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Gold Diamond Necklace

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White Gold Diamond Necklace – Unique & Special Gift

Regularly, when buying a white gold diamond necklace, we aren’t inclined to ponder whether there’s a story to go with it. We are inclined to enjoy jewelry from merely a visual perspective, and it makes sense. How often do we see a yellow, rose or white gold diamond necklace with an engaging tale behind it…? Not very. Nevertheless, it is different in Moriah Jewelry considering that all their gold necklaces designs are the proud owners of an engaging biography.  Behind every 18k white gold diamond necklace and yellow, white or rose 14k gold diamond necklace there’s a history.

gold diamond necklace designs
rose gold diamond Magen David

Moriah’s Collection: Yellow, Rose Or White Gold Diamond Necklace For Women

The Moriah Collection is the flagship collection of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), a family-run business of diamonds that’s been in existence for more than 50 odd years. Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection embodies an unequaled innovation in diamond fine jewelry. Conceived in IDC, it allows the experience of having a jewel with authentic Jerusalem Stone as heartrending faith jewelry.

18k white gold diamond necklace
18k white gold diamond necklace heart with Jerusalem

14k Gold Diamond Necklace – The Source Of Originality

Moriah Collection derived from a vision of Mr. Avi Tavisal, a noted Israeli jewelry-maker. The incredible collection of jewelry designed by Mr. Tavisal to revive Jerusalem’s outstanding days by presenting The Temple Mount’s antique rubble salvaged back to life in a new shape is catching everybody’s imagination.

14k gold diamond necklace
14k gold diamond necklace

Diamond Necklace Designs In Yellow, Rose And White Gold

In the late nineties, Avi learned of the unauthorized excavation works which damaged the Temple Mount. A volunteer hub was arranged to recover some of the historical treasures which were almost eradicated. A notable assistant to the rescue project, he realized that the spirituality of these archaic pieces can bring together believers from all around the world with the spirituality of “Holy Jerusalem.”

It’s astonishing that at times when all appears to be lost, all of a sudden something happens that overturns it for the better. When the unlicensed digs happened, it looked as though all that’s holy and meaningful will be ditched and abandoned like some insignificant trash. Nevertheless, luckily that didn’t happen.

diamond necklace designs in yellow gold
diamond necklace designs in yellow gold

Something else had occurred, something which at the time looked like no less than a miracle, so unbelievable and lucky it was. The rubble was saved to become precious Jerusalem jewelry. Therefore, each 18k white gold diamond necklace or any of the many gold diamond necklace designs bought from Moriah’s store is a little miracle, an artifact that sustained disregard and destruction, a fraction of sacredness that gets to keep on living.

18k White Gold – Pure & Different Diamond Necklaces

After getting every required permit to use stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi started to put his idea into being and thus, the notable Moriah Collection was born. In no other place in the world can one find diamond necklaces as special and meaningful as those produced by Moriah’s jewelers. Every Hamsa necklace pendant is valuable and unique. Historical artifacts enveloped in 18K and 14K gold and studded with gems. Each yellow, rose or white gold diamond necklace makes people ask what is more valuable in this case, the diamonds and gold or the quiet ancient element?

spiritual gold diamond necklace designs
Bible verse necklace designs

What’s unraveling here is pretty stunning. By integrating ancient stones salvaged by the archeologists in the sifting project near Mtn. Moriah (aka the Temple Mount) and allocating them a unique form, anyone can be a satisfied owner of a part of Jerusalem’s triumphant history. You’re purchasing not only an 18k gold diamond necklace but a scarce and genuine artifact.

Diamond Necklace Designs – Gold Jewelry With Raw Integrity

Every element gathered on the Temple Mnt. to be included in the Collection is sorted and made to conserve its natural simplicity. Moriah’s craftsmen attentively plan and place the gems and metal in the ancient stone manually, to create an incredible visual testimony, never before undertaken in an exclusive collection of diamond jewelry. Gold diamond necklace designs begin with a genuine relic from Moriah Mnt. that, artistically put together with diamond and gold, is becoming a singular detail of eternal spirituality and heritage. A worthy background for a Bat Mitzvah necklace.

18k white gold diamond necklace Magen David
18k white gold diamond necklace Magen David

The Moriah Collection stunning produce of limited-edition fine diamond necklaces of gold intertwines gold and diamonds with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to symbolize the Holy City’s vitality, sense, and supreme sanctity. As faith jewelry, the Collection carries out this objective, by interlacing fine materials illustrating Jerusalem’s persevering fortitude, value, and purity.

18k white gold diamond necklace drop
18k white gold diamond necklace drop

Yellow, Rose Or White Gold Diamond Necklace Bridge From Biblical Times To Ours

Moriah is where Abraham originally welcomed the concept of Monotheism, sowing the seed of three great faiths. And nowadays, Moriah is a bejeweled amulet, inspiring with its artistry and themes of spirituality. Looking closely at the yellow, rose or white gold diamond necklace you’ll see right away that these natural stones are extraordinary, and every stone holds an ancient context and interpretation. These elements could’ve been applied in the framework of the three Temples, the 3000 old trails of the Holy City, the very same boulders that our ancestors, prophets, kings and regular Jerusalem folk had strolled upon.

14k diamond gold necklace - yellow gold and Jerusalem stone pendant
14k diamond gold necklace – yellow gold and Jerusalem stone pendant

Gold Diamond Necklace Designs – New Gift With An Old Soul

If only the ancient stones in those 18k white gold diamond necklaces could speak, they would be re-telling Jewish story of the past 3000 years. Whoever put on this special jewelry will become an ambassador of Jerusalem’s phenomenal history. Jerusalem is attached to our psyche, to the will of G-d. Moriah’s stone jewelry creates a faithful indication of what guides us and who we are. The Moriah Collection is comprised of limited edition jewelry and beautiful designs. Never before in the known history of jewelry-craft past and present connected in such an accessible way.

Whoever gets an 18k or 14k yellow, rose or white gold diamond necklace from the Jerusalem stone collection is going to be an honored owner of a true historical artifact. A past that remains alive in everlasting grace and vigor of the stone. These aren’t just diamond necklaces in gold but a bridge in time linking between then, now and the future.