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Sku: 4863

Half Shekel Silver Replica from Temple Mount


The Half Shekel coin, made of silver inlaid in stone from Temple Mount on a piece of olive wood. The olive tree engraved with the verse from the Bible Exodus 31:12 speaks about the custom of the donation.

The coin was founded by a 14-year-old boy who participated in the activity of the Siffting Project removed from the Temple Mount. The coin dates from 66-67 AD. An exciting find that brings together wards from the Bible alive. The Half-Shekel coins were a contribution to the Temple by the Jews as commended in Exodus 30, 11-15.

The coin has two sides, on one side depicted a branch of a pomegranate tree with three pomegranates, and on the other side the inscription “Jerusalem Kadesh” – Holy Jerusalem.

Half Shekel weight – Silver 5.1 gr.

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