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Designer Hamsa Necklace

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7 Points Why This Designer Hamsa Necklace Is Such A Special Gift

Usually, when we get a designer hamsa necklace, we don’t search for a story to go with it. Folks tend to see jewelry based on its cost and looks, and it makes sense. How often do we hear of a designer hamsa necklace or let alone a whole jewelry store with an extraordinary story behind it…?

Nevertheless, things are looking different in Moriah Jerusalem Stone Jewelry because all their 18k and 14k hamsa necklaces are proud owners of an outstanding and engaging narrative.  Behind every Israel hamsa necklace, there’s a history.

designer hamsa necklace
designer Hamsa necklace – protection hamsa necklace

Moriah Collection: Diamond And Gold – Israel Hamsa Necklace With Authentic Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is the flagship collection of the IDC and is, in fact, a rare novelty in diamond gold jewelry. Originated in the House of Diamonds to distribute decorations with an authentic Jerusalem relic, from the spiritual core of the globe, it is heartrending religious jewelry – for believers who wish to hold the Sacred City near their heart.

Antique Hamsa Necklace – Origins Of

The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection venture was created from a vision grasped by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a famous Israeli jewelry-maker, whose family has lived in Jerusalem for more than 7 generations. The breathtaking jewelry collection brought by Mr. Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s eminent past is catching everyone’s imagination.

protection hamsa necklace
protection hamsa necklace

Protection Hamsa Necklace – Background

In the late nineties, Avi heard of the unauthorized excavations leading to severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer place was arranged to rescue the amazing artifacts that were almost extinguished. A vital assistant to the salvation program, he had a vision. He perceived that the sanctity of these age-old elements could join followers from all over the globe. It’s fascinating how frequently when all deem to fail, all of a sudden yet another thing turns it all around.

When the illegal diggings took place, it appeared as though all that’s significant would be gone like some insignificant waste. But, in a blissful turn of events, it didn’t happen. A whole different thing happened, something which at the moment of its occurrence looked no less than a miracle. That’s why, each 18k or 14k hamsa necklace brought from Moriah jewelry store in the Old City of Jerusalem is somewhat of a miracle, an artifact that sustained crudeness and destruction, a chunk of holiness that lives on.

Israel hamsa necklace
Israel hamsa necklace

14k Hamsa Necklace Different From Others

Having received all the required permits for using stones from Jerusalem, Avi set to realize his vision and thus, the rare Moriah Collection came about. In no other place in the world can a person find a designer hamsa necklace as special and valuable as those created by Moriah. Historical artifacts surrounded by 18K and 14K gold peppered with diamonds. Each designer hamsa necklace makes us ask what matters more in this case, the gold, and diamonds or the simple-looking antique fragment? What’s happening here is fantastic.

By incorporating antique elements prepared by the sifting project volunteers near the Temple Mtn (aka Mount Moriah), and allocating them a wearable form, such as a Star of David pendant, we can now hold a piece of Jerusalem’s grand past. You’re buying not just a 14k Hamsa necklace but a rare, authentic artifact.

14k hamsa necklace
14k hamsa necklace

Designer Hamsa Necklace – Jewelry With Legacy

Every element picked up on Mnt. Moriah to be a part of the Collection is shaped and arranged, then made to preserve its natural integrity. Moriah’s knowledgeable jewelers thoroughly draft and place the metal and diamonds manually, to form an astonishing visual statement. Israel Hamsa necklace by Moriah opens with an original stone from Moriah Mnt that, when graciously coupled with diamond and gold, is presenting a noteworthy item of continual worth, heritage, and spirituality.

Moriah’s gorgeous line of special-edition elegant diamond antique hamsa necklace intertwines gold, the noblest of all metals, and diamonds, the hardest stones in the world, with the ancient Jerusalem Stone to embody the Holy City’s courage, value and cardinal holiness for thousands of years. As spiritual jewelry, the Collection carries out this intent by working with fine ingredients depicting Jerusalem’s lasting durability and spirituality.

protection hamsa necklace
protection hamsa necklace

Antique Hamsa Necklace – A Vision From The Past

Moriah is the Biblical name of the mountain on which Abraham unknowingly initiated the creation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Presently, Moriah is a bejeweled talisman, touching with its refinement and spiritual themes that make the most perfect Bat Mitzvah jewelry. Have a good look at the antique hamsa necklace; you’ll recognize that the Jerusalem stone is remarkable since everyone carries an archaic context and perspective. These stones could have been handled in the construction of the three Temples and the three thousand years old trails of the Holy City.

Protection Hamsa Necklace – Gift With A Past

If the ancient stone in these antique hamsa necklaces could speak, they would be re-telling Jewish past of the last 3000 years. Those individuals who put on this exceptional jewelry, reecho the melody of the relic and are, therefore, ambassadors of Jerusalem’s unique story. Jerusalem is connected to the human spirit, to the rule of G-d. Through Moriah stone hamsa jewelry, you acquire a continual reminder of who we are and what guides us.

Israel hamsa necklace
Israel hamsa necklace – antique hamsa necklace

The Moriah Collection includes limited edition jewelry placed in breathtaking layouts, which are all numbered and noted in the Certificate of Authenticity, demonstrating that the stone comes from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the Holy City of Peace. Never in the known history of jewelry-craft was there a moment when past and present came together in such an attainable way. Anyone who gets a designer hamsa necklace from this collection is going to be a pleased owner of a real relic. An epic history that remains alive in everlasting beauty and spirit of the stone. It isn’t merely a protection hamsa necklace but a bridge in time that joins between all that has ever existed, is and will be.