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Tree Of Life Jewelry with Jerusalem Stone

We have in our shop today a big stone jewelry fan, Inbal Levi. She just told us that she is a geologist and loves the historical aesthetics of Jerusalem stone jewelry.

She adores it that we use raw stone for jewelry. Of course, we are more than happy to assist her in choosing a unique and special Tree Of Life necklace from our shop, Moriah Jewelry and Judaica.

Her husband tells us that she also lectures Theology at a college, so we ask her if she wouldn’t mind giving us a brief interview on the subject of Tree of Life Jewelry, Jerusalem Stone jewelry, and all things related. She kindly agrees.

Right off the bat, she says

‘Jewelry depicting the tree of life symbol is a beautiful way to connect to the deep roots of our heritage and spirituality.  Gifting your loved one an item of heritage jewelry like Jerusalem stone earrings or a pendant is a subtler and more-than-words-can way of saying “this is forever.”’

Tree of life jewelry from Jerusalem Stone Jewelry collection

‘Why Choosing Jewish Tree of Life Jewelry?’

All across the planet Earth spreads a mighty system

moving, breathing, tingling nerves of wooden stems

pushing through the atmosphere, drowning in the ground

whispering in our ears, trees are all around…”

Inbal recites with flavor. It sounds almost majestic

‘Some poet said it in her poem Trees; I heard it on Sound Cloud, on some writers’ group page, from England or something.

Why choose the tree of life jewelry? It’s like asking me why I prefer Jerusalem stone jewelry. I think that metaphors are vessels that get us through life’s powerful currents. Religion has understood that.

Sometimes all we need is a good story with a clear and definite analogy on which we can rest our luggage, relieve ourselves from whatever it is that weighs upon us so that we can move on.

We agree, though how exactly does it tie in with our Tree Of Life collection?

‘The tree is such an analogy. Tree of life jewelry: a tree of life pendant, the tree of life necklace allows us to be reminded of it. The fact that it’s made with three kinds of gold and diamonds is merely an aesthetical choice. For me, they are there to support the raw beauty of Jerusalem stone.’

What a smashing answer. Could she be a cooler geologist? We keep digging and ask her to explain to us
the meaning of the 
Tree Of Life Symbol

‘Look. The tree of life symbol is simple and powerful. Powerful and far-stretching roots hold the massive trunk in its place. They sprout first from the seed. They are the past, they define who we are for ourselves and those who come after us. Do you have a paper I could use?

Sure. Paper she gets. She draws while still talking about the tree of life symbol. This woman is on fire. She’s a well of information; We bet there is never a dull moment with her. Her husband is browsing the Inbal collection, she doesn’t know it, but we do, he’s planning a big surprise for her 

‘As for the trunk of the tree of life symbol, then it is our core, the principles upon which we build our life, the thing that holds us straight, our integrity.

She keeps drawing. Our crafters can undoubtedly make something as beautiful with what she sketched

‘After that come the branches, generations to follow, to create and procreate, to bear fruit. The fruits are the results of our work: our achievements, a legacy to marvel at and be proud of.

The meaning of the tree of life pendant symbol is profound and universal. The tree shape is said to symbolize positive energy, good health, a bright future, and a fresh start. ‘

All things we can easily identify with. Thank you very much, Inbal. One of our salespersons serves Inbal a cup of tea: ‘Milk?’

‘Dark, no sugar. Thank you.’

We ask her to expand a bit more on the Jewish Tree of Life

‘Jewish tree of life is based on the Kabbalistic interpretation of the tree symbol.

This symbol exists in many religions and speaks to people from all walks of life regardless of their religious incline. The Kabbalah, however, depicts it as a diagram of ten nexuses, each of which corresponds to a specific attribute. It is referred to as Ten Divine Emanations.’

Ten divine emanations?

‘Yes, are you familiar with sephirot?

From the Kabbala?

‘Those precisely. This beautiful structure portrays Ten Divine Emanations and relates to many aspects: anatomy, astronomy, intellect, human development and so much more.

We’ve seen it inside a flower of life symbol, like at the core of it

‘True, I’ve seen it too. It does sometimes appear as part of the flower of life symbol, which in its own is a beautiful and basic shape. But only if it comes as Jerusalem stone jewelry though.’

