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Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Gifts

Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Gifts | jewelry for bat mitzvah gift | Bat Mitzvah Ideas | Gifts For Bat Mitzvah | Judaica Shops | Jewelry Gifts

Bat Mitzvah Jewelry for The Perfect Gift

Once a Jewish girl reaches the age of twelve, she becomes Bat Mitzvah, which translates from Hebrew as ‘daughter of commandments.’ Even though Bat Mitzvah is mentioned in the Talmud, the custom of girls celebrating their coming of age came about in the late 19th century when many Jewish communities changed the tradition that prohibited women from direct participation in religious ceremonies.

What Is a Bat Mitzvah?

That is a question the young girl is asking herself more than once during her childhood observing others celebrating their rites of passage into adulthood. In the Jewish tradition, Bat Mitzvah refers to both the girl who comes of age to join her adult counterparts in religious obligations as well as the joyous event itself. It is a meaningful and essential date, whether celebrated lavishly or not. This particular birthday differs from others in being a divider between childhood and early adulthood.

Creative Bat Mitzvah Ideas

Girls are renowned for their creativity. Give them anything from clear beads to colorful pens and paper, and they’ll turn it into admirable work of beauty. Every year they get creative beautifying themselves and making pretty presents for their friends be it for their birthdays, Bat-Mitzvahs, weddings or other occasions. Their twelfth birthday, however, is the most important Bat Mitzvah of all.
There is a stunning abundance of brilliant gift ideas for Bat Mitzvah girls: Jewish jewelry gifts such as Hamsa, Star of David necklace or other Hebrew jewelry. For the party to be lavish and joyous in appearance, colorful scarfs, banners, lights, glitter Bat Mitzvah invitations, and club chic attire for Bat Mitzvah will go a long way.

bat mitzvah gift
Best gifts for Bat Mitzvah: Tree Of Life Necklace With The Jerusalem Stone And Diamond

Gifts for Bat Mitzvah

These can, of course, vary greatly. The choice of gifts for Bat Mitzvah will depend on a number of things:

How well do you know the celebrant?
If you are a close relative or a friend, then your Bat Mitzvah gift should be more valuable. You can also be freer in your choice, knowing better what she might like. It isn’t necessary for the presents to be explicitly religious or traditional; secular gifts are okay as well. Surely if the girl is into jewelry, she will probably be pleased to receive some gorgeous Bat Mitzvah jewelry for bat mitzvah gift, whichever these might be.

jewelry for bat mitzvah gift
Best Jewish jewelry from Jerusalem

Is there a religious service?
If the girl is going to be reading chapters from the Tora and Haftorah, she might be pleased to receive a new Tora pointer. Also, if she’s raising money for charity, a sizable amount of support will undoubtedly be considered a perfect Bat Mitzvah gift.

jewelry for bat mitzvah gift
Bat-Mitzvah Jewelry Gifts

How close a relative or friend are you?
As mentioned before, the closer you are to the Bat Mitzvah girl, the wider your pocket should open. As with the boy’s coming of age, Chai amount is a commonly acceptable minimum, so cash or presents in multiples of 18$ will all hit the spot. The meaning of Chai is ‘live’ in Hebrew, and that very same word can be found as a jewelry item sold in Judaica shops such as Moriah Jewelry and Judaica, and others.

Gift Ideas for Bat Mitzvah

Now is the time to let your creative Bat Mitzvah ideas flow. That is an opportunity to indulge in choosing a beautiful Bat Mitzvah jewelry, after all, it isn’t just another birthday. Here are a few ideas for getting great Bat Mitzvah gifts:

  • Visit Jewish jewelry stores. You might not know beforehand what it is that you are looking for. The magic of these places is that they can present you with entirely unanticipated Bat Mitzvah jewelry for bat mitzvah gift. In there you might find handmade Judaica rings or rose gold Bat Mitzvah pendants or Bat Mitzvah necklaces Magen David necklaces.
  • Browse Judaica shops. They are not the same as above. Judaica shops are bottomless wells of possibilities for gift ideas for Bat Mitzvah youngsters. They also hold unique Jewish jewelry, like handmade items that are perhaps a combination of materials, like the stone collection of Moriah jewelry shop in Jerusalem. You can browse these shops online as well, for nowadays there is virtually no limit to the choice of jewelry for bat mitzvah gift you can buy your favorite girl.
  • If you are the girl’s close friend ask her what is a Bat Mitzvah for her; what does it mean to her personally? Her answer might better illuminate your alternatives of what to get as a Bat Mitzvah gift.
judaica shop
Best gifts for Bat Mitzvah from Judaica shop in Jerusalem

