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Hamsa Hand Necklace Gold

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Hamsa Hand Necklace Gold That Is The Most Unique And Special Present There Is

Normally, when purchasing a hamsa hand necklace gold we aren’t inclined to think whether there’s a story attached to it. We tend to examine jewelry from an angle of its monetary and visual value, and it makes a perfect sense. How frequently do we encounter a white gold hamsa necklace or a solid gold hamsa necklace that has a meaningful background…? Even so, it is different at Moriah as all of their real gold hamsa necklaces, as well as Bat Mitzvah necklaces and all of the other jewelry items, are proud owners of extraordinary and engaging biography.  There’s a history to every rose gold hamsa hand necklace.

rose gold hamsa necklace
rose gold hamsa hand necklace

The Moriah Stone Collection: Solid Gold Hamsa Necklace That Has Authentic Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Collection is the centerpiece assembly of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), a family-run business of diamonds that’s existed for over 5 decades. Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection represents a rare novelty in diamond fine jewelry.

Small Gold Hamsa Necklace – A Big Creation

Moriah Stone Collection adventure started with a vision of Mr. Avi Tavisal, a famous Israeli jewelry-maker, Jerusalemite through and through. The exceptional jewelry collection brought by Mr. Tavisal to rekindle Jerusalem’s illustrious days by reshaping The Temple Mount’s ancient holy rubble introduced back to reality in a changed form is capturing everyone’s imagination.

rose gold hamsa hand necklace
rose gold hamsa hand necklace

Rose Gold Hamsa Hand Necklace – Interesting Background

In the late nineties, Avi learned of the unlawful excavations that caused severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer hub was set up to salvage at least some of the precious treasures which were as good as extinguished. A key assistant to the rescue scheme, he had an understanding of the holiness of these archaic stones and their power to join individuals from all over the globe with the idea of “Holy Jerusalem.”

When the excavations happened, it felt as though all that is holy and meaningful would be scrapped and forgotten. But, fortuitously, that didn’t happen. An entirely different thing did; something which at the moment of its occurrence was perceived no less than a miracle. Therefore, every rose gold hamsa hand necklace brought from Moriah Jewelry and Judaica is a bit of a miracle, an item that endured disregard and destruction, a piece of sanctity that keeps on living. Now, imagine wearing Star of David jewelry that tells that story!

Hamsa hand necklace gold
Hamsa hand necklace gold

White Gold Hamsa Necklace – Pure And Distinct

Having received all the required permits to use stones from the Temple Mount excavation, Avi went on to actualize his vision and so, the phenomenal Jerusalem stone jewelry of Moriah Collection was created. Nowhere else on the planet can one find white gold hamsa necklaces as valuable and unique as those created by Moriah’s jewelers. Artifacts of Jewish art, surrounded with yellow, white or rose gold and studded with diamonds where each while gold hamsa necklace makes one wonder what matters here more, the gold and gemstones or the quiet old fragment?

It is stunning what’s unraveling here. By incorporating ancient rock elements rescued by the archeologists in the sifting project at the Temple Mount (aka Mtn Moriah) and allocating them a jewelry form, anyone can be a satisfied owner of a piece of Jerusalem’s glorious history.

solid gold hamsa necklace
solid gold hamsa necklace – white gold hamsa necklace

Rose Gold Hamsa Necklace – Jewelry That Matters

Every element gathered on the Temple Mnt for the Collection is categorized and made to conserve its raw form as much as possible. Moriah’s craftsmen arrange and inset the gems and gold in the natural stone manually, to shape a fascinating visual testimony, unlike anything ever before in high quality, exquisite diamond jewelry designs.  Hamsa hand necklace gold starts with a genuine relic from the Temple Mnt elegantly adjoined with diamonds and yellow, white or rose gold presenting a spectacular feature of endless spirituality and heritage.

Moriah’s Collection stunning produce of limited-edition fine diamond Hamsa hand necklace gold interlaces the noblest of all metals and the toughest minerals on the planet with Jerusalem Stone to indicate the City’s vitality, value and supreme sacredness for more than 3,000 years. As religious jewelry, the Collection accomplishes this higher intent by working with fine substances depicting Jerusalem’s enduring durability, significance, and saintliness.

white gold hamsa necklace
white gold hamsa necklace

Hamsa Hand Necklace Gold Bridges Over History

Moriah is the Biblical name of the mountain on which Abraham first accepted the belief in Monotheism, sowing the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Nowadays, Moriah is a bejeweled amulet, moving with its glamor and messages of spirituality. When looking closely at the hamsa hand necklace gold, you’ll notice right away that the stones in those hamsa pendants are remarkable as each of them holds a historical spirit. These stones could’ve been engaged in the erection of the Temple, the 3000 old cobbled streets of the Holy City, the same stones which our ancestors and people of Jerusalem had stepped upon.

Solid Gold Hamsa Necklace – A Soulful Gift

If only the ancient stones in these solid gold hamsa necklaces could speak, they would be recounting Jewish past of the last 3000 years. One who wears that jewelry, resonates the call of the artifact and is, therefore, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s unique record. Jerusalem is linked to the human heart, to the will of the Lord. Moriah’s stones allow for a ceaseless expression of who we are and what guides us.

small gold hamsa necklace
small gold hamsa necklace

The Moriah Collection contains limited edition Israeli gold jewelry in magnificent arrangements, which are registered and categorized in a Certificate of Authenticity, showing that the stone derives from Jerusalem: the capital of passion, the Holy City of Peace.

A person who gets hamsa hand necklace gold from The Moriah collection is going to be a contented possessor of a genuine historical artifact. An account of the past that continues in enduring grace and character of the stone. It isn’t just real gold hamsa necklace but a bridge in time that connects us to everything that has ever existed, is now and will come to be.