least part of the archaic artifacts that were almost wrecked. A key contributor to the conservation efforts, he understood something. He perceived that the holiness of these ancient pieces have the power to join people from all over the globe under the spiritual idea of “Holy Jerusalem”. It’s amazing that sometimes when everything deems to be lost, suddenly something happens that turns it all around.

When the disastrous excavations happened, it appeared as if all that’s sacred and significant will be thrown away and forgotten like some pointless litter. However, luckily , it didn’t happen. Something else happened, something which at the time of its occurrence looked as a miracle. And so, each vintage Judaica ring and each vintage Israeli necklace purchased from Jewish jewelry men and Moriah’s vintage Israeli jewelry store is somewhat of a miracle, an article that withstood wrecking and ignorance, a piece of sanctity that gets to keep on living.

Vintage Judaica Jewelry Pure And Different

Equipped with every necessary permit to use stones from The Temple Mount, Avi set to put his idea into existence and thus, the extraordinary Moriah vintage Israeli jewelry Collection was created. In no other place in the world can a person find  vintage Judaica jewelry as special and valuable as those made by Moriah. Antiquity clothed in 18K gold and studded with gems. Every vintage Judaica ring makes us wonder what matters more here, the gold and diamonds or the plain ancient fragment? What’s happening here is kind of astonishing.

By bringing in age-old fragments which were rescued by the archaeologists in the sifting project at the Temple Mount (aka Mtn. Moriah), and arranging them in an unique setting anyone can be a satisfied owner a segment of Holy City’s remarkable history. You’re getting not merely a vintage Israeli necklace but a scarce and authentic artifact.

Dove Of Peace pendant made of Temple Mount with yellow gold and diamonds

vintage Israeli jewelry With Raw Integrity

Every element gathered on the Temple Mnt. to be a part of the Collection is sorted and chopped, then worked on in order to maintain its raw simplicity. Moriah’s knowledgeable artisans accurately arrange and inlay the gold and gems in the ancient stone manually, to construct an unique visual assertion, never previously attempted in a high end, limited edition collection of diamond jewelry. Vintage Jewish jewelry come to fore with an authentic relic from Moriah Mount that is neatly put together with diamonds and yellow, white or rose gold presenting an unique detail of abiding spirituality and heritage.

Moriah’s vintage Israeli jewelry Collection amazing produce of special-edition fine diamond vintage Jewish jewelry interweaves gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the hardest stones on the planet, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to indicate the Holy City’s strength, importance and cardinal spirituality for more than 3,000 years. As inspirational jewelry, the Collection reaches this higher intent, by interlacing exquisite components symbolizing Jerusalem’s persevering fortitude, importance and saintliness.

Vintage Jewish Jewelry A 3000 Year Bridge

Moriah is the Biblical name of the mountain on which Abraham first adopted the belief in Monotheism, sowed the seed of three major faiths. And nowadays, Moriah is a gemmed talisman, a thing of jewelry, gripping with its beauty and religious messages. Looking closely at the vintage Jewish jewelry, you’ll notice that these natural stones are amazing, and each stone holds an archaic essence and perspective. They might have been used in the framework of the Temple, the archaic trails of Jerusalem, the exact same stones that our forefathers, kings, prophets and even ordinary people of Jerusalem had stepped upon.

Vintage Jewish Jewelry – New Gift With An Old Soul

If the stones in these vintage Israeli necklace could talk, they would be speaking of Jewish chronicles of the past 3000 years. People who put on that jewelry, resonate  the sound of the stone  and are, therefore, ambassadors of Jerusalem’s incredible story. Jerusalem is attached to the human heart, to the will of G-d.

By wearing the stones of Moriah, you get a consistent indication of who guides us and who we are. The Moriah Collection comprises limited edition jewelry in breathtaking arrangements, which are categorized and noted in an allotted Certificate of Authenticity, certifying the birth of the stone from Jerusalem: the city of passion, the Great City of Peace.

Never yet was there a moment when past and present connected in such an approachable way via the craft of unique Israeli jewelry making. Anyone who purchases vintage Jewish jewelry from this collection is going to be an honored keeper of a true historical artifact. An epic history that keeps on living in immortal grace and vigor of the stone. It isn’t just a vintage Judaica ring but antique Jewish rings are a bridge in time that joins between everything that has ever existed, is and will be.

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