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Rose Gold Diamond Necklace

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Here’s Why Moriah’s Rose Gold Diamond Necklace Is The Most Special Gift There Is

Generally, when we purchase a rose gold diamond necklace, we don’t think to ask whether there’s a story that goes with it. People usually enjoy jewelry from a perspective of its monetary and visual value, and it makes sense. How frequently do we hear of a new rose gold diamond necklace or even a whole jewelry collection that has a meaningful background…? Never.

Nevertheless, things are different when visiting Moriah Jewelry and Judaica, for all of their rose gold diamond necklaces are proud owners of extraordinary and engaging biographies. There’s a history behind every heart shaped diamond necklace and rose gold pendant necklace.

Rose gold diamond necklace with Jerusalem stone
Rose gold diamond necklace with Jerusalem stone

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace That Has Authentic Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

Moriah Stone Collection is the leading assembly of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center). A family-owned diamond business with more than 50-odd years of experience, Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Collection exemplifies an unrivaled innovation in diamond jewelry. Born in the House of Diamonds to spread the deep experience of having a jewel with Jerusalem Stone as inspiring faith jewelry from the holy core of the world – for all those who seek to hold the Sacred City close to them.

Heart shaped diamond necklace
Heart shaped diamond necklace

Rose Gold Pendant Necklace Of Unique Origins

Moriah Stone project began with a vision by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a well-known Israeli jewelry-craftsman, whose ancestors were based in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. The unique collection of Jerusalem stone jewelry created by Avi Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s important days by rearranging The Temple Mount’s archaic holy rubble is capturing everyone’s imagination.

Rose gold pendant necklace
Rose gold pendant necklace with diamonds

Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace – From Ruins To Glory

In 1999, Avi heard about the unlicensed excavations that damaged the Temple Mount. A sifting center was set up to recover at least part of the ancient findings which were almost extinguished. A vital assistant to the salvation scheme, he came to understand something. He perceived that the spirituality of these antique pieces can connect believers from all over the globe with the idea of “Sacred Jerusalem.” It seems miraculous how often when all deem to be lost, suddenly another thing turns it all around.

When the diggings took place, it looked as though everything sacred and significant would be scrapped and lost like unimportant rubbish. However, miraculously, that didn’t happen. Something else did, something which at the time appeared no less than a miracle. And so, every heart shaped diamond necklace bought from Moriah store is a little miracle, a segment that got through destruction and crudeness, a chunk of sanctity that keeps on living.

Gold diamond heart necklace in yellow gold
yellow gold diamond heart necklace

Gold Diamond Heart Necklace That’s Pure & Different

Equipped with all the necessary permits for using stones from The Temple Mount, Avi began to realize his vision and so, the remarkable Moriah Collection was created. Nowhere in the world can one find gold diamond heart necklace as unique and meaningful as that designed by Moriah’s jewelers. Historical artifacts surrounded with yellow, white or rose gold starred with diamonds. Every gold diamond heart necklace raises the question of what is more valuable here, the gems and gold or the plain-looking age-old fragment?

It is quite amazing what’s unraveling here. By binding the ancient elements which were prepared by the workers in the sifting project near Mtn Moriah (aka the Temple Mtn), and arranging them in a unique structure, anyone can own a segment of Holy City’s triumphant antiquity. It’s never merely a gold diamond heart necklace or Star of David jewelry that you’re getting, but a collectible and wearable artifact.

Heart shaped diamond necklace pendant
Heart shaped diamond necklace pendant

Rose Gold Diamond Necklace – Jewelry That Matters

Every element found on the Temple Mount to be a part of the Collection is cataloged and cut, then designed to conserve its native integrity. Moriah’s craftsmen accurately inclose the gold and gems in the ancient stone by hand, to create a fascinating visual testimony, unlike anything undertaken before in top quality, exquisite diamond jewelry collection. Rose gold diamond necklaces start with an authentic stone from Moriah Mnt that is, graciously united with gems and yellow, white or rose gold, presenting a one-off exemplar of everlasting heritage and spirituality.

Moriah Collection’s beautiful produce of exclusive fine diamond rose gold necklace entwines gold, the noblest of all metals, and diamonds, the hardest minerals in the world, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to embody the City’s vitality, and holiness for more than 3,000 years. As religious jewelry, the Collection carries out this higher objective by engaging precious ingredients portraying Jerusalem’s lasting durability, value, and purity.

Rose gold diamond necklace with a Torah quote
Rose gold diamond necklace with a Torah quote

Rose Gold Pendant Necklace – Bridge Over History

Moriah is where Abraham initially adopted the belief in Monotheism, sowing the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And today, Moriah is a decorated charm, a work of jewelry, stirring with its elegance and spiritual theme. Looking closely at the rose gold pendant necklace, you’ll notice right away that these natural stones are extraordinary, each carries a divine essence and sentiment. These fragments might have been handled in the construction of the Temple, the archaic lanes of the Holy City, the very same gravel upon which our kings, ancestors, prophets and regular Jerusalem folk had strolled.

Rose gold diamond pendant necklace
Rose gold diamond pendant necklace

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace – A New Gift With An Old Soul

If only the ancient stones in these rose gold diamond pendant necklaces could talk, they would be speaking of the Jewish story of the last 3,000 years. Those who put on this special jewelry, whether a Hamsa hand pendant or other, resonate the melody of the stone and are ambassadors of Jerusalem’s unique record. Jerusalem is linked to our psyche, to the laws of the Lord. In Moriah’s jewels, you allow for a continual reminder of what guides us and who we are.

Rose gold pendant necklace with diamonds
18k rose gold pendant necklace with diamonds

The Moriah Collection includes limited-edition jewelry in great arrangements, which are all specified and recorded in the Certificate of Authenticity, affirming the birth of the stone from Jerusalem: the city of passion, the Holy City of Peace. Never yet was there a moment when past and present came together in such an approachable way thanks to jewelry-craftsmanship.

A person who purchases a rose gold diamond pendant necklace from the Moriah stone collection is going to be a content owner of a real historical artifact. An account of the past that lives through perpetual grace and vigor of the stone. That isn’t merely rose gold diamond necklace but a time-capsule that links us to all that has ever existed, is and will come into being.