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Temple Mount Exhibition

Moriah is excited to announce the opening of the ‘Temple Mount Exhibition’, a rare exhibition that sheds light on life in Jerusalem during the Second Temple period (516 BCE and 70 CE).

The exhibition showcases a wide variety of archeological artifacts from the Temple Mount.  The artifacts were discovered through a unique project called the Temple Mount Sifting Project.  The Temple Mount Sifting Project is the only archeological undertaking that has researched debris from the Temple Mount.

Through the artifacts, life during the Second Temple comes alive.  You can see how people lived, traded, and worshiped God.

Here to see some of the artifacts featured in the exhibition:

Moriah exhibition Coins| Moriah Collection
A rare silver half-shekel coin from the first year of the Jewish Revolt against the Romans (66/67 CE). Rev.: A chalice from the Temple topped by the letter aleph, meaning “Year One.” Around it are the words “half a shekel.” Obv.: A branch with three pomegranates surrounded by the words “Holy Jerusalem.” These coins were used for paying the annual Temple tax according to the Biblical commandment in Exodus 30:13-15.
Moriah exhibition stone seal | Moriah collection
A cone-shaped stone seal from the first days of the First Temple period, the time of King Solomon, depicting two quadrupeds. This type of seal is very rare, and the first of its kind found in Jerusalem. On the left is a modern impression.
Moriah exhibition arrow head | Moria collection
Bronze arrowhead (6.6 cm long) dated to the 10th century BCE, the time of King Solomon.
Arrowheads from this period are rarely found in Israel, and may attest to the existence of an armed force on the Temple Mount during this period.

Here is a short video on the exhibition.

In addition to the artifacts, the exhibition features one-of-a-kind sculptures carved from Moriah stone.  Moriah stone is stone salvaged from the Temple Mount Sifting Project.  The ancient stone is hand-crafted and adorned with precious gems and gold.  The sculptures depict well known biblical stories in a delicate and magnificent fashion.

The binding of Issac | Moriah collection
The binding of Issac, a pinnacle biblical event described in Genesis 22.
Jacob's ladder
Jacob’s Ladder, a biblical event described in Genesis 28:10–19
Abraham's journey | Moriah Collection
In the bible, God speaks to Abraham and tells him to leave his homeland and journey to a different. Genesis 12.

The exhibition is located at the Israeli Diamond Center (IDC) showroom located within the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan and the Moriah store in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The entrance is free and a representative from the store will provide you with an explanation of all of the artifacts.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see rare artifacts from the Temple Mount.