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Reflections on the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life has special value to Yael Tavisal, the daughter of Avraham Tavisal,  the owner and founder of the Moriah collection.  Through the Tree, she reflects her own life and values.

Yael and Daniel Tavisal

For Yael, the Tree of Life invites us all to go beyond ourselves and to:

  1. Stand tall: Trees stand up tall. Their trunks are solid and stable. The trunk symbolizes the things we are proud of in our lives.  A strong trunk means that a person is sturdy and determined.  That despite the tempests of life, the person stands tall and is loyal to his or her core values. Additionally, the trunk supports the entire tree and through it, the tree can continuously grow higher and reach new realms.
  2. Share your shade with others: A tree provides shade to all and asks for nothing in return. This should provoke us to contemplate what we give of ourselves? How willing are we to give another person of our time, energy or attention? How often do we truly give of ourselves without expecting to receive something in return?  The lesson to be learned is that when we choose to give unconditionally, we grow and become better human beings.
  3. Drink a lot of water: Trees need water to grow and develop. When reflecting on this a person needs to ask themselves – what helps me to develop? Am I giving myself what I need to grow? Is my environment providing me with what I need to fully reach my potential? Without water a tree will surely die.  It is therefore critical to place our roots in an environment that will give us vitality and support.
  4. Rejoice in your natural beauty: Each tree is unique and beautiful. This observation helps us to look at the strengths and qualities that each one of us possesses. Too often we neglect our individuality and unique beauty and try to be someone we are not. By focusing on our unique characteristics, we can discover who we truly are and shine.
  5. Be connected to your roots: A tree’s roots are the source of its nourishment. The deeper the roots are, the more sturdy and grounded the tree is! Based on this a person needs to think about their own roots.  What are the values and ethics that I hold near and dear? Where am I from and where am I going?  How has my culture, tradition and family influenced me and which of the values I have adopted do I want to preserve?Click here to view the Moriah Tree of Life collection.

    Select items from the collection:

    Tree of Life pendant | Moriah collection
    Tree of Life in 14K white gold surrounded by Moriah stone with a singular diamond on top of the tree.
    Tree of Life | Moriah Collection
    A Tree of Life carved into Moriah stone and surrounded by pink 14K gold. A singular diamond shines within the tree.

    Tree of Life | Moriah Collection
    The Tree of Life surrounded by pink colored Moriah stone with a diamond placed above the tree.