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Hamsa Necklace For Guys

7 Reasons Why Moriah’s Hamsa Necklace For Guys Is The Utmost Unique & Special Gift There Is

Usually, when purchasing a Hamsa necklace for guys, we aren’t inclined to check whether there is a story attached to it. People typically judge a piece of jewelry by its looks and price, and it makes sense. After all, how frequently do we encounter a mens gold Hamsa necklace or any Hamsa pendant for that matter, not mentioning a whole jewelry collection, that tells a beautiful tale…?

Nevertheless, things different in Moriah: all their mens gold Hamsa necklaces have extraordinary and beautiful stories.  There’s a history to every male Hamsa necklace, pendant and other Hamsa jewelry themed items for men.

Diamond & Gold Male Hamsa Necklace That Carries Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is the flagship assembly of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center), a family-owned business of diamonds that’s existed for more than fifty years. The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Jewelry Collection represents a one-of-a-kind novelty in fine diamond jewelry.

Mens Hamsa Necklace – Uniqueness Is Born

Moriah’s Collection project derived from a vision grasped by a prominent Israeli jewelry-designer, the Jerusalemite  Avi Tavisal. The incredible jewelry collection conceived by Mr. Tavisal to revive Jerusalem’s distinguished history in a renewed form is capturing everyone’s imagination.

Hamsa Hand Mens Necklace – Incredible Background

In the late nineties, unlicensed excavations were causing severe damage to the Temple Mount. A sifting center was arranged to recover at least part of the amazing treasures which were close to wrecked. Avi joined as soon as he’d learned about the disaster. A vital assistant to the rescue effort, he realized that the holiness of these ancient stones could bring together individuals from all over the world under the spiritual umbrella of “Sacred Jerusalem.”

It seems miraculous that oftentimes when all appears to be lost, suddenly yet another thing changes it all around.

When the wrongful excavations happened, it felt as though everything sacred and essential would be disposed of and abandoned like some pointless rubbish. Nevertheless, fortuitously, that didn’t happen. An entirely different thing did; something that at the moment of its occurrence was perceived miraculous. Therefore, every Hamsa hand mens necklace purchased from Moriah Jewelry and Judaica is kind of a miracle, an item that sustained ignorance and destruction, a bit of sanctity that keeps on living.

Hamsa bell pendant made of Temple Mount and yellow gold with a diamond

Mens Gold Hamsa Necklace – Pure & Different

After obtaining all the mandatory permits for using stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi went on to actualize his idea, and thus, the notable Moriah Collection came about. In no other place in the world can one see mens gold hamsa necklace as unique and important as that created by Moriah’s jewelers: relics outlined in 18K gold and studded with diamonds. Every mens gold Hamsa necklace makes us wonder what is more valuable in this case, the gold and gems or the plain-looking age-old stone?

By binding ancient pieces of ground salvaged by the sifting project archeologists at Mount Moriah and placing them in a jewelry structure, such as gold diamond pendants, anyone who wishes can hold a section of Holy City’s glorious past. It’s never merely mens hamsa necklace that you’re buying, but a meaningful and authentic artifact.

Hamsa Necklace For Guys – Jewelry With A Statement

Every stone harvested on Mount Moriah for the Collection is cut and arranged, then made to keep its natural simplicity. Moriah’s craftsmen carefully design and insert the gold and diamonds in the rock element by hand, to construct an incredible visual testimony, never previously attempted in a high end, limited edition collection of diamond jewelry.  Hamsa necklace for guys open with a genuine stone from Moriah Mount that is, tastefully joined up with precious stones and gold, forming a singular item of endless legacy and spirituality.

Hamsa pendant with diamond in white goldMoriah Collection’s amazing produce of exclusive, exquisite diamond male hamsa necklace intertwines gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the hardest stones on the planet, with Jerusalem Stone to illustrate the City’s durability and saintliness for thousands of years.

Male Hamsa Necklace – A Bridge From Biblical Times To Ours

Moriah is the name of the mountain on which Abraham originally adopted the belief in Monotheism, and the journey towards three major faiths began. Nowadays, Moriah is a decorated charm, an article of jewelry that is inspiring with its refinement and meaningful messages of religious content. When looking closely at the mens hamsa necklace, you’ll recognize that these rock elements are superbly extraordinary, and every stone has a historical essence. These elements could have been handled in the erection of the Solomon’s Temple, the 3 thousand years old lanes of Jerusalem, the same stones that our kings, ancestors, prophets and ordinary Jerusalemites had paced upon.

Hamsa Hand Mens Necklace – A New Gift With An Old Soul

If the stones in those hamsa hand mens necklaces could speak, they would be recounting Jewish past of the last three thousand years. He who puts on that jewelry resounds the song of the stone and is an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible history. Jerusalem is attached to the human soul, to the word of G-d. By putting on the stone jewelry of Moriah, you acquire a consistent expression of who we are and who guides us.

Hamsa in rose gold made of Temple Mount stone and diamonds

The Moriah Collection is made of limited-edition jewelry, all of which are cataloged and specified in a designated Certificate of Authenticity, verifying that the stone originates from Jerusalem: the capital of passion, the Great City of Peace.

Never yet was there a moment when past and present came together in such an attainable way via jewelry-making. Whoever gets a male Hamsa necklace from this collection will be a proud keeper of a genuine relic.

In any case, whoever the lucky recipient of this jewelry should be, they will be getting a sample of past that continues to exist via enduring beauty and character of the stone. It isn’t simply a hamsa necklace for guys or girls, but a time-capsule that connects between past, present, and future.

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