Unique Jewelry For your Girlfriend

A model wearing Moriah jewelry

Choosing the right gift for your girlfriend can be an overwhelming task. You want to find something that she will adore and cherish, that will suit her personality, and most importantly that will express your love. Don’t worry, at Moriah we have a wide variety of unique jewelry for your girlfriend that she is certain […]

Temple Mount Artifacts Exhibition

Moriah Jewelry collection exhibit the ‘Temple Mount Exhibition- shading light on life in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period (516 BCE and 70 CE). The exhibition showcases a wide variety of archeological artifacts from the Temple Mount.  The artifacts were discovered through a unique project called the Temple Mount Sifting Project.  The Temple Mount Sifting […]

Reflections on the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life has special value to Yael Tavisal, the daughter of Avraham Tavisal,  the owner and founder of the Moriah collection.  Through the Tree, she reflects her own life and values.  For Yael, the Tree of Life invites us all to go beyond ourselves and much more. Stand tall Trees stand up tall. […]

Best Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas form Moriah Collection

When a Jewish boy reaches the age of 13, he has reached the age of Bar Mitzva. In Hebrew, Bar Mitzva means “subject to the law”. According to the Jewish religion, up until the age of 13, a boy is considered a child and he is not obligated by Jewish law. At 13, his status […]

5 facts to know about Temple Mount

The Temple Mount, Al Aksa Mosque and Jerusalem at sunset

The Temple Mount of Jerusalem is one of the holiest sites on earth. All three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have scriptures that emphasize its religious significance. The Temple Mount is visited by millions of pilgrims every year who come to experience a unique spiritual connection.  Here are 5 facts you should know […]

Faith Jewelry with Meaningful Messages

The Moriah collection is not just fine jewelry but also deeply meaningful jewelry! Faith Jewelry with meaningful messages can be used to express our spiritual values and beliefs. It adds new dimensions to our lives and strengthens our religious commitments in the most charming ways. The Origin of Faith Jewelry with meaningful messages The Moriah […]

Top Christian and Jewish Faith Jewelry Gift Ideas

Eva yellow gold star of diamonds pendant made of Temple Mount stone with thick frame of yellow gold

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a person of faith, jewelry is an excellent choice. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, faith jewelry connects a person to their spiritual values. Many people hold their faith jewelry near and dear to their hearts, especially if it was given to them by a loved one. At […]

History of Tree of Life Jewelry

Tree of Life thick frame made of Temple Mount stone and rose gold with a diamond

The Tree of Life is a powerful symbol that has been adopted by cultures all over the world. In each culture it reflects some of the key values of the society, and as such, has immense emotional and often spiritual significance. Archaeologists have found Tree of Life symbols dating back thousands of years – from […]

Restoration of the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue

There is great excitement in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue which was destroyed during Israel’s War of Independence in 1948 is being reconstructed and restored to its original glory.  The synagogue, which was completed in 1872, was one of the major landmarks in the Old City, with […]

Half Shekel Ring

Gold ring with Half a Shekel from Temple Mount

Two thousand years ago and beyond, while the Holy Temple in Jerusalem stood, Israelites would contribute a Half Shekel coin towards the upkeep of the Holy Temple. The coins also played a part in a yearly census that was carried out by the Kingdom. Since conducting a head count was forbidden by Biblical prohibition, (as […]

The Archaeological Park – Davidson Center

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The history of Jerusalem dates back over 3,000 years and one of the best ways to learn about the different periods and to ‘bring them alive’ is to visit the Jerusalem Archaeological Park – Davidson Center. The Davidson Center is unique since it combines both an archaeological park and a museum.  The Davidson Center contains […]

Visiting the Temple Mount

Jerusalem western wall and old city

The Temple Mount is one of the holiest sites in the world and no visit to Jerusalem would be complete without seeing it.  While entrance is free, visiting hours are limited, and there are frequently long lineups, so plan ahead! What to see on Temple Mount? The area of the Temple Mount spreads across 140 […]

