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Half Shekel Ring

Two thousand years ago and beyond, while the Holy Temple in Jerusalem stood,
Israelites would contribute a Half Shekel coin towards the upkeep of the Holy Temple.

Gold ring with Half a Shekel from Temple Mount

The coins also played a part in a yearly census that was carried out by the Kingdom. Since conducting a head count was forbidden by Biblical prohibition, (as written in Exodus chapter 30) the counting of the contributed coins was used to reckon the population.

Half a Shekel ring with gold from Temple Mount

The Half Shekel contribution to the Temple expressed the partnership and responsibility of every Israelite towards the holy services being conducted at the Temple as well as the unification of the entire House of Israel around the centrality of the Torah and Jerusalem for all time.

This Moriah Half Shekel coin is a genuine replica of an original coin that was salvaged by the sifting project of rubble that was taken from the Temple mount, the holiest site in the world!

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