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Jewish Worshipers are Returning to the Temple Mount

Back in December 2019, we wrote a blog about how Jewish worshippers are permitted to openly pray on Temple Mount for the first time since 1967.  Since that date, huge changes have been taking place on Temple Mount and thousands of Jewish worshippers have visited the site!

According to the Jewish calendar, the month of Shvat began on February 26th, 2020.  To celebrate the event, hundreds of worshippers visited the Temple Mount including prominent rabbis and public personalities such as Rabbi Israel Harel, Rabbi Yehuda Kroizer, Rabbi Michi Yoseffi, Rabbi Isaac Yeabetz, Rabbi Eliyahu Weber, the Rabbanit Rivka Shimon, and Sarah Eliash.

Sarah Eliash, a prominent Israeli educator and political activist, said: “it is a whole different world”.  She shared how many years ago she visited the Temple Mount and was arrested by the police for reading Psalms.  Now she said the worshippers are accompanied by police forces that are friendly, forthcoming and enable free spiritual expression and prayer.

Rabbi Lior visited the Temple Mount with his students and spoke about the importance of reconnecting the Temple Mount to the Jewish people.

In light of the new reality, the Israeli rabbinate is expected to provide new guidelines regarding Jewish prayer on Temple Mount.

Most importantly, and one of the main signs of the change, is that Jewish families are choosing to celebrate important life events such as graduations and bar-mitzvahs on Temple Mount.  By doing so, the Temple Mount is transforming, and becoming once again a focal point of Jewish life.