Christmas in Jerusalem

Christmas in Jerusalem If you want to really connect with the spirit of Christmas, one of the best places in the world to do it is the holy city of Jerusalem.  The whole city shines with festive lights and its narrow streets take you back to where it all began. In the Old City, there […]

Judaism Jewelry at Moriah jewelry Collection

Tablets of the Covenant pendant rose gold

Insights to Why Judaism Jewelry are the Utmost Unique Present There Is Generally speaking, when we purchase Judaism jewelry we aren’t inclined to ask if there’s a story to go with it. People are inclined to examine a piece of jewelry from a point of view of its monetary value and use, and it makes […]

Vintage Jewish Jewelry

Vintage Jewish Jewelry Are 1 Of The Most Unique And Special Present In The World Generally, when getting vintage Jewish jewelry or vintage Israeli jewelry  we aren’t inclined to ask whether there is a story to complement it. People usually examine items of jewelry from an angle of its visual value and cost, and it […]

Unique Israeli Jewelry

7 Reasons  How Come Unique Israeli Jewelry Is The Utmost Unique And Special Present In The World Regularly, when we get unique Israeli jewelry or unique Jewish jewelry  we aren’t inclined to ask if there’s a story to complement it. We usually enjoy a piece of jewelry from a perspective of its visual value and […]

Jewish Men’s Jewelry

 7 Points How Come Jewish Jewelry Men Are The Utmost Unique Gift In The History Of Gifts Generally speaking, when purchasing  Jewish jewelry men style we don’t think to ask if there’s a story to go with it. We are inclined to enjoy a piece of christmas jewelry from an aspect of its aesthetics and […]

Antique Jewish Rings

7 Insights How Come Antique Jewish Rings Are The most Unique And Special Gift In The World Regularly, when buying Antique Jewish Rings from our antique Jewish jewelry we don’t wonder whether there is a story to go with it. People usually approach jewelry from an angle of its aesthetics and value, and it makes […]

Diamond Pendants For Him

Jerusalem diamond pendants for him | religious diamond pendants for him | diamond pendants for him | wedding diamond pendants for him | birthday diamond pendants for him These Diamond Pendants For Him Are Simply The Best Gift Ever When getting diamond pendants for him we usually don’t ask whether there is or isn’t a […]

Diamond Ring For Him

Jerusalem diamond ring for him | religious diamond ring for him | diamond ring for him | birthday diamond ring for him Jerusalem Diamond Ring For Him As The Most Unique Present Of All Times When we buy a Jerusalem diamond ring for him, we can only hope for it to have an exciting story; […]

Earrings For Her Birthday

religious earrings for her | religious earrings gift | Jerusalem earrings for her | wedding earrings for her | wedding earrings gift | Jerusalem earrings gift | birthday earrings for her | birthday earrings gift | earrings for her | earrings gift Jerusalem Earrings For Her – Such A Special & Unique Gift When we […]

Diamond Pendants Gifts

Jerusalem diamond pendants for her | Jerusalem diamond pendants gift | religious diamond pendants for her | religious diamond pendants gift | diamond pendants for her | diamond pendants gifts | wedding diamond pendants for her | wedding diamond pendants gift | birthday diamond pendants for her | birthday diamond pendants gift Here’s Why These […]

Diamond Ring For Her

Jerusalem diamond ring for her | Jerusalem diamond ring gift | religious diamond ring for her | religious diamond ring gift | diamond ring for her | diamond ring gift | Birthday diamond ring for her | Birthday diamond ring gift | wedding diamond ring for her | wedding diamond ring gift 7 Reasons Why […]

Hamsa Jewelry From Israel

Here’s Why This Handmade Hamsa Jewelry From Israel Is Such an Outstanding Present Generally speaking, when we get diamond hamsa jewelry we aren’t inclined to ponder whether there is or isn’t a story attached to it. We tend to enjoy jewelry from a point of view of its cost and looks, and it makes perfect […]