Bat Mitzvah vs. Bat Chayil

Both of these events mark the rite of passage into adulthood for a Jewish girl. Orthodox Jews, however, don’t recognize Bat Mitzvah since, in their tradition, the roles of women and men are very different, and women are not allowed to lead in prayers. An Orthodox girl will become Bat Chayil which means ‘daughter of valor’ also at the age of twelve; she will give a talk on a Jewish topic in an Orthodox synagogue, nevertheless not during Saturday service.

Bat Mitzvah in Reform Judaism

As we know by now, Orthodox and Conservative Jewish girls celebrate their coming of age when reaching twelve. Not so in Reform Judaism where Bat Mitzvah happens at the age of thirteen. This difference in age isn’t something that should majorly affect your consideration of gift ideas for Bat Mitzvah youth. Having said that, thirteen is when she’s officially becoming a teenager: different age, different choices.

Money Instead of a Bat Mitzvah Jewelry for Bat Mitzvah gift

Sometimes, Bat Mitzvah celebration will be nearly as lavish as a wedding. Parents will invest in a stunning venue with bands, catering, red-carpet-like outfits and you name it. It might feel insufficient to bring a modest necklace or a bracelet, but don’t worry, there are charts for that kind of situation. If you are:
• A close family member or a friend 180$ – 1800$ plus (multiples of 18$)
• Distant relatives and acquaintances – 52$ – 180$
• Friends and Classmates – 54$ – 72$
Multiple of 18 is merely a guide but in no way a must. It’s good to know that you can never go wrong with gifting cash. It all adds up in the end and either the girl’s parents are going to be happy they’ve covered most of the wedding…, sorry, Bat Mitzvah costs or the girl will be able to buy herself whatever she fancies.

To Sum-Up Jewelry for Bat Mitzvah Gift

The answer to the question ‘What is a Bat Mitzvah?’ differs from family to family and from one girl to another. Gift ideas for Bat Mitzvah are as many as there are possible kinds of celebrations. As an attending guest, this is an excellent chance for you to get your creative Bat Mitzvah ideas bucket list out of the drawer.
There are many lovely Bat Mitzvah jewelry for bat mitzvah gift found in Judaica shops, such as Moriah Jewelry and Judaica or other Jewish jewelry stores.

Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Gifts | jewelry for bat mitzvah gift | Bat Mitzvah Ideas | Gifts For Bat Mitzvah | Jewish Jewelry | Judaica Shops | Jewelry Gifts

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Perfect Jewelry for Bat Mitzvah gift – Jewelry Made of Real Jerusalem Stone!

7 Reasons Why Bat Mitzvah Jewelry From Moriah Is The Most Special Gift In History

Generally speaking, when buying Bat Mitzvah jewelry, we aren’t expecting a story to go with it. We enjoy jewelry from an angle of its looks and a price, and it makes a perfect sense. How often do we hear of a Bat Mitzvah necklace or even a whole jewelry collection that has an extraordinary tale to tell…? In Moriah, however, things are different: all of their Bat Mitzvah jewelry gifts have an outstanding and engaging narrative.  All their Bat Mitzvah rings and other Bat Mitzvah jewelry have a history.

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Bat Mitzvah jewelry gifts
Bat Mitzvah jewelry gifts

The Moriah Collection: Diamond On Gold – Unique Bat Mitzvah Jewelry With Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is the keynote set of the Israel Diamond Center (IDC), a family diamond business with more than 50 odd years of experience. Moriah’s Jerusalem Stone Collection is, in fact, a one-of-a-kind novelty in diamond fine jewelry. Born in the House of Diamonds to spread the experience of authentic Jerusalem Stone from the holy center of the world as captivating jewelry of faith.

Jewish Bat Mitzvah Gifts – The Source Of Originality

The Moriah Collection project derived from Mr. Avi Tavisal’s vision. A leading Israeli jewelry-craftsman, whose family has dwelled in Jerusalem for over seven generations, Avi set to resurrect Jerusalem’s renowned history by introducing The Temple Mount’s age-old stones back to present in a renewed shape.

