The Beacon Observatory, the site for filtering the dirt from the Temple Mount

Temple Mount Sifting Project – Second Temple Period

The Temple Mount Sifting Project is one of the most important archeological projects in the Land of Israel of our times. Over the past 12 years, it has grown into a project of international significance. With the help of nearly 200,000 volunteers, half a million valuable finds have been discovered from the First and Second Temple periods, late Roman, Byzantine, Crusader and Islamic periods, and Middle Ages.

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Wall of Jerusalem

Why Is The Temple Mount So Important

In Judaism, the Temple Mount is the holiest site on the entire planet. Check the history of the Temple Mount and find out about the Sifting project which has become the starting point for Moriah Jerusalem stone jewelry collection.

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Gold ring with Half a Shekel from Temple Mount

Half Shekel Ring

Two thousand years ago and beyond, while the Holy Temple in Jerusalem stood, Israelites would contribute a Half Shekel coin towards the upkeep of the

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Fish shaped pendant made of Temple Mount stone with Menora and Star of David and diamonds in yellow gold

Evangelical Relationship With Israel

Polls recently released in the USA show that the support for Israel is increasingly coming from the world’s growing Evangelical community in the USA. This evangelical obsession with Israel started long ago. Check, why Evangelicals love Israel.

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Dove of Peace pendant made of Temple Mount stone and rose gold with diamonds

Vintage Jewish Jewelry

Vintage Jewish Jewelry Are 1 Of The Most Unique And Special Present In The World Generally, when getting vintage Jewish jewelry or vintage Israeli jewelry 

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Diamond Pendants Gifts

Here’s Why These Diamond Pendants Gifts Are The Most Unique In The World When buying diamond pendants gifts we don’t usually wonder whether there is

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Star of David ring gold diamonds and Moriah stone - Jerusalem stone from Temple Mount

Diamond Ring For Her

7 Reasons Why This Diamond Ring For Her Is So Special And Unique Moriah’s Stone Collection represents a rare novelty in fine diamond jewelry made

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sifting project Jerusalem

Temple Mount Artifacts, Relics In Debris

The Temple Mount is one of the holiest place in the world. Find out about the Temple mount facts. Check what kind of the Temple Mount artifacts have been discovered and how Moriah team managed to implement these artifacts into amazing diamond collections with Jerusalem stone.

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name pendant

Jewish Art Gifts

Why Men Appreciate Moriah’s Jewish Art Gifts When looking for Jewish art gifts, people will always prefer those with a story behind them. How often,

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Hamsa pendant made of Temple Mount stone with a diamond in the center framed with yellow gold

Hamsa Jewelry

Hamsa Jewelry The hand necklace featuring the eye has become as prevalent as Magen David in the Jewish community, proven majorly by Israeli house and

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Religious Gold Jewelry

Religious Gold Jewelry Religious gold jewelry is a vast umbrella for spiritually inspiring jewelry that moves our holiness and reminds us of all that’s heavenly

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Israel pendant for men by Moriah collection, gold diamond and Temple Mount stone

Gold Pendant Men

Pendants For Men’s Necklaces Are The Ultimate Gift Generally, when we get gold pendants for men, we don’t bother to ask whether there’s a story

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Gold Diamond Necklace

gold diamond necklace | gold diamond necklace designs | 18k white gold diamond necklace | white gold diamond necklace | 14k gold diamond necklace White

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עגילי טיפה בתוך טיפה אבן הר הבית זהב ויהלומים

Gold Diamond Earrings

18K Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings – The Most Special Present Usually, when purchasing 18K yellow gold diamond earrings, we aren’t inclined to wonder if there

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Single Diamond Pendant

single diamond necklace | single diamond pendant | single diamond pendant necklace | single pendant necklace | single stone diamond necklace 7 Points Why Moriah

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Handmade Jewelry Ideas

handmade jewelry | handmade jewelry ideas | handmade jewelry designs | handmade unique jewelry | handmade engagement rings | handmade necklaces | handcrafted jewelry Handmade

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Buy Jewish Art

museum of Jewish art | buy contemporary Jewish art | buy Jewish art | Jewish art 7 Reasons Why Moriah’s Jewish Art Is So Very

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Jewish Gift Ideas

Jewish Gift Ideas | Hebrew jewelry | Jewish jewelry store | Jewish gifts | Jewish symbols Best Jewish Gift Ideas For those who come from

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Bar Mitzvah Gifts

It is reasonable to assume that any Jewish family raising a boy will come to consider the day when their youngster becomes ready to take

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Faith Jewelry

Faith Jewelry | Christian Fish Symbol | Christian Necklaces | Spiritual Gifts | Religious Symbols | Star Of David Necklace Faith Jewelry As The Best

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