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Jewish Art Gifts

Why Men Appreciate Moriah’s Jewish Art Gifts

When looking for Jewish art gifts, people will always prefer those with a story behind them. How often, however, do we encounter Jewish gifts for men that tell a stupendous tale…? Not as often as we’d wish perhaps. But in Moriah, all of the Jewish art gifts recite unique and beautiful stories. When you buy Jewish artworks, you become the owner of a piece of history.

Mazuza Temple Mount stone HaHorva with Jerusalem Stone from Temple Mount, gold and diamond

The Moriah Collection: Diamond In Gold – Jewish Menorah that has Authentic Jerusalem Stone at its Core

The Moriah Stone Collection is the centerpiece creation of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), a family business of diamonds with more than 50 odd years of experience. The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection illustrates a standalone innovation in fine jewelry. Conceived in the House of Diamonds – to allow the deep significance of having an item with authentic Jerusalem Stone, from the divine center of the globe – for all those who want to bring the Sacred City nearer to them.

Some Jewish Art Projects Are The Source Of Originality

Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection venture originated from a vision of Mr. Avi Tavisal, a noted Israeli jewelry-maker, whose family has been based in Jerusalem for seven generations. Through extraordinary jewelry made in Jerusalem, initiated by Mr. Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s renowned history,  The Temple Mount’s archaic rubble is re-introduced to life in a new form.

Spiritual & Decorative Jewish Gifts For Men & Women – Background Story

In the late nineties, Avi heard of the unauthorized excavation works which had brought about severe damage to the Temple Mount. A sifting project was set up to salvage at least part of the archaic findings that were nearly eradicated. An important contributor to the saving attempt, Avi came to understand something. He perceived that the holiness of these ancient elements could join believers from all around the world with the spirituality of “Holy Jerusalem.” When the unlicensed diggings happened, it appeared as though everything holy and meaningful would be lost like a pile of worthless rubbish.

However, luckily, it didn’t happen. That which did happen at the time looked miraculous. That’s why, all Jewish gifts for men and women’s Bat Mitzvah jewelry purchased from Moriah Jewelry and Judaica are miracles, fragments which sustained crudeness and demolition, pieces of holiness that get to keep on living.

Star of David Pendant with Jerusalem stone from Temple Mount, and white and yellow gold

Buy Jewish Artworks Jewelry That’s Pure And Different

After getting every necessary permit to use stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi started to put his idea into being and thus, the extraordinary Moriah Collection was born. Nowhere else in the world can one buy Jewish artworks as special and meaningful as that designed by Moriah’s jewelers. Antiquity surrounded by gold and gemstones. These Jewish art projects, these creations make one wonder what matters more, the gems and gold or the plain-looking age-old fragment?

What’s happening here is stunning. Antique elements rescued by the workers in the sifting project next to Mtn. Moriah (aka the Temple Mtn.) are integrated and arranged in unique forms, and anyone who wishes can possess a section of Holy City’s marvelous antiquity. You don’t only buy Jewish artworks of jewelry and stone but a valuable and authentic relic.

Gold and diamonds ring with Moriah Stone from Jerusalem

Jewish Art Gifts With Raw Integrity

Every stone collected on Mount Moriah to be included in the Collection is shaped and cataloged and then made to preserve its organic simplicity. Moriah’s knowledgeable jewelers attentively draft and inset the gems and metal in the stone by hand, to create a spellbinding visual statement, unlike anything ever before in top quality, exquisite diamond jewelry collection. Jewish art gifts come to fore with a genuine rock fragment from the Temple Mnt. that is elegantly paired up with gems and gold presenting a spectacular item of endless legacy and spirituality, which can be seen in every Star of David pendant.

The Moriah Collection gorgeous produce of limited-edition, fine, diamond Jewish art gifts interlaces gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the hardest gems on the planet, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to embody the City’s fortitude, sense and absolute holiness for thousands of years.

Buy Jewish Artworks That Bridges Over History

Moriah is where Abraham’s realization had brought about the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. And at the present, Moriah is a decorated charm, an article of Jerusalem jewelry, moving with its artistry and themes of spirituality. Have a good look at the Jewish art projects, you’ll notice right away that these rock elements are unique, since each one of them holds an ancient sentiment. Some were applied in the framework of the three Temples, the 3000 old trails of Jerusalem, the exact same pieces of earth’s surface that our forefathers, kings, prophets and regular Jerusalem folk had stepped upon.

Gold and Diamond pendant with Jerusalem stone

Jewish Menorah Gift With A Soul

If the stone in the Jewish Menorah could talk, it would be recounting Jewish chronicles of the last 3000 years. Those individuals who receive it, resound the melody of the artifact and are ambassadors of Jerusalem’s phenomenal story. Jerusalem is connected to the human psyche, to the law of G-d. Moriah’s stone jewelry reminds us of who we are and what guides us.

The Moriah Collection contains limited edition jewelry, Hamsa pendants and other. You can buy Jewish artworks in breathtaking arrangements, which are all documented and specified in a Certificate of Authenticity, showing the source of the stone from Jerusalem: the city of passion, the Holy City of Peace.

Never before was there a time when past and present united in such an approachable way through the craft of jewelry-making. A person who purchases a Jewish menorah from the Moriah stone collection will be a content possessor of a real historical artifact. An account of the past that keeps on living in endless elegance and character of the stone. These aren’t simply Jewish art gifts but a time-capsule that joins between everything that has ever been, is and will come into being.

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