She laughs with gusto. We tell her that in Hebrew, we call the Tree of Life Etz Ha-Chaim. Its origins are rooted in the Torah, right at the very start, in the Garden of Eden from ‘Bereshit’ as one of the trees in that garden

Tree of Life pendant, Jerusalem stone jewelry

‘You’re right. That’s why the tree of life symbol appeals to so many people. You don’t have to be of a certain religion to wear a tree of life pendant; that’s the beauty of the tree of life necklace: it’s Jewish, it’s Christian, it’s universal.’

We venture on and ask her what made her choose the Tree of Life Necklace out of everything else

‘It’s funny because I didn’t buy this tree of life necklace for anyone specific, well maybe a bit. I am not a lot in this area with all the traveling that I do, so I wanted to get it in case I decide to gift it. If not this time, then maybe another. It’s not a thing that goes bad, is it?’

She laughs again. We feel like we have to confirm what she probably already knows anyway: all our branches are located centrally

‘I know. I just happen to roam other places more often. Last month we came from a Mediterranean tour, a cruise on a yacht, gorgeous, jewel of a boat. I have seen a tree of life jewelry elsewhere, but it was a Jewish tree of life that I was after, and for me, no other jewelry shop compares to what I can find in here. Where else can I buy a tree of life pendant with original Jerusalem stone? Nowhere.’

‘For you personally, what is it in the Tree of Life Symbol that you find beautiful? Why do you think people look specifically for this symbol? 

‘Well, the Tree of Life symbol derives from the Old Testament, so I guess…that. Actually, the beauty of the Tree of Life jewelry is in its universal suitability. Tree of Life pendant is a present you can safely give to a woman or a man of any age, color and race; it is a tree, after all, an ever-present and well-known all around the globe. You can’t go wrong with Tree of Life pendant, really. Speaking of which, my cousin is coming to his fortieth birthday, and I got these gorgeous cufflinks for him and a matching Tree of Life pendant. Oh, bless him, such a lovely man, he and his wife, sheihie rak tov beezrat Hashem.’

It seems that Mrs. Levi wells up. We offer her a glass of water and a break

‘It’s ok. I am ok. I just became dizzy for a second, that’s all; this heat, and I am seriously overdressed.’

She says it and touches her belly. Let’s give her a little break

A bit about us. Our jewelry and Judaica store, Moriah, has its main shop in the Old City of Jerusalem, and branches across Israel, U.S.A., and Serbia.

Our master-jewelers have created a unique, themed and a profoundly spiritual collection, the Tree Of Life necklace collection, and it’s conquering the hearts of those who feel a connection, no matter how distant, to Jerusalem.

Here’s what the journals say:

“They use original Jerusalem stone as a centerpiece for their jewelry surrounding it with rose, white or yellow gold, crowned with a delicate 0.7 or 0.5 diamond, all on a golden chain. Who wouldn’t want to hold such a beauty?” (The Voice of Jewelry)

“If plentiful diamonds you’re after, their necklaces won’t do. But if it’s a meaning, a spirit of crafter, a stone that’s unique, then it’s you. Seek, and you shall find, dig deeper and decide. G-d already knows what you are looking for, so look no more.” (Sweet-Sixteen Jewish Youth Journal).

“There is more than one way to get to Moriah Jewelry and Judaica store and whichever way you get there, once arrived, make sure to glance at the Tree Of Life collection.” (Made by Jewels Quarterly Journal)

tree of life necklace, Jerusalem stone jewelry

Let’s check on Mrs. Levi

‘How are you, Inbal? Feeling better? Entertained?

She nods

‘I am fine, thank you. Have gotten emotional before because of the present. I mean, it’s strange because we were kids together and now, he is forty, and I am… Oh.’

She takes a deep breath caressing her tummy

‘I mean finally. He wanted to find somebody for so long, you know, and now, baruch Hashem he’s getting married; I am happy for him. I knew he would. I prayed he would.’

She shakes her head with a smile. We have to ask,

‘What are you planning on getting him for the wedding? When is it expected, anyway?’

‘Well, his wife-to-be loves the spring, so the wedding has to be then, and he doesn’t mind. However, that means they’re getting married only a month after his birthday, in May.

We all gasp. That must take a toll

‘It’s not so bad, really. Now that I am here, I think I will add a necklace with Jerusalem stone, the one with rose gold and diamond, you have this gorgeous stone and diamond Magen David, I just love it.

Wait. What? Is she buying more jewelry? She laughs.

Her husband’s choice is now getting wrapped up at the Inbal collection counter. We wonder what’s in it… Jerusalem stone jewelry of course… but is it another Jewish Tree Of Life pendant?

Jewish tree of life necklace, tree of life symbol