Jewish Bat Mitzvah gifts
Jewish Bat Mitzvah gifts

Jewish Jewelry For Bat Mitzvah – Fascinating Background Story

In the late nineties, Avi learned about the unlicensed excavation works that were causing severe damage to the Temple Mount. He swiftly joined the center sifting through the rubble trying to save at least some of the ancient artifacts that were nearly eradicated. A valued contributor to the salvation scheme, he had an understanding. He saw that the holiness of these age-old pieces has the power to join between followers all over the planet under the spiritual idea of “Holy Jerusalem.”

When the disastrous excavations occurred, it looked as if all that is sacred and significant will be thrown away and obliterated like some pointless junk. That’s why now all Bat Mitzvah charms purchased from Moriah’s store are manifestations of a miracle, an article that survived bulldozing and crudeness, a thing of sacredness that keeps on living in spite of what it’s been through.

Bat Mitzvah gifts from Israel
Bat Mitzvah gifts from Israel

Purely Different Good Bat Mitzvah Presents

Equipped with every necessary permit for using stones from The Temple Mount, Avi started to realize his vision and thus, the exceptional Moriah Collection was created. Nowhere on the planet can one find good Bat Mitzvah presents as meaningful or special as those designed by Moriah. Historical bejeweled artifacts wrapped up in gold. Those Bat Mitzvah charms make us ask the question ‘what matters more, the diamonds and gold or the quiet ancient fragment?’

By binding antique rock elements salvaged by the sifting project’s archeologists near the Temple Mount (aka Mtn. Moriah) and placing them in a unique shape, anyone can hold a sample of Jerusalem’s triumphant antiquity. These aren’t just Bat Mitzvah gifts from Israel that you’re buying, but valuable and genuine relics.

Bat Mitzvah rings
Bat Mitzvah rings

Good Gifts For A Bat Mitzvah – Jewelry That Matters

Every fragment gathered on Mount Moriah for the Collection is arranged, cut and made to conserve its organic simplicity. Moriah’s knowledgeable artisans meticulously inset the gold and diamonds in the rock by hand, to create fascinating visual content. Good gifts for a Bat Mitzvah start with an authentic stone from the Temple Mount that is, tastefully coupled with diamonds and gold, becoming a one-off object of everlasting spirituality and legacy.

The Moriah Collection gorgeous line of limited-edition fine diamond Jewish jewelry for Bat Mitzvah interlaces gold and diamonds with ancient Jerusalem Stone to illustrate the City’s durability, meaning and unmatched spirituality for thousands of years. As spiritual jewelry, the Collection reaches this higher objective by interlacing durable and precious ingredients mirroring Jerusalem’s enduring strength, value, and purity.

Bat Mitzvah jewelry - unique Bat Mitzvah gifts
Bat Mitzvah jewelry – unique Bat Mitzvah gifts

Meaningful Bat Mitzvah Gifts – A 3000 Year Bridge

Moriah is where Abraham initially accepted the notion of Monotheism, sowing the seed of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. At present, Moriah is inspiring with its elegance and messages of spirituality. When looking closely, you will see what makes these meaningful Bat Mitzvah gifts so unique: each one of them carries ancient essence and aspect. These elements could’ve been utilized in the framework of the Solomon’s Temple, the age-old pathways of the Holy City, the exact same pieces of earth’s surface that our forefathers, kings, prophets and regular Jerusalem folk had stepped upon.

Bat Mitzvah Jewelry Gifts – A New Outfit For An Old Soul

If the stones in these Bat Mitzvah jewelry gifts could speak, they would be telling of Jewish past of the last 3000 years. People who wear the jewelry, reecho the voice of the stone and are ambassadors of Jerusalem’s unique records. In Moriah’s stone jewelry, you get a permanent indication of who we are and what guides us.

Bat Mitzvah jewelry
Bat Mitzvah jewelry

Never before in the history of jewelry-craft was there a time when past and present united in such an attainable way. Whoever gets a Bat Mitzvah necklace from this collection will be an honored possessor of a genuine relic. Antiquity that continues to live via eternal grace and spirit of the stone. This isn’t just Jewish jewelry for Bat Mitzvah but a time-capsule that unites the past, the present and the future of the center of a Jewish soul, its memories, ambitions, and hopes. Through the stone on this Bat Mitzvah jewelry, you can stay connected to what matters to you anywhere you are.

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