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Evangelical Relationship With Israel

Why Evangelicals love Israel

Jerusalem is significant to all Christians and it is especially meaningful to Evangelicals.

(Romans 11:17) “But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, although a wild olive shoot, were grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing root of the olive tree.”

This is where the apocalyptic end of age, the battle of Armageddon, will take place.
The emphasis on the end times is a longing for Jesus to return and usher in the Kingdom of God — a time when “all oppression shall cease” and all suffering will be abolished from the world, as the Christmas hymn “O Holy Night” glorifies. They don’t want death and destruction. They want peace and an end to suffering — and believe Jesus will bring that about.
Israel and Jerusalem are central in the “end-times” theology which is often referred to as a “literal” reading of the Bible. It is actually a relatively new study that dates to the 19th century and relates to the work of the Bible teacher John Nelson Darby.

“Evangelicals want Armageddon. Evangelicals want the Rapture.”

White gold and diamonds star pendant with a thick white gold frame and Temple Mount stone

In order for this to happen the Jewish people must govern Jerusalem and build a third Jewish temple on the site where the first and second temples – destroyed centuries ago by the Babylonians and Romans.

In Darby’s opinion this was a necessary forerunner to the rapture, when believers would be “taken up” by Christ to escape the worst of the seven-year-period of suffering and turmoil on Earth: the Great Tribulation. And this must take place after the cosmic Armageddon battle between good and evil at which Satan will be defeated and Christ will establish his earthly kingdom. All of this became eminently more achievable when the modern state of Israel was established in the 1940s.

Eva Jewelry Collection – Temple Mount Stone, Gold and Diamonds

“We have no better friends than you,” Netanyahu declared, addressing to the Evangelical community during the eastern European tour in July, 2017, “You are always there for us.”

To share our appreciation, we created a special Eva collection dedicated to the Evangelicals’ love to Jerusalem, so that everyone could express religious determination and historical connection.

Fish shaped pendant made of Temple Mount stone with Menora and Star of David and diamonds in yellow gold

The use of the name Eva has double meaning:
Eva – from Evangelicals
Eva –אווה in Hebrew – desire, want – and longing – the longing and desire to be one with Him, to drink from the same roots of the same Tree.

Each Eva pendant from our Moriah features sparkling diamonds of different clarity grades and the Jerusalem stone from the Mount Moriah in 18K and 14K gold of rose, white and yellow color. The sheen of the gold and diamonds add eternal elegance through the centuries.