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Tree of Life Necklace

The jewelry we wear inevitably becomes even more precious when its meaning is dear to our hearts.  The ‘Tree of Life’ is a powerful symbol that connects us to our roots and aspirations.  In many cultures, it has deep spiritual meanings relating to immortality and eternal life.

Since the message behind the ‘Tree of Life’ is universal, it has been adopted by many cultures around the world. Today you can find Celtic, Buddhist and African interpretations, which date back centuries if not millenniums.  To keep the Tree of Life near the wearer’s heart, a rich and diverse art form of Tree of Life jewelry has evolved, including exquisite Tree of Life pendants and necklaces.

Celtic tree of life
Celtic tree of life. Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay
Buddhist Tree of Life
Buddhist Tree of Life
African Tree of Life
African Tree of Life

The Meaning and Symbolism of Tree of Life Jewelry

In many cultures, people are compared to trees.

  • Connection: A tree is a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth,  its branches are high in the sky and its roots are deep in the ground.  Just like a tree, we have an immense potential to connect to the higher realms.
  • Strength:  Sturdy trees can withstand the harshest conditions.  This means that the more rooted and stable we are, the more we can withstand turbulent events in our lives.
  • Rebirth:  Most trees shed their leaves in winter and sprout new ones in spring.  This is a reminder that change is always possible.  We can always revive and reinvigorate our lives, no matter how bare our lives look now.

The parts of a tree are also an analogy for the parts of our lives:

  • Roots: The roots represent the mind and the soul. The tree’s roots are found deep in the earth and are hidden from sight. They are connected to the soil and draw from it all the nutrients needed to sustain life. In our lives, we should consider that the roots of our soul are deep, and from a spiritual perspective, beyond our comprehension.Our ideas are largely influenced by the concepts we grew up with, many of which are subconscious.  Therefore, a person needs to be aware of their roots, the influence of family and heritage, and to contemplate whether their ‘current soil’ is nourishing.
  • Trunk: The trunk represents the heart. The trunk is a very important part of the tree since it enables it to grow upwards.  The root, when it sprouts, is small and fragile.  As it grows and becomes more stable, it transforms into a trunk.  Throughout its life, the trunk continuously receives its vitality from its ‘hidden roots’ and grows from the inside out (tree trunks grow thicker as new cells are added beneath the bark).  And now to our hearts.Our hearts infuse emotion and vitality into our minds.  People with healthy and stable personalities are connected to their minds and souls; our sense of inspiration and meaning is drawn from our hidden roots.
  • Branches: The branches represent the stage in which we move beyond ourselves and interact with our environment. The branches of the tree spread out, expand and grow leaves.  The leaves use the energy of the sun to nourish the tree.During photosynthesis, the branches receive energy from the sun, a source external to the tree (as opposed to the truck which receives solely from the roots).   The metaphor is that we all step outside of ourselves into our environment to learn from the people and world around us. This is a vital part of our lives and necessary for our growth.
  • Fruits: The fruits are what we give. The tree produces fruit that nourishes others. We all have a choice to give.  Our fruits nourish and enrich not only ourselves but the people and environment in which we live.  Bearing fruit is the last stage of the growth of the soul.

Tree of Life Necklace

At Moriah, we have developed a unique and contemporary interpretation of the Tree of Life.  Our Tree of Life jewelry line combines the Tree of Life with precious stones and metals as well as Moriah stone.  Moriah stone is antique stones excavated from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which dates back to the First and Second Temple Period.

According to many biblical scholars, the Temple Mount is where the Garden of Eden once existed! In the Garden of Eden there were two trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil.  The Tree of Life symbolized God’s life-giving presence and eternal life which can be attained through Him.

Creating a Tree of Life Pendant | Moriah Collection
Creating a Tree of Life Pendant

The Legacy Pendant is a perfect example of our work.  This Tree of Life necklace is composed of a 14K gold tree encircled by a circular piece of pink-toned Moriah stone. A singular bezel set diamond above the stone adds to the Legacy Pendant’s elegance.

tree of life jewelry, unique necklaces
14 Karat Gold Tree of Life Pendant

Another modern interpretation is our Round Tree of Life pendant. In this piece, the Tree of Life is hand-carved out of Moriah stone, and the stone is encircled in 14K gold.  A singular diamond embedded near the trunk gives the pendant an extra spark.

Tree of Life pendant
Round Tree of Life Pendant

The Adorable Tree of Life Jewelry Collection includes:

Tree of Life Necklace Tree of Love pendant

Tree of Love Necklace

Tree of Life Necklace Heritage Pendant

Heritage Tree of Life Necklace 

Tree of Life Necklace Legacy Pendant

Tree of Life Legacy Necklace

Tree of Life Necklace Round Tree Pendant

Round Tree of Life Necklace

All of the pieces are available in white, yellow and rose gold.