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Antique Jewish Rings

7 Insights How Come Antique Jewish Rings Are The most Unique And Special Gift In The World

When buying Antique Jewish Rings from our antique Jewish jewelry we don’t wonder whether there is a story to go with it. People usually approach jewelry from an angle of its aesthetics and value, and it makes sense. How often do we hear of Antique Jewish Rings or even more so, a whole jewelry collection that has a fascinating…? Even so, things are different at Moriah Jewelry and Jewish cufflinks as all of their Antique Jewish Rings tell unique and compelling narrative.  Behind each antique Jewish pendant and antique Judaica jewelry there’s a history.

Moriah’s Collection: Diamond On Gold – Antique Judaica Jewelry That Carries Authentic Jerusalem Stone

The Moriah antique Jewish jewelry Collection is the bellwether set of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center, a family owned diamond business that’s been in existence for more than fifty odd years, The Moriah Collection embodies a standalone novelty in diamond fine jewelry. A creation of IDC – House of Diamonds to distribute the deep significance of wearing an item with a true Jerusalem relic, from the sacred core of the globe, as captivating jewelry of faith – for those who seek to bring the Holy City near them with Israeli wedding rings and more .

Western Wall pendant made of Temple Mount stone with rose gold and diamond

Antique Judaica Jewelry- The Birth Of Originality

Moriah’s antique Jewish jewelry Collection project derived from a vision observed by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a noted Israeli jewelry-craftsman, whose family has dwelled in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. The intense collection of jewelry inspired by Avi Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s glorious days by presenting The Temple Mount’s age-old holy rubble surfaced back to reality in a renewed form, is capturing everybody’s imagination.

Antique Israeli Jewelry  – Curious Background Story

In the late nineties, Avi heard of the unlicensed excavation works that effected severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer sifting center was established to save at least some of the historical findings which were as good as eradicated. A major contributor to the conservation effort, he had a vision. He saw that the spirituality of these archaic elements have the power to link between believers from all around the globe with the idea of “Holy Jerusalem”. It is fascinating that at times when everything appears to fail, all of a sudden another thing turns it all around for the better.

When the illicit excavations happened, it looked as if all that’s sacred and essential will be dumped and forgotten like some meaningless rubbish. But, miraculously , that didn’t happen. An entirely different thing did, something that at the moment of its occurrence was perceived miraculous. Therefore, antique Israeli jewelry brought from Moriah antique Jewish jewelry and Judaica is a little miracle, a segment that sustained disregard and destruction, a thing of holiness that keeps on living.

Antique Jewish Rings Pure And Different

antique Jewish jewelry – Having received every mandatory permit for using stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi went on to carry out his idea and so, the exceptional Moriah Collection came about. Nowhere on the planet can one see  Antique Jewish Rings as meaningful special as those created by Moriah’s jewelers. History clothed in gold and starred with gems. Every antique Jewish pendant raises the question what matters more in this case, the gems and gold or the plain-looking old fragment? What’s happening here is quite stunning.

By incorporating age-old rock elements which were rescued by the archeologists in the sifting project next to Mtn Moriah (aka the Temple Mtn), and allocating them a special shape anyone who wishes can own a segment of Holy City’s remarkable history. You’re purchasing not merely antique Israeli jewelry but a collectible and important relic.

Mezuza made of Temple Mount stone and diamonds

Antique Jewish Rings Jewelry That Matters

Every fragment harvested on the Temple Mnt. for the Collection is catalogued and chopped, then worked on in order to preserve its natural simplicity. Moriah’s skilled jewelry artisans thoroughly draft and place the gold and diamonds in the stone by hand, to shape an astonishing visual content, never before undertaken in a high quality, exclusive collection of diamond jewelry.  Antique Jewish Rings open with an genuine relic from Moriah Mount that is artistically matched with gems and yellow, white or rose gold presenting a rare thing of abiding legacy and spirituality.

Moriah’s antique Jewish jewelry Collection gorgeous produce of deluxe-edition fine diamond antique Jewish rings open with an genuine relic from interweaves gold, the most noble metal, and diamonds, the hardest minerals on the planet, with ancient Jerusalem Stone to signify the Holy City’s strength, importance and unmatched spirituality for more than 3,000 years. As faith jewelry, Jewish men’s  jewelry and more the Collection accomplishes this objective, by using precious components symbolizing Jerusalem’s everlasting fortitude, value and spirituality.

Back side of Jerusalem If I forget you pendant made of yellow gold and Temple Mount stone with diamond

Antique Jewish Rings open with an genuine relic from A 3000 Year Bridge

antique Jewish jewelry – Moriah is where Abraham initially adopted the idea of Single God, sowing the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. at the present, Moriah is a gemmed charm, an article of jewelry, moving with its elegance and themes of spirituality. Have a good look at the antique Judaica jewelry , you’ll note that the natural stones are unique, as each and every one of them has a historical context and aspect. These fragments might have been applied in the building of the Temple, the archaic pathways of Jerusalem, the exact same pebbles that our kings, forefathers, prophets and regular Jerusalem folk had stepped upon.

Antique Judaica Jewelry – Soulful Gift

If only the stones in those antique Judaica jewelry could speak, they would be speaking of Jewish past of the last 3000 years. She who wears that  jewelry, resonates the song  of the stone and is an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible story. Jerusalem is attached to our soul, to the rule of G-d. By putting on the items of Moriah, you beget a continual expression of who we are and who guides us. The Moriah Collection is embodied through limited-edition jewelry in beautiful designs, which are all categorized and registered in the following Certificate of Authenticity, establishing that the stone originates from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the Great City of Peace.

Never before in the history of jewelry was there a moment when past and present united in such an accessible way. Anyone who buys a antique Jewish pendant from Moriah’s collection will be an honored owner of a genuine historical artifact. A history that keeps on living via everlasting grace and spirit of the stone. It isn’t merely antique Israeli jewelry but a time-machine that links us to between all that was, is and will be.

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