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Bat Mitzvah Gifts

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7 Insights Why These Bat Mitzvah Gifts Are Simply Outstanding

When buying gifts for Bat Mitzvah girl or looking for Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults, we don’t usually bother to ask if there is or isn’t a story behind it. People tend to enjoy their jewelry from a perspective of its aesthetics and value. Not often do we see a Jewish confirmation gift or let alone an entire jewelry collection that has a stupendous story to go with it. Nevertheless, it is so for Moriah Jewelry and Judaica gifts since all of their Bat Mitzvah gifts tell profound and compelling stories.

Bat Mitzvah Gifts Hamsa
Perfect Bat Mitzvah Gifts – Gold Hamsa with diamond

The Moriah Stone Collection: Diamond In Gold – Jewish Confirmation Gift With Jerusalem Stone At Its Core

The Moriah Stone Collection is the leading collection of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center), a family-run diamond business that’s been in existence for more than 50 years. The Collection represents an unequaled novelty in fine jewelry enterprise. Originated in IDC – House of Diamonds – to share the deep significance of owning a decoration with a real Jerusalem relic from the sacred core of the globe, this inspirational faith jewelry is bringing the Sacred City closer to us.

Jewish confirmation gifts with Jerusalem stone and sapphire
Jewish confirmation gift with Jerusalem stone and sapphire

Perfect Bat Mitzvah Gifts – An Original Creation

The Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection project derived from a vision by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a famous jewelry-designer whose ancestors have been based in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. Everybody’s imagination is caught by the stunning jewelry collection envisaged by Avi Tavisal to revive Jerusalem’s outstanding history thru delivery of  The Temple Mount’s antique, holy stones salvaged back to present in a changed shape.

Bat Mitzvah Gifts For Adults – Background Story

In the late nineties, Avi learned about unauthorized digging leading to severe damage to the Temple Mount. A volunteer hub was arranged to recover at least part of the archaic findings that were close to eradicated. A key contributor to the salvation attempts, Avi had a realization.

Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults and youngsters
Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults and youngsters

He figured that the holiness of these historical elements holds the power to join between believers from all around the planet under the idea of “Holy Jerusalem.” It seems miraculous how sometimes when everything appears to be lost, suddenly something else changes it all around for the better. When the diggings happened, it looked as if all that is holy and essential will be discarded and forgotten like some pointless nonsense.

But, miraculously, that didn’t happen. A whole different thing happened, something that at the time of its occurrence appeared miraculous. And so, Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults bought at Moriah are kind of a miracle, fragments that survived disregard and destruction, a sanctity that gets to keep on living through Hamsa pendants and Star of David necklaces.

yellow gold and ruby Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults
yellow gold and ruby Bat Mitzvah gifts for adults

Gifts For Bat Mitzvah Girl – Pure And Different

Having got every necessary permit for using stones from the excavation in Jerusalem, Avi went on to actualize his idea and thus, the unique Moriah Collection came to exist. Nowhere else on the planet can a person see as valuable and special gifts for Bat Mitzvah girl as those crafted by Moriah jewelry store in the Old City of Jerusalem. Antiquity surrounded by gold and bejeweled with gems. These gifts for Bat Mitzvah girl raise the question of what matters more: the diamonds and gold or the plain ancient stone? It’s pretty stunning what’s unraveling here.

By binding antique rock elements which were cleaned by the archeologists in the sifting project at Mount Moriah (aka the Temple Mtn) and giving them a unique structure, anyone can hold a segment of Holy City’s glorious past. These aren’t merely gifts for Bat Mitzvah girl that you’re buying, but an original and genuine artifact.

perfect Bat Mitzvah gifts in white gold
perfect Bat Mitzvah gifts in white gold

Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas 2020 – Jewelry That Matters

Every piece gathered on Mount Moriah to be included in the Collection is categorized and worked on in order to conserve its natural simplicity. Moriah’s craftsmen accurately organize and inset the gold and gems in the natural stone manually to construct an incredible visual statement unlike anything ever before in a top quality exquisite collection of diamond and gold jewelry.

These gifts for Bat Mitzvah girl come to fore with a genuine artifact from the Temple Mnt, which, skillfully coupled with diamonds and yellow, white or rose gold, is becoming a noteworthy piece of eternal spirituality and legacy. Moriah Collection’s amazing line of deluxe-edition fine diamond Bat Mitzvah gifts interweaves gold, the noblest metal, and diamonds, the hardest gems on the planet, with Jerusalem Stone to symbolize the City’s fortitude and extreme saintliness for over 3,000 years. As faith jewelry, the Collection carries out this higher objective by interlacing precious ingredients illustrating Jerusalem’s persevering durability, significance, and sanctity.

Bat Mitzvah gift ideas 2020
Bat Mitzvah gift ideas 2020

Jewish Confirmation Gift That Brings A Vision From The Past

Moriah is where Abraham originally accepted the concept of One God, sowing the seed of three great faiths. And now, Moriah is a bejeweled charm, an article of jewelry, stirring attention with its glamor and religious messages. When looking closely at the jewelry item chosen as your perfect Bat Mitzvah gift, you’ll notice right away that the natural stones are extraordinary, since each of them carries an ancient context and interpretation. These stones might have been applied in the construction of the Temples, the 3000 old pathways of Jerusalem, the very same boulders that our kings, prophets, forefathers and regular Jerusalem folk had walked upon.

The perfect Jewish confirmation gift
A perfect Jewish confirmation gift

Perfect Bat Mitzvah Gifts Are A Soulful Present

If the ancient stone in those jewelry Bat Mitzvah gifts could talk, they would be speaking of Jewish past of the last 3000 years. Those individuals who wear this special jewelry, reecho the sound of the artifact and are, therefore, ambassadors of Jerusalem’s incredible history. Jerusalem is linked to our spirit, to the rule of the Lord. By putting on the stones of Moriah, you get a permanent indication of what we believe in and who we are. The Moriah Collection includes limited edition unique jewelry designs in stunning layouts, which are enumerated and recorded in an allotted Certificate of Authenticity, establishing the origin of the stone from Jerusalem: the place of passion, the City of Peace.

Soulful Bat Mitzvah gifts
Soulful Bat Mitzvah gifts

Anyone who gets a Jewish confirmation gift from the Jerusalem stone collection of Moriah is going to be an honored keeper of a verified relic. Antiquity that remains alive through relentless beauty and essence of the stone. Those aren’t simply Bat Mitzvah gifts but a time-machine that connects between everything that has ever existed.