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Heart Pendant Necklace

7 Points Why Heart Pendant Necklace Is Such An amazing Present

Usually, when we get a Heart Pendant Necklace we don’t bother to ask whether there is or isn’t a story attached to it. People usually approach a piece of jewelry from a point of view of its monetary and visual value, and it makes a perfect sense. How much do we see a Heart Pendant Necklace or more so, a whole jewelry shop that has a stupendous…? However, things are different when visiting Moriah since all of their diamond heart pendant have extraordinary and engaging stories.  Behind every Heart Pendant Necklace and diamond heart pendant there’s a history.

Rachel’s Heart Pendant
Unique and stunning heart pendant necklaces keep the Holy City close to your heart

The Moriah Stone Collection: Daimond In Gold – Diamond Heart Pendant That Has Authentic Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is the central set of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center, a family diamond business that’s been in existence for over 50 years, The Moriah Stone Collection is, in fact, an one-of-a-kind enterprise in fine diamond jewelry. Conceived in IDC – House of Diamonds to spread the profound experience of owning an item with authentic Jerusalem Stone, from the sacred core of the globe, as intriguing religious jewelry – for those people who want to hold the Holy City near them.

Heart pendant necklace
Heart pendant necklaces With Jerusalem stone at its core! Remind you of those you love


Diamond Heart Pendant – Uniqueness Is Born

The Moriah Stone Collection project originated from a vision recognized by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a top Israeli jewelry-craftsman, whose ancestors have lived in Jerusalem for over 7 generations. Everybody’an imagination is captured by the unparalleled jewelry collection envisaged by Mr. Tavisal to revive Jerusalem’s eminent history  by rearranging  The Temple Mount’s antique   rubble  introduced  back to present  in a new  shape.

Heart Shaped Pendant
If you are looking for an exceptional heart necklace You should see our large heart pendant necklace

Pendant Heart Necklace – Fascinating Background Story

In 1999, Avi heard about the unauthorized excavations that damaged the Temple Mount. A sifting place was established to rescue at least some of the amazing artifacts that were close to exstinguished. A key assistant to the salvation scheme, he had a vision. He figured that the spirituality of these archaic stones is able to link followers from all over the planet under the spiritual umbrella of “Holy Jerusalem”. It seems miraculous that oftentimes when everything seems to be lost, suddenly another thing changes it all around for the better.

When the wrongful digs occurred, it seemed as if everything that is sacred and meaningful will be disposed of and abandoned like some pointless junk. But, luckily , it didn’t happen. A whole different thing did, something which at the time looked miraculous. Therefore, every pendant heart necklace purchased from Moriah Jewelry and Judaism jewelry is somewhat of a miracle, a segment that withstood ignorance and destruction, a bit of holiness that lives on.

Beating Heart Pendant Heart Shaped Necklace
Pendant heart necklace A winning combination of stone from the Western Wall and high-class diamonds

Large Heart Pendant Necklace Unlike Anything Else Out There

Having obtained all the necessary permits to use stones from The Temple Mount, Avi started to realize his idea and so, the rare Moriah Collection came to be. In no other place on the planet can one see large heart pendant necklaceas valuable special as those created by Moriah’s jewelers. Historical artifacts surrounded with precious metals and sprinkled with gems.

Each large heart pendant necklace raises the question what matters more here, the diamonds and gold or the simple-looking age-old element? What’s happening here is kind of amazing. By binding ancient elements salvaged by the workers in the sifting project next to the Temple Mount (aka Mtn. Moriah), and laying them in a jewelry setting anyone can posses a sample of Holy City’s triumphant antiquity. It isn’t just large heart pendant necklace that you’re getting, but an authentic and scarce relic.

heart pendant necklaces
Our beautiful heart pendant necklace With real stone from Jerusalem. Luxury and quality

Heart Pendant Necklace Jewelry That Matters

Every piece of rock picked up on the Temple Mount for the Collection is cut and arranged, then made to keep its raw purity. Moriah’s skilled jewelers scrupulously organize and inset the diamonds and gold in the natural stone manually, to form an incredible visual statement, unlike anything ever before in a top end, limited edition collection of diamond vintage jewish jewelry .  Heart pendant necklace begin with an authentic relic from the Temple Mount that is graciously put together with diamond and gold presenting a noteworthy piece of ageless spirituality and legacy.

The Moriah Collection breathtaking line of exclusive fine diamond Heart pendant necklace interweaves gold, the most noble metal, and diamonds, the toughest gems on the planet, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to symbolize the City’s vitality, importance and extreme sanctity for more than 3,000 years. As spiritual jewelry, the Collection attains this intent, by incorporating precious ingredients illustrating Jerusalem’s everlasting fortitude, significance and saintliness.

Heart Pendant Necklace A 3000 Year Bridge

Moriah is the place on which Abraham leading to the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. nowadays, Moriah is a gemmed talisman, a work of unique Israeli jewelry, electrifying with its glamor and messages of spirituality. Have a good look at the Heart Pendant Necklace , you’ll recognize that these stone fragments are remarkable, and every stone carries an archaic spirit and angle. They could’ve been utilized in the building of the Solomon’s Temple, the 3000 old streets of Jerusalem, the exact same pebbles that our forefathers, kings, prophets and even ordinary people of Jerusalem had stepped upon.

Heart Pendant Necklace A New Gift With An Old Soul

If the stone in those Heart Pendant Necklaces could speak, they would be recounting Jewish past of the last three thousand years. A person who wears that  jewelry, resonates the sound  of the artifact and is, in fact, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s spellbinding story. Jerusalem is linked to the human spirit, to the word of the Lord. By putting on the stone jewelry of Moriah, you beget a constant reminder of who we are and what guides us. The Moriah Collection is manifested through limited-edition jewelry and inspiring designs, which are all recorded and specified in a designated Certificate of Authenticity, showing the birth of the stone from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the Great City of Peace.

Never before was there a moment when past and present united in such an attainable way through jewelry-craftsmanship. That who gets a diamond heart pendant from The Moriah collection will be an honored possessor of a verified piece of history. A past that keeps on living through immortal beauty and spirit of the stone. This isn’t simply pendant heart necklace but a bridge in time which joins between everything that was, is and will be.

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