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‘Hamesuot Lookout’ next to the Augusta Victoria

The temple mount sifting project was established with the purpose of sifting throughout  this debris – studying and examining as many artifacts as possible form the temple mount. It is managed by Archeologists Prof. Gabrial Barkay and Tzachi Dvira under the auspices or Bar-Ilan University.

The debris is carefully sifted by volunteers from all over the world guided by archeologists . Every historic finding is transferred to the archeological laboratory to provide insight to the history of the temple mount.

Avi Tavisal, a 7th generation Jerusalemite,  heard of the project and was immediately moved and decided he had to become involved in doing whatever he can to keep the history alive. Her has become a major sponsor of the site, every day buckets of these historical stones are transferred to Moriah for the production of the collection.