Bat Mitzvah Presents

a Bat Mitzvah | Bat Mitzvah girl  | girl Bat Mitzvah presents | girl Bat Mitzvah gifts | Bat Mitzvah presents Most Special And Unique Bat Mitzvah Presents Generally speaking, when purchasing Bat Mitzvah presents, we aren’t inclined to ask if there’s a story to go with it. We inspect jewelry from an angle of […]

Diamond Hamsa Hand Necklace

the hamsa hand necklace | hamsa hand necklace white gold | hamsa hand pendant necklace | diamond hamsa hand necklace | hamsa hand evil eye necklace | hamsa hand of Fatima necklace | hamsa hand necklace rose gold How Come Diamond Hamsa Hand Necklace Makes History In Presents Usually, when we buy a diamond hamsa […]

Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas

Bat Mitzvah gift ideas | gift ideas for Bat Mitzvah girl | good Bat Mitzvah gift ideas | Bat Mitzvah gift ideas for friends | Bat Mitzvah ideas | Bat Mitzvah gift ideas for best friends | Bat Mitzvah gift suggestions | Bat Mitzvah gift ideas for girls | traditional Bat Mitzvah gift ideas | […]

18k Gold Hamsa Necklace

hamsa evil eye necklace | Jewish hamsa necklace | 18k gold hamsa necklace | Moroccan hamsa necklace | diamond hamsa pendant necklace 18k Gold Hamsa Necklace – Unique & Ancient Talisman Generally speaking, 18k gold hamsa necklaces don’t come with extraordinary background stories. As far as gold pendants concerned, the aspects that interest buyers are […]

Great Bat Mitzvah Gifts – Jewelry To Grow With

good Bat Mitzvah gifts | traditional Bat Mitzvah gifts | great Bat Mitzvah gifts | Bat Mitzvah gifts from friends | Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults | popular Bat Mitzvah gifts | Bat Mitzvah gifts for your best friend | Judaica gifts for Bat Mitzvah What Makes These Great Bat Mitzvah Gifts So Very Unique? […]

Unusual Bat Mitzvah Gifts

best Bat Mitzvah gifts | gifts for Bat Mitzvah girl | creative Bat Mitzvah gifts | unusual Bat Mitzvah gifts | great gifts Bat Mitzvah | cool Bat Mitzvah gifts | appropriate Bat Mitzvah gift Unusual Bat Mitzvah Gifts Are Taking The World By Storm When hunting for unusual Bat Mitzvah gifts, we can only […]

Hamsa Necklace For Guys

male hamsa necklace | hamsa necklace for guys | mens gold hamsa necklace | hamsa jewelry for men | hamsa hand mens necklace | mens hamsa necklace 7 Reasons Why Moriah’s Hamsa Necklace For Guys Is The Utmost Unique & Special Gift There Is Usually, when purchasing a hamsa necklace for guys, we aren’t inclined […]

Hamsa Hand Necklace Gold

Hamsa hand necklace gold | white gold hamsa necklace | rose gold hamsa necklace | real gold hamsa necklace | small gold hamsa necklace | rose gold hamsa hand necklace | solid gold hamsa necklace Hamsa Hand Necklace Gold That Is The Most Unique And Special Present There Is Normally, when purchasing a hamsa hand […]

Hamsa Stone Necklace

large hamsa necklace | white hamsa necklace | hamsa stone necklace | vintage hamsa necklace | big hamsa necklace | hamsa palm necklace | large hamsa hand necklace | hamsa symbol necklace 7 Insights Into How Come This Hamsa Stone Necklace Is The Most Special & Unique Present In The History Of Presents When we […]

Hamsa Charm Necklace

gold and diamond hamsa necklace | buy hamsa necklace | hamsa necklace charm | hamsa necklace gold | hamsa charm necklace The Most Unique And Special Hamsa Charm Necklace Generally speaking, when purchasing a hamsa charm necklace we don’t ponder if there is a story to complement it. We tend to approach jewelry from the […]

Designer Hamsa Necklace

protection hamsa necklace | Israel hamsa necklace | designer hamsa necklace | antique hamsa necklace | 14k hamsa necklace | gold hamsa necklace from Israel | hamsa necklace Israel 7 Points Why This Designer Hamsa Necklace Is Such A Special Gift Usually, when we get a designer hamsa necklace, we don’t search for a story […]

Buy Traditional Jewish Art

Jewish art gallery | Jewish religious art | Jewish jewelry art |buy traditional Jewish art | Jewish wedding art Traditional Jewish Art – Utmost Unique & Special Gift In The History Of Presents Regularly, when we buy traditional Jewish art, we don’t wonder if there is or isn’t a story attached to it. People are […]

Temple Mount Artifacts. Relics In Debris

The Temple Mount is one of the holiest place in the world. Find out about the Temple mount facts. Check what kind of the Temple Mount artifacts have been discovered and how Moriah team managed to implement these artifacts into amazing diamond collections with Jerusalem stone.

Jewish Art Gifts

Buy Jewish artworks| Jewish menorah | Jewish art gifts | Jewish art projects | Jewish gifts for men Why Men Appreciate Moriah’s Jewish Art Gifts When looking for Jewish art gifts, people will always prefer those with a story behind them. How often, however, do we encounter Jewish gifts for men that tell a stupendous […]

Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Gifts

Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Gifts | jewelry for bat mitzvah gift | Bat Mitzvah Ideas | Gifts For Bat Mitzvah | Judaica Shops | Jewelry Gifts Bat Mitzvah Jewelry for The Perfect Gift Once a Jewish girl reaches the age of twelve, she becomes Bat Mitzvah, which translates from Hebrew as ‘daughter of commandments.’ Even though Bat […]

Gold Diamond Pendants

yellow gold diamond pendants | white gold diamond pendant necklace | gold and diamond pendants | gold and diamond pendant designs | rose gold pendants with diamonds How Come These Yellow Gold Diamond Pendants Are So Special & Unique Regularly, when we get to choose yellow gold diamond pendants, we don’t think to ask whether […]

Hamsa Jewelry

Hamsa Jewelry | Hamsa Necklace | Hamsa Hand Pendant | Gold Hamsa | Diamond Hamsa | Jewish Hamsa | White Gold Hamsa Hamsa Jewelry The hand necklace featuring the eye has become as prevalent as Magen David in the Jewish community, proven majorly by Israeli house and office decor. Jewish Hamsa comes in all shapes […]

Star Of David Diamond Pendants

Star of David diamond pendants | 14k gold Star of David diamond necklace | 18k gold Star of David necklace | Star of David necklace with diamonds | Gold diamond Star of David pendant Star Of David Diamond Pendants – Special And Unique Gifts Usually, when we buy a 14k gold Star of David diamond […]

Jewish Star Necklace

Jewish star necklace diamond | Jewish star necklace | Jewish star necklace gold | Rose gold Jewish star necklace | 14k gold Jewish star necklace Unique & Special White, Yellow, Or Rose Gold Jewish Star Necklace Normally, when purchasing a Jewish star necklace diamond, we don’t think to ask whether it comes with a story. […]

Religious Gold Jewelry

religious gold jewelry | religious necklace | faith-based jewelry | earrings for women | religious jewelry | Bible verse jewelry | religious rings Religious Gold Jewelry Religious gold jewelry is a vast umbrella for spiritually inspiring jewelry that moves our holiness and reminds us of all that’s heavenly and pure. Earrings for women, religious rings […]

Gold Chain With Diamond Pendant

Gold chain with diamond pendant | Gold chain with pendant | Gold diamond chain | White gold chain with diamond pendant | White gold chain with pendant 7 Reasons Why This Gold Chain With Diamond Pendant Makes The Most Unique And Special Present Generally speaking, when getting a gold chain with a diamond pendant, we […]

Gold Pendant Men

gold pendant men | gold pendant mens necklace | gold diamond pendants men | pendants for mens gold chain | pendants for men’s necklaces 7 Reasons As To Why These Pendants For Men’s Necklaces Are The Ultimate Gift Generally, when we get gold pendants for men, we don’t bother to ask whether there’s a story […]

Diamond Pendant Necklace

Diamond heart pendant necklace | Diamond necklace pendant designs | Diamond pendant necklace | Diamond pendant necklace gold | Diamond pendant necklace white gold | Diamond pendant necklace yellow gold Utmost Special And Unique Diamond Pendant Necklace In The World Which is a diamond pendant necklace with a story more suitable for Bat Mitzvah jewelry […]

Buy Jerusalem Art

buy contemporary Jerusalem art | museum of Jerusalem art | Jerusalem art museum | Jerusalem art Jerusalem Art Museum Masterpieces – Gifts In The Present From Far In The Past Generally speaking, when visiting a jewelry shop, we don’t expect to find items that belong in a museum of Jerusalem art. How frequently do we […]

Diamond Necklace Designs

Dainty diamond necklace | Diamond heart necklace | Diamond necklace designs | Diamond necklace for her | Diamond necklace womens 7 Reasons Why These Diamond Necklace Designs Are So Special When getting a dainty diamond necklace, we usually don’t ask if there is a story to it. Even though it isn’t often that we encounter […]

Bat Mitzvah Necklace

Bat Mitzvah necklace | Bat Mitzvah gift necklace | Bat Mitzvah charm necklace | Star of David necklace for Bat Mitzvah The Most Special & Unique Bat Mitzvah Necklace There Is Usually, when purchasing a Bat Mitzvah necklace, we aren’t inclined to wonder if there is or isn’t a story attached to it. People approach […]

Bat Mitzvah Gifts

Bat Mitzvah gifts | Bat Mitzvah gift ideas 2020 | Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults | Gifts for Bat Mitzvah girl | Perfect Bat Mitzvah gifts | Jewish confirmation gift 7 Insights Why These Bat Mitzvah Gifts Are Simply Outstanding When buying gifts for Bat Mitzvah girl or looking for Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults, […]

Gold And Diamond Star Of David Necklace

Rose gold diamond Star of David necklace | White gold diamond Star of David pendant | Yellow gold diamond Star of David pendant | Gold and diamond Star of David necklace | Mens white gold Star of David necklace Gold And Diamond Star Of David Necklace – The Most Special Present In History Generally, when […]

Diamond Star Of David Necklace

Jewish Star of David Necklace | Magen David Diamond Pendant Yellow Gold | Diamond Star of David Necklace | Gold Star of David Diamond Pendants | Jewish Star of David Diamond and Gold Pendants Most Unique & Special Diamond Star Of David Necklaces Regularly, when getting a Jewish star of David necklace, we aren’t inclined […]

Gold Diamond Necklace

gold diamond necklace | gold diamond necklace designs | 18k white gold diamond necklace | white gold diamond necklace | 14k gold diamond necklace White Gold Diamond Necklace – Unique & Special Gift Regularly, when buying a white gold diamond necklace, we aren’t inclined to ponder whether there’s a story to go with it. We […]

Gold Hamsa Diamond Necklace

Gold Hamsa diamond necklace | Hamsa necklace gold diamond | White gold diamond Hamsa necklace | Yellow gold diamond Hamsa necklace | Rose gold Hamsa diamond necklace Stunning Gold Hamsa Diamond Necklace – The Most Compelling Present Normally, when we get a gold Hamsa diamond necklace we don’t think to ask if there’s a story […]

Gold Diamond Earrings

18k Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings | 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings | Rose Gold Earrings And Diamonds | 14k Rose Gold Diamond Earrings | White Gold Earrings And Diamonds 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings – The Most Special Present Usually, when purchasing an 18K yellow gold diamond earrings, we aren’t inclined to wonder if there […]

White Gold Diamond Rings

white gold diamond rings | white gold rings with diamond | white gold rings for women | white gold rings for her | white gold ring design White Gold Diamond Rings – Gifts That Stand Out Generally speaking, when we buy white gold diamond rings, we aren’t inclined to wonder if there is a story […]

Compelling Israeli Gold Jewelry

Israeli jewelry | Israeli gold jewelry | Israeli handmade jewelry | Israeli rings | Israeli necklaces | Israeli earrings | Israeli jewelry designer | ancient jewish jewelry Israeli Gold Jewelry – Jerusalem Stone Crowned with Diamonds Israeli gold jewelry made by Moriah weaves a compelling narrative through its outstanding design. Balancing on the verge between […]

Single Diamond Pendant

single diamond necklace | single diamond pendant | single diamond pendant necklace | single pendant necklace | single stone diamond necklace 7 Points Why Moriah Single Diamond Pendant Makes The Most Unique Present In The World Generally speaking, when we purchase a single diamond necklace, we aren’t inclined to ask if there’s a story attached […]

Judaica Jewelry from Israel

Judaica jewelry | Judaica jewelry from Israel | jewelry made in Israel | jewelry in Hebrew | Judaica gifts from Israel Judaica Jewelry from Israel Judaica jewelry from Israel, made by leading Israeli designers working with Moriah Jewelry and Judaica, is the most authentic Israeli jewelry in the gold and diamond jewelry market today. Israel […]

Rose Gold Diamond Necklace

Gold diamond heart necklace | Heart shaped diamond necklace | Rose gold diamond necklace | Rose gold diamond pendant necklace | Rose gold pendant necklace Here’s Why Moriah’s Rose Gold Diamond Necklace Is The Most Special Gift There Is Generally, when we purchase a rose gold diamond necklace, we don’t think to ask whether there’s […]

Gold Jewelry from Israel – Handmade Israeli Jewelry Judaica

handmade Israeli jewelry | buy a gift from Israel | jewelry from Israel | jewelry Judaica | gold jewelry from Israel Israeli Jewelry Judaica Israeli jewelry Judaica is what many of us are opting for when seeking to buy a gift from Israel. Handmade jewelry with diamonds from IDC and gold 14 and 18K is […]

A Gift from Israel – Fine Jewelry from Jerusalem

gift from Israel | fine jewelry from Jerusalem | best jewelry stores in Jerusalem | Israel gift | diamond jewelry from Israel | antique Israeli jewelry | Israeli fine jewelry Fine Jewelry from Jerusalem A gift from Israel, be it Magen David fine jewelry from Jerusalem or a bejeweled Hamsa pendant from Tiberias, is a […]

Handmade Jewelry Ideas

handmade jewelry | handmade jewelry ideas | handmade jewelry designs | handmade unique jewelry | handmade engagement rings | handmade necklaces | handcrafted jewelry Handmade Jewelry  In the realm of beautifully crafted jewelry, handmade jewelry takes the top spot. Handmade engagement rings or handmade necklaces will always beat machine made produce merely because they are […]

Kosher Jewelry – Wedding Rings According to Halacha

kosher jewelry | halacha wedding rings | wedding rings | wedding rings for women | wedding rings for men | Jewish wedding rings | matching wedding rings Wedding Rings According to Halacha Moriah Jewelry and Judaica is an old Jerusalem establishment that makes revolutionary jewelry, the Jerusalem stone jewelry. All of it is gorgeous and […]

Precious Wedding Jewelry

wedding jewelry | precious jewelry | jewelry for the bride | unique wedding rings | diamond ring for wedding Wedding Jewelry Wedding jewelry isn’t just another piece of jewelry like the one we put on heading to the supermarket. It is thoroughly planned and thought of; it will stay in our memory forever. This day […]

Ancient Jerusalem Stone Pendant for Necklaces

Pendant for necklace | Gold pendant | Gold pendant with diamonds | Gold necklace chain | Stone pendant Jerusalem Stone Pendant for Necklaces If you happen to be in the Old City of Jerusalem, and you wandered into a beautiful shop called Moriah Jewelry and Judaica, looking at a pendant for necklaces, you’re probably asking […]

Exclusive & Unique Jewelry Designs

unique jewelry design | necklace of gold | rose gold jewelry | gold religious jewelry | jewelry website Unique Jewelry Designs Exclusive, unique jewelry designs of Star of David necklaces and many others, allow us to break the mold and choose jewelry to match our individuality. We are familiar with examples of an ancient necklace […]

Why Do We Like Symbolism in Jewelry?

symbolism in jewelry | Jewish symbol | jewelry necklaces | Evil Eye necklace | symbol for strength | symbolic necklaces | symbol of the heart | Jewish jewelry Symbolism in Jewelry We seek symbolism in jewelry because it reassures us. Jewelry, as opposed to other decorative objects, is something that goes with us wherever we […]

Distinguished Gifts of Jewelry

gifts of jewelry | birthday jewelry | gifts for mom | gifts for women | her gifts | 60th birthday jewelry Gifts of Jewelry Men or women, young or aged, most of us love and appreciate beautiful gifts of jewelry. Gifts of jewelry are an excellent way to acknowledge your loved ones, gifting them something […]

Buy Jewish Art

museum of Jewish art | buy contemporary Jewish art | buy Jewish art | Jewish art 7 Reasons Why Moriah’s Jewish Art Is So Very Unique When we buy contemporary Jewish art, we don’t usually stop to ponder whether there is a story to go with it. We are inclined to view items of jewelry […]

Legendary Gold Jewelry for Mothers

Gold Jewelry for Mothers | Gold Jewelry for Mothers Day | Mothers Day Jewelry | Birthday Presents for Mom | Gold Jewelry for Mother of the Bride Gold Jewelry for Mothers  Moriah Jewelry and Judaica is the perfect place to begin and end a search for meaningful gold jewelry. We might be looking to buy […]

Inspirational Jewelry with Meaningful Messages

Inspirational Jewelry | Jewelry with Meaningful Messages | Jewelry with Meaning | Engraved Jewelry | Meaningful Jewelry | Meaningful Necklaces Inspirational Jewelry with Meaningful Messages Inspirational jewelry is meaningful jewelry that makes us feel something. We don’t always understand its full meaning, but if the jewelry has caught our eye and heart, we might feel […]

Breathtaking Jewelry for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

jewelry for Valentine 2020 | Valentine’s Day 2020 gift | Valentine 2020 ideas for her | heart jewelry | jewelry for him Jewelry for Valentine’s Day Gift Come February, and here we are fretting once again thinking what to get our belle or beau for Valentine’s Day gift. They know we love them, but today […]

Enchanting Diamond Ring Styles

diamond ring styles | diamond ring for women | diamond ring for men | diamond engagement rings | elegant diamond rings Diamond Ring Styles Diamond engagement rings, white gold, rose gold, ruby, sapphire, diamond ring for men, round, square, princess cut or else – there is a myriad of diamond ring styles for us to […]

Men’s Unique Jewelry

mens unique jewelry | mens cufflinks | mens pendants | mens gold necklace | mens diamond rings Mens Unique Jewelry Unique men deserve unique gifts, and if they like jewelry, then it’s men’s unique jewelry you’re after. Gold jewelry for men is a vast field where one can easily lose their bearings if they’re not […]

Jewish Jewelry Birthday Present for Her

Jewish jewelry | birthday present for her | Jewish jewelry symbols | Jewish jewelry for women | jewelry for 18th birthday | 30th birthday jewelry | jewelry for girls Jewish Jewelry Birthday Present for Her You might be well familiar by now with the leading characters in the world of Jewish jewelry symbols. They can […]

Unique Jewelry Encounter in Jerusalem

unique jewelry | unique necklaces | unique diamond ring | beautiful jewelry | unique gift | Moriah jewelry Unique Jewelry Encounter in Jerusalem Outside Moriah Jewelry and Judaica store, Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem. Mary is a fifty-year-old woman with unique jewelry around her neck: stone, gold and diamond necklaces, covered up in scarfs. Her […]

Irresistible Engagement Rings for Her

Engagement rings for her | proposal rings for her | diamond engagement rings for women | diamond engagement ring – yellow gold | women’s diamond rings | unique engagement ring stones | engagement rings with diamond Engagement Rings for Her There is a custom most people resort to regardless of their age, religious views, and […]

The Moriah Experience Fascinating Tour – Moriah Exhibition

Mount Moriah | Moriah Collection | Temple Mount | Avi Tavisal | Moriah Exhibition | historical artifacts | Moriah experience | Moriah Stone The Moriah Experience Fascinating Tour – Moriah Exhibition Welcome to IDC and to our Moriah Experience. Our tour tells a unique story, one that combines the history of the Jewish people and […]

Christian Jewelry from Jerusalem

Dove Of Peace pendant made of Temple Mount with yellow gold and diamonds

Since long, Christian jewelry from Jerusalem stirred the hearts of Christians. Spiritual jewelry in the shape of religious symbols such as the heart pendant, tree of life necklace, heart-shaped diamond engagement ring, Christian symbols’ cross, dove necklace, Star of Bethlehem jewelry and others might hold more meaning when obtained from the land of their origin. […]

Jewish Gift Ideas

Jewish Gift Ideas | Hebrew jewelry | Jewish jewelry store | Jewish gifts | Jewish symbols Best Jewish Gift Ideas For those who come from large families or enjoy a wide circle of friends, it might sometimes seem that the days measure in celebrations and anniversaries. Whether you are Jewish or not, enjoy Jewish friends […]

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

It is reasonable to assume that any Jewish family raising a boy will come to consider the day when their youngster becomes ready to take on adult responsibilities in following the Jewish tradition. That happens on the boy’s 13th birthday. That’s when we start thinking of suitable Bar-Mitzvah gifts which many times will revolve around […]

Faith Jewelry

Faith Jewelry | Christian Fish Symbol | Christian Necklaces | Spiritual Gifts | Religious Symbols | Star Of David Necklace Faith Jewelry As The Best Spiritual Gifts Knowledge is power, and whether we wish to buy a Christian fish symbol pendant, an ichthus gold necklace or perhaps Christian diamond jewelry either for ourselves or our […]

Christian Symbols And Their Meanings: Christian Diamond Jewelry

Christian symbols | Christian diamond jewelry | Dove Jewelry | Christian fish symbol | Jesus fish symbol | Star of Bethlehem Jerusalem is important to all Christians. But it is especially meaningful to Evangelicals. This is where the apocalyptic end of age, the battle of Armageddon, will take place. To share our appreciation, we created […]

Unique Engagement Rings With The Jerusalem Stone At Judaica Stores

Unique Engagement Rings | Symbolic Engagement Rings | Hebrew Engagement Rings | Love Engagement Ring | Rose Gold Engagement Ring | White Gold Engagement Rings After taking part in the important event – opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, our team focused on creating a special collection of unique engagements rings with the Jerusalem […]

Israel celebrating the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem

Yesterday in Israel, the US president kept a major campaign promise. IvankaTrump, Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt and other top administration officials unveiled the new embassy in Israel’s true capital: Jerusalem. About a year ago US President Donald Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and ordered the planning of the relocation […]

Why Is The Temple Mount So Important

Wall of Jerusalem

In Judaism, the Temple Mount is the holiest site on the entire planet. Check the history of the Temple Mount and find out about the Sifting project which has become the starting point for Moriah Jerusalem stone jewelry collection.

Temple Mount Sifting Project. Second Temple Period

The Temple Mount Sifting Project is one of the most important archeological projects in the Land of Israel of our times. Over the past 12 years, it has grown into a project of international significance. With the help of nearly 200,000 volunteers, half a million valuable finds have been discovered from the First and Second Temple periods, late Roman, Byzantine, Crusader and Islamic periods, and Middle Ages.

Evangelical Relationship With Israel

Fish shaped pendant made of Temple Mount stone with Menora and Star of David and diamonds in yellow gold

Polls recently released in the USA show that the support for Israel is increasingly coming from the world’s growing Evangelical community in the USA. This evangelical obsession with Israel started long ago. Check, why Evangelicals love Israel.