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18k Gold Hamsa Necklace

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18k Gold Hamsa Necklace – Unique & Ancient Talisman

Generally speaking, 18k gold hamsa necklaces don’t come with extraordinary background stories. As far as gold pendants concerned, the aspects that interest buyers are those of aesthetics and value, and it makes sense. How often do we encounter a Jewish hamsa necklace, let alone a whole jewelry shop that has an outstanding tale to tell…?

That’s why Moriah is so very different from the rest: all their diamond hamsa pendant necklaces are proud owners of unique and compelling narratives.  There’s a history behind each Moroccan hamsa necklace and Jewish hamsa necklace in this shop.

The Moriah Collection: Diamond And Gold Moroccan Hamsa Necklace With Jerusalem Stone At Its Heart

Moriah Jerusalem Stone Collection is the keynote of the IDC (Israel Diamond Center), a family-owned diamond business founded more than 50 years ago and since then supplying the world with jewelry made in Jerusalem. Moriah’s Collection embodies a one-of-a-kind enterprise in diamond jewelry. Originated in IDC – House of Diamonds – to spread the experience of wearing Jerusalem Stone items as intriguing jewelry of faith – for those who wish to have the Holy City close to them.

hamsa evil eye necklace
Jerusalem stone hamsa evil eye necklace protective talisman in rose gold

Diamond Hamsa Pendant Necklace – The Birth Of Originality

Moriah’s Stone Collection was born from a vision perceived by Mr. Avi Tavisal, a leading Israeli jeweler, whose ancestors have resided in Jerusalem for hundreds of years. The gorgeous jewelry collection is nowadays capturing everyone’s imagination in Bat Mitzvah gifts. It was initiated by Mr. Tavisal to resurrect Jerusalem’s renowned days by bringing The Temple Mount’s age-old holy rubble introduced back to reality in a changed form.

Jewish hamsa necklace – Captivating Background

In the late nineties, unlawful excavations were causing severe damage to the Temple Mount. A sifting group was organized to save at least some of the ancient treasures which were as good as wrecked. An important assistant to the rescue attempts, Avi became aware of something. He saw that the spirituality of these age-old pieces is able to connect followers from all over the globe under the umbrella of “Holy Jerusalem.”

18k gold hamsa necklace
18k gold hamsa necklace

When the illegal diggings happened, it seemed as though all that’s sacred and essential would be gone like litter. But, miraculously, that didn’t happen. A whole different thing did. Something which at the moment of its occurrence looked miraculous makes every Jewish hamsa necklace or any of the hamsa jewelry bought from Moriah is a little miracle, an artifact that survived crudeness and destruction.

Purely Different Hamsa Evil Eye Necklace

Having obtained the permits needed for using stones from the Temple Mount excavation, Avi started to put his idea into being and so, the extraordinary Moriah Collection was born. In no other place in the world can a person see hamsa evil eye necklace as meaningful or unique as those produced by Moriah. Antiquity enveloped in yellow, white or rose gold covered with precious stones.

Every 14k and 18k gold hamsa necklace makes people think about what matters more in this case, the diamonds and gold or the subtle old fragment? By bringing in age-old rock elements rescued by the sifting project volunteers and arranging them in a unique form, anyone can own a segment of Jerusalem’s remarkable history, an important and scarce artifact.

Jewish hamsa necklace
Jewish hamsa necklace

14k & 18k gold hamsa necklace Jewelry With Legacy

Every element gathered on the Temple Mount to be a part of the Collection is cataloged, then designed to conserve its raw integrity. Moriah’s skilled artisans scrupulously design and set the diamonds and gold in the rock element manually, to construct a spellbinding visual assertion, never previously attempted in an exclusive collection of Judaica jewelry from Israel.

14k and 18k gold hamsa necklaces come to fore with an original stone from Moriah Mnt., neatly matched with diamonds or gemstones and yellow, white or rose gold, forming an unparalleled item of heritage and spirituality. Moriah Collection’s beautiful produce of deluxe-edition fine diamond 18k gold hamsa necklace interweaves the strongest of all metals – gold, and the hardest stones on the planet – diamond, with the Jerusalem Stone to indicate the City’s spirit and saintliness for thousands of years.

diamond hamsa pendant necklace
diamond hamsa pendant necklace

Diamond Hamsa Pendant Necklace – Bridge Over History

Moriah is the spot on which Abraham originally adopted the concept of Monotheism, sowing the seed of three principal faiths. At present, Moriah’s Hamsa and Star of David jewelry is gripping with its refinement and messages of spirituality. Have a good look at the Moroccan hamsa necklace, and you’ll note that the rock elements are extraordinary as each of them holds an ancient aspect. These fragments might’ve been applied in the construction of the three Temples, the age-old cobbled streets of Jerusalem, the very same surface that our kings, prophets, and ancestors had walked upon.

Moroccan Hamsa Necklace Gifts With A Soul

If only the antique stones in those hamsa evil eye necklaces could talk, they would be recalling Jewish accounts of the past three thousand years. One who wears this special jewelry resounds the call of the relic and is, in fact, an ambassador of Jerusalem’s incredible chronicles. Jerusalem is connected to our psyche, to the rule of G-d. Through Moriah’s jewelry, you acquire a constant reminder of who we are and what we are guided by.

18k gold hamsa necklace
18k gold hamsa necklace – diamond hamsa pendant necklace

The Moriah Collection comprises limited-edition jewelry and creative arrangements, which are all marked in an assigned Certificate of Authenticity, confirming that the source of the stone is from Jerusalem: the city of passion, the Great City of Peace. Never before was there a time when past and present met in such an attainable way thanks to jewelry-craftsmanship.

A person who buys a Moroccan hamsa necklace from the Moriah stone collection is going to be a proud keeper of a real historical artifact. They will hold an account of the past that continues in endless elegance and essence of the stone. This isn’t merely a hamsa evil eye necklace or Jewish-Moroccan hamsa necklace but a time-machine that links between everything that was, is and will